My First Sticky Mosaics

My First Sticky MosaicsLooking for a cool craft kit that’s educational? The My First Sticky Mosaics is perfect for you!If you toddler is crafty then this groovy kit will be perfect for them it comes with 1000 foam sticker pieces (kids Love these), 5 different images come with each kit ready to fill in & create lovely artwork. The shapes are different colors and sizes that will make the project interesting. The idea is simple it’s like paint by numbers with foam pieces! If you have older kids you can scrap the pre-made designs & have them go wild with creativity! You might get some stellar artwork with this kit! Perfect for adorning the fridge or sending off to grandma’s house.

Sticky Mosaics KitThere are several different My First Sticky Mosaics kits to choose from…Pets, Ponies, Fairies, Team Rescue, Pretty Things, Vehicles or Zoo Things.


This is one of those crafty kits that teaches kids about colors, shapes, numbers and helps them with matching. They won’t even notice they are learning! Even those stubborn toddlers will like it. It’s Ideal for kids at least 3 and then all the way up to 10 seem to really dig them.



  • Bigger Sticky Mosaic foam tiles are easier for little ones to handle
  • Decorate-by-number concept helps reinforce number and color recognition skills
  • Includes over 1000 colorful sticky foam pieces, 3 shapes in 7 colors, 5 fun designs and 5 wall hangers
  • Great for play dates and birthday parties
  • The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levels