Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15443-lWhat could be more iconic than a Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set? Most of my childhood memories revolve around watching endless hours of the Three Stooges…and then making the stupid noises, obnoxious sayings & of course trying to beat the snot out of each other just like the Stooges did in the show. Ahhh, memories…good thing we didn’t have access to pies or giant wooden mallets! Somehow my cousins & I all managed to not be sociopaths or serial killers…which is always good thing. I have always fondly remembered the Stooges The role they played in my life at 10pm every Saturday.

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15444-lSo you can imagine my delight in finding they the made Stooges into these hilarious potato heads! Even better they used curly & not Shemp…that would have been a disaster. Each Stooge stands 6″tall & comes with the classic accoutrements including a mallet, wrench & the beloved pie. Moe is of course in the eye poke stance & curly is ready for the block. They are designed for anyone age 2 & up plus all the parts can be mix up to make one crazy Stooge!

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15445-lThese are great for younger kids that love the show or die hard collectors that want to display their collection on a shelf or in their office. The set of 3 comes in a snazzy display box but I recommend taking them out so you can play with them. Life is too short to keep awesome toys trapped in boxes, plus how could you enjoy them? So break out your wallets & get yourself or someone you love the gift of Stooge!