Construction Worker Puppet

Construction Worker Puppet – $ 14.97
These playful plush puppets are perfect pretend play pals! Our wide selection of cute characters, active animals and delightful dinosaurs are easily animated, fun to play with, and assured to inspire the imagination of kids and parents alike! Each occupations puppet wears a beautifully detailed outfit, and includes a wooden hand-rod to control hand movement. Each animal and dinosaur puppet is incredibly soft and detailed, and feature expressive mouths that are simple for even young children to manipulate.

Mermaid Bath Book

Mermaid Bath Book

– $ 11.97
Bubble, bubble! The little mermaid shows you her underwater world! Can you see the little fish? The fold-out bath book invites you to splash, play and discover. Ages 6 months and up. Made of foam rubber (EVA) and is PVC free. Contents: 1 Mermaid bath book 1 Squirting mermaid 1 Plastic pouch for storage and portability Dimensions: Book opened measures 25″ x 5″ Mermaid is approximately 3″ Designed in Germany, made in China.

Kids Hop Fantasy Bouncy Toy

Kids Hop Fantasy Bouncy Toy – $ 31.95
NO WAY!!! A Hippity Hop. The Hop Fantasy ball is made from super strong, yet (latex-free) soft vinyl material and has a special patented handgrip safety handle. Hop Fantasy can be used indoors or outdoors and inflates easily with a hand or foot pump which makes it an learning toy. This is one of our most popular toddler toys.

Kids Battle the Grown-Ups Board Game

Kids Battle the Grown-Ups Board Game

Kids Battle the Grown-Ups Board Game

Trivia questions designed to stump the different age groups ensure this game is actually as challenging for the adults as it is for the kids. Don’t get cocky, Mom and Dad Try: Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work? Or: What do you call the answer to a multiplication problem? Watch their faces light up with amazement when they know the answer and you don’t. Plus, the kids might learn something new. For instance: When it’s noon in Seattle, what time is it in New York? Surprise Who Knows? Cards get the group to guess your opinions on things like your chocolate preferences white, dark or milk?. A unique tug-of-war game board adds to the fun: pull the rope toward you with each right answer. Finally, the kids have as much “pull” as the adults

via Kids Battle the Grown-Ups Board Game

Man Bites Dog the Game

Man Bites Dog the Game

Man Bites Dog the Game

It’s the Hilarious Headline Card Game This game is a little different: you’re dealt a hand of cards with words on them, each with a point value. When it’s your turn, construct the headline that earns the highest points, and often the biggest laughs The first player to get to 500 points wins. It’s a great way to have fun with language for kids and adults alike. Compact enough to go on the road, this game is Extra Extra fun. Comes with 106 Headline Cards, three Exclusive Cards and an Instruction Card. For 2 or more players.


Man Bites Dog the Game.

Truffle Large Sheep by Jellycat

Truffle Large Sheep by Jellycat – $ 39.95
Our sweet Truffle Sheep by JellyCat has a face that anyone would love. She’s irresistibly soft and cute offering your child several play options: an adorable standing stuffed animal, or luxuriant play mat. Made with plush filling throughout, Jellycat creates sophisticated, quirky irresistible toys that appeal from the newborn – 4 years. Surface washable, it measures 24” long and 24” wide.

Kids Mobilo Magnetic Game

Mobilo Magnetic Game – $ 36.97
Check out this busy little town! The children can “drive” the excavator to the construction site or make the helicopter land on the meadow. The magnetic placement game has 30 colorful wooden pieces in a 10″ by 11.5″ wooden frame. Children can arrange the scene by “driving” the earth mover to the construction site, landing the helicopter, arranging the street signs and more. Puzzle pieces have magnetic foil that you attach to the backs.

Mary Meyer Freddie Frog Flip Flop

Mary Meyer Freddie Frog Flip Flop

Mary Meyer Freddie Frog Flip Flop

Looking for a plush toy that stands out in crowd? Your search will end with a piece from the Mary Meyer Flip Flops Plush Collection. This Mary Meyer Freddie Frog Flip Flop is surface washable an made to endure all the journeys of childhood. The 12″ plushy line features floppy body designs that are super soft, under stuffed, cuddly & just the right size to tote around. what child wouldn’t want to cuddle up to this stuffed animal for years to come?


Mary Meyer Freddie Frog Flip Flop.

Lou Rankin Clyde Orangutan Plush Animal by Encore

16″ Lou Rankin Clyde Orangutan Plush Animal by Encore: “Looking for a plush toy, but don’t want to get the �normal� teddy bear? Trying to find a stuffed animal that is realistic, yet whimsy enough to keep a child’s interest for a long time? Then a piece from Encore’s Lou Rankin Plush Friends Collection will end your search. Lou Rankin emerged in the 1960s with a reputation for creating unique, humorous and friendly images of animals using concrete. Obviously children can’t cuddle up to or carry around concrete, so Encore invited Rankin to use his artistry in a different medium, plush. Without losing any of the details he is known for, Rankin created a line of incredibly soft plush animals. This 16′ Lou Rankin Clyde Orangutan Plush Animal by Encore features a warm, inviting face and a body that begs to be squeezed. Durable enough to take along on every adventure, this loveable animal is sure to become a great friend for any youngster (or youngster at heart.) The perfect gift for kids and collectors alike.”

Blue Rody Horse Toy

Blue Rody Horse – $ 52.95
The Rody Horse is soft and easy to ride. It’s made of super-strong, latex-free vinyl, and inflates according to the size and weight of the child with a hand or foot pump. And a blue horse to boot, makes this a fun, unique learning toy.

3d Gear Tech Building Toy Set

3d Gear Tech – $ 39.97
Build exciting technological structures with this 270 piece gear set! Features pillars, 6-way axles, connectors, extenders, interlocking plates, and meshing gears. The exclusive Univeral Joints allow for greater freedom during construction. 3D Gear Tech also includes a new “chain” and an “elastic belt” to transmit rotary motion to distant gears.

Where the Wild Things Are Bernard 15″

Where the Wild Things Are Bernard 15″ – $ 24.00
This “Bernard” Plush Toy from Crocodile Creek is a terrific reproduction of the famed blue monster from “Where the Wild Things Are”. Illustrations from Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book are all lovingly interpreted: mischievous yellow eyes, shaggy blue fur, soft felt “claws”, oversized feet, a long wispy beard, and wooly felted hair. It’s Bernard, all right! Measures approx. 15″ long.Ages 2 and UpBy Crocodile Creek

HABA Doorway Puppet Theater – Adjustable Rod fits in Most Doorways

HABA Doorway Puppet Theater – Adjustable Rod fits in Most Doorways


  • This puppet theater goes up in a jiffy. An adjustable top rod fits standard doorways and additional rods keep the curtain taut and hanging straight.
  • A whimsical castle scene sets the stage for creative play. Time to grab your puppets (sold separately) and let your imaginations run wild!
  • Red Polka dot curtains tie back to highlight the show. Pop a character out the porthole window above and keep your audience on their toes.
  • Winner of the ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award 2014 and Parent’s Choice Silver Award. Machine washable on cold. Air dry.
  • The curtain dimensions are 67″ tall and 31″ wide, but the poles extend a bit further (up to 45″) for larger door frames.

The anticipation in the audience is palpable before each theater performance as everyone eagerly awaits the start of the show. Then the lights go off, a spotlight shines onto the stage, the curtain rises, and the show can begin! When the intermission has come and gone, and many fun-filled minutes are behind us, then the play comes to an end, the actors bow on stage and the audience applauses.

Raise the Curtain and Clear the Stage for the HABA Glove Puppets!

This unique theater atmosphere is especially effective in the play room – as long as HABA

glove puppets are involved. A few simple steps are all it takes to set up the HABA Doorway Theatre or the HABA Puppet Theater, and that’s a good thing, because the little theatergoers in the audience are all excited and ready to begin!

In addition to an appropriate stage and the correct main and supporting casts, every show also needs the matching props. The apple that Snow White eats in the story, or the basket that Little Red Riding Hood carries through the forest. There are lots of great props that children can find in shops or around the house. A wooden spoon or a hairbrush can be used as a microphone for a singing Kasper, a yellow table tennis ball can be the golden ball in the story of the Princess and the Frog King, a rolled-up piece of paper can be the telescope the Policeman uses to keep an eye on the Bandit. Let your imagination run wild!

Just so everyone knows what’s on the program today, you could always create a schedule and tickets before the performance and give them out to the little ones in the audience.

This 67″ tall x 31″ wide curtain fits great in a doorway and even has poles that extend a bit further for larger door frames. The rod makes it easy to set up and keeps it secure.

There are 4 telescopic rods that fit into the edges of the curtain, giving it a neat appearance. It hangs nicely and covers the door opening completely.  Children will like that you cannot see them, just their puppets talking!

Did you know there are over 20 puppets to choose from in the HABA glove puppet collection?  All are machine washable (air dry please).  Caringly designed with sweet embroidered faces and attention to detail.  You’ll love the finger puppets too!  Appropriate for ages 18 months and up.



Little Sock Giraffe by Sock Monkey

Little Sock Giraffe by Sock Monkey: “Looking for a plush toy, but don’t want to get the “normal” teddy bear? Trying to find a stuffed animal with enough whimsy to keep a baby’s interest for a long time? Your search will end with a piece from the Sock Monkey Plush Toys Collection. Featuring the charming simplicity of by gone days these stuffed animals are made to endure all the journeys of childhood. This Little Sock Giraffe by Sock Monkey features a super soft, cuddly body that begs to be hugged, what child wouldn’t want to cuddle up to it for years to come.”

Truffle Chaucer Large Dog by Jellycat

Truffle Chaucer Large Dog by Jellycat – $ 39.95
Babies are delighted when they see our truffle chaucer large dog. This plush toy is extremely versatile. It’s large enough to be used as a security blanket and pillow or, as a, plush comfortable play toy because of its soft fabric and thick fill. A great gift for baby showers, new arrivals and first birthdays, it measures 28″ long and is suitable from birth on up.

Kids Backyard Safari Bug-Jector

Backyard Safari Bug-Jector – $ 24.97
Create an insect show and watch bugs dance on walls with the Bug-jector! Lightweight and easy to carry, this handheld projector comes with a removable, 4-chambered rotating disc and a focusing lens for clear imagery! Project your bug silhouettes on the wall, ceiling or any flat surface for a creeping, crawling good time!

Kids LIKEaBIKE Jumper – Green

LIKEaBIKE Jumper – Green – $ 269.00
What is LIKEaBIKE? LIKEaBIKE is a unique toy vehicle for children between the ages of two and five. Riding a LIKEaBIKE is incredible fun for kids! At the same time, its highly beneficial for the development of their motor stills and sense of balance. The LIKEaBIKE is the perfect introduction to cycling. Mastering how to ride a LIKEaBIKE will give your child a huge boost in confidence. As early as two years old, children can fulfill their urge to be active with this walking bike and have their first experience of riding on two wheels. A LIKEaBIKE has no pedals. When first trying to ride, kids play with their LIKEaBIKE as they would with a hobbyhorse. They become familiar with the saddle first, carefully sitting on it. Soon they start to walk with it, then run. In no time the little rider becomes more confident and by pushing off, pucks up speed. If the bike starts to tip, kids instinctively regain their balance with their feet. Later, when moving on to a “real” bicycle, kids adapt without difficulty, and training wheels become unnecessary. Features of the Jumper: The alternative LIKEaBIKE Frame made completely of aluminum Rear wheel suspension Adjustable seat 12.5-16.1″ Weighs just 7.5 lbs Sleek silver frame with either green or orange accents

Kids Wooden Trike

Kids Wooden Trike
This ride-on toy is built with modern durable construction. Children can steer the wheel and peddle the wheels to go wherever their imagination takes them! Helps develop their balance and strengthen their arm and leg muscles. Age: 3 years + Gift Wrap not available. Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses. Green Toy & Green Company. PlanToys recognizes the importance of promoting good quality of life, balanced with concern for environment. They are committed to minimizing their impact on nature and their toys are made from recycled rubberwood that is non chemically treated. PlanToys simplicity in design is combined with innovative use of materials and real-valued function encouraging more creative play in a good learning environment.

Mary Meyer HopScotch Gang Plush Elephant

Mary Meyer HopScotch Gang Plush Elephant: “Looking for a plush toy that stands out in crowd? Your search will end with a piece from the Mary Meyer HopScotch Gang Plush Collection. These extremely soft, plush animals are surface washable an made to endure all the journeys of childhood. This 9′ Mary Meyer HopScotch Gang Plush Elephant features face full of whimsy & a body that is super soft, cuddly & just the right size to tote around. what child wouldn’t want to cuddle up to this stuffed animal for years to come?”

Kids Jumbo Textured Blocks

Kids Jumbo Textured Blocks – $ 145.95
These jumbo size, lightweight textured blocks are ideal for the young builder. Includes a variety of different textured blocks for tactile stimulation, stenciling and more. These blocks are safe, durable, colorful and unique assure hours of fun filled play. This set includes 16 pieces that are 5 inches thick. The blocks vary in size.

Kids Trike n Trailer

Trike n Trailer – $ 60.95
The Trike n Trailer is a sturdy wooden trike with a trailer to fill with toys. The little ones love this unique toy. It is not just a trike. It is not just a trailer. It is two two two toys in one. Great indoors and out. Dimensions are 14″x33″x14″.

Kids Pushing Car

Kids Pushing Car – $ 180.95
With the Pushing Car little ones really love to do laps. The handles have 2 positions, a seat cushion and removable fabric pockets. It has rubber wheels. It is a great learning toy! Dimensions – 54 x 36 x 43 cm.

Kids Monster Bowling Game

Kids Monster Bowling Game

$ 19.97
This Deluxe Monster Bowling Game from Melissa & Doug adds color, texture and a whole lot of eyes to a once-straightforward game. 6 whacky plush pins and one silly stuffed ball. Pins have weighted bottoms and hand-stitched details. Unique textures create a wonderful sensory experience. Premium fabrics withstand years of rigorous play. All in a zippered tote. A perfect first game to develop dexterity in children ages 2 and up!