Wall Mount Skateboard Racks

Do you have a Skateboard clutter problem? I have houseful of boys & was perpetually perplexed on what to do with all the skater accoutrements (amongst other things). We have stacks of boards, parts, helmets, their friends gear…you name it & it was piled in my living room or hall closet or on the kitchen table. A few while ago I ran across these cool skateboard racks so now each kid has their own deck rack mounted in their rooms. They look arty & it’s gets stuff out of my space! As a bonus they also hold their Nerf guns, hoodies, belts & random baseball hats!

If you want to really make the wall behind these pop then invest in a $20 wall decal in a matching theme & you’ll be amazed at just how cool the finished product looks!

Skateboard Storage Display Rack

Skateboard Storage Display RackAll skaters end up with favorite decks, this fits regular or long boards & the rack is clear, it features just one board….I would recommend getting several & stacking them up the wall to make a nice display like shown above. They almost make the wall look like art so be sure to toss in a nice matching wall decal to really make the design pop.

Skateboard Rack - 3 BoardsSkateboard Rack – 3 Boards


This one is pretty simple…I (AKA the kids) have 4 of them. It’s not much more than plastic shelving but it really works well & looks nice once it’s on the wall. This thing holds a ton of kid crap, I’m amazed what they can fit on this thing…it also double as a hoodie rack, nerf gun holder & hats hang nicely off of it.


Skateboard Hanger - StoreYourBoardSkateboard Wall or Door Hanger


This one is simple & inexpensive. It does a great job of getting the board off the floor but you can’t see the deck, So for your everyday board this would be perfect. You can quickly grab it & go. We have 2 of these in the hall closet & they work out great.

Del Sol Racks Skateboard Rack 8 Space AngleDel Sol Racks Rack 8 Space Angle


Ok, either your living with a pro skater or you have a herd boys! This rack is perfect for their room or even in the garage to manage everyone’s gear. You’d be amazed how much it can hold & how nice they look all mounted up. We have one of these in the shed to manage the stray gear & friends crap that inevitably ends up all over my house.


DIY Skateboard RackDIY The Poor Mans Rack!

Teens & college kids are going to love this simple & cheap method of building their own, the simple instructions are perfect for anyone over age 10 to follow….did I mention it’s Super easy & cheap?

Check it out here!


Groovy Skateboard Room Decor

When tricking out a kids room in skater style you want a few well placed pieces that are so cool even the kids will dig them!

Skateboard Wall Mirror

Skateboard Wall MirrorYou can’t go wrong with a mirror as cool as this! it’s the perfect accent for any teen or tweens room & features a super sleek look.

The Skater Decor Mirror is made from stainless steel and mirrored glass, as well as genuine skate trucks. It comes with a pack of skate stickers to customize the front.¬†You can hang it vertically or horizontally or simply prop it up in the corner of the room. The mirror Measures 7-1/2 by 5.1 by 29-3/4 inches. FYI Never skate on the skateboard mirror…seriously just don’t.



Leisure Wall Decals Skateboard Freestyle Abstract Background

Skateboard Freestyle Abstract BackgroundOnce you go skater you might as well trick out a wall! This Skateboard inspired wall decal comes in 6 sizes from 18″x13″ all the way up to 60″x42″ Making it perfect for just about any kids wall. It features a bright blue and black splatter painted design with a skater design cut into the pattern. The white shown will be the wall color.

This is an easy to install peal & stick style design that won’t damage the walls. So your kids can have his radical skater decor & it won’t mess up your security deposit or resale value!

Skaters Only (Skating on Sign) Art Poster Print

Skaters Only (Skating on Sign) Art Poster PrintKids love posters! it’s a super easy & cost-effective way to spruce up those boring walls. This one features a Skaters Only theme with a rustic vibe those little hooligans will love. For under $10 you get a great piece of Skater Decor. Tack it up or make it look a bit more polished with a Snazzy Poster Frame.






Skateboard Table Lamp

skateboard Table LampEven rough skaters need a cool lamp…and this one has some serious style! It’s perfect for any age & features a lamp base with shade. The skater lamp is 21″ tall and the base is 8″x8″ wide. You can’t go wrong with this one in any active kids room.