Parking Pal Car Magnets For Kids

Parking Pal Car Magnets For KidsLet’s see those hands!

Looking for a fabulously cool way to keep your kids safe & keep them happy? These Parking Pals are perfect for anyone with kids, grandkids or even daycare’s! The idea is simple, just slap this one of these magnets of the car & direct the kids to keep their hand on that spot. It’s easy, fun & will make it safe to load kids, stuff or them into the car.
Are you little monsters causing all kinds of trouble in parking lots? Then a spiffy Monster, or butterfly magnet will help rein in those pesky kids. Add this spot to the side of your car & you’ll know where everyone is.

These come in several styles choose from a Monster, Butterflies, Letters, Numbers, Flowers, Fish, or Dinosaurs.

Parking PalsThese awesome magnets help kids understand the dangers of parking lots & keeps them safe at the same time. The perfect gift for Anyone with kids, it’s not super pricey & could save a life!

  • Protects children from moving traffic
  • Visually directs children to stand near parked vehicle
  • Teaches children responsibility
  • Gives parents time to load or unload vehicle
  • Size: 5.75″ diameter