P’kolino Book Buggees

P'kolino Book BuggeesLooking for a little mobile organization? These fun P’kolino Book Buggee wooden pull alongs are great for dragging around kids favorite toys & even acts as storage in their room! They’re made by P’kolino so you know the quality is as amazing as the design.

The P’kolino Book Buggee is a fantastically fun way to make books a part of your child’s everyday play. This fun-loving friend helps introduce and develop a playful bond with books through the self-directed acts of selecting, loading and pulling books and other treasures. This incorporation of books into play helps nurture a child’s love for books.


  • A fun way to make books part of every day
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • The “v” shaped book holders are wider at the top for easy loading and unloading and narrow at the bottom to hold the book in place
  • Meets or exceeds all US, EU and Canadian safety standards




P'Kolino Book Buggee - BlueP’Kolino Book Buggee – BlueBuy It!

Pkolino Book Buggee PurplePkolino Book Buggee PurpleBuy It!

P'kolino Book Buggee in OrangeP’kolino Book Buggee in OrangeBuy It!

P'kolino Book Buggee - Fire TruckP’kolino Book Buggee – Fire TruckBuy It!

P'kolino Book Buggee - School BusP’kolino Book Buggee – School BusBuy It!

P'kolino Book Buggee in NaturalP’kolino Book Buggee in NaturalBuy It!


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave Set

DC Super Friends BatcaveIf your kids even remotely like batman then this Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave set will be a huge hit. It’s super interactive & has tons of moving parts that the kids can fiddle with, plus it comes with both Batman & Robin so the kids can play with it right out of the box, Mine simply adore this set! They also have several of the superman toys & another play set to make for some interesting mashups! There are 43 possible accessories, characters, vehicles or play sets that could be mixed in here. It’s definitely worth getting a few of the vehicles & a bunch of the figures to full out the theme. Options include Mr.Freeze, green Lantern, Superman, Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor & more. Surely you can find the perfect bad guys to mix in with the super heroes!

DC Super Friends Batcave SetIf you have boys that are between 3 & 9 then this set is going to be perfect for them! It’s made by Fisher Price so you know it’s designed for rough kids. So far ours has lasted for 2 years under heavy boy play & everything still works. The figures fit right into the play set to make groovy things happen throughout the Batcave. The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave comes with a Bat cycle that the figures will fit on & there is even a rocket launcher that really shoots! The jail can be open with the push of a button & you can suit up Batman in the flight suit! The set pops out of the box ready to play & is very well designed.

DC Super Friends Batcave ToyThere’s also an app that you can use with the set to watch a short video & play 2 games…but personally I like that this toy is low tech & kids have to actually think in order to play with it.

Get Your Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave Here!

K’NEX Mario Kart Nintendo Wii Building Sets

Looking for a great building set? If your kids are die-hard Mario cart junkies then these building sets are perfect for getting them unplugged & creative! The kits can all be mixed together & it’s great for adding on to an existing set to make it huge! These kits are designed for kids ages 8 -15…unless you plan on helping younger kids (which is also fun) you should stick to that age bracket.

Nintendo Mario Circuit Ultimate Building Set

Nintendo Mario Circuit Ultimate Building Set

If you looking to get your kids a fun interactive building set with a Nintendo twist this is by far the coolest one. It’s a great starter set if

you want to get them going on K’NEX Mario Cart…it features fun obstacles including a moving chain chomp, piranha plant that slides, goombas with swinging action & 2 super fast Mario karts! There are 665 pieces to this set & it

It’s for kids age 6 & up…however until about age 8 kiddos may need a little help with assembly. If your kids already have K’NEX then all those parts will also work with this set….which it awesome!

K’NEX Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Mario and Diddy Kong Fire Challenge Building Set

K'NEX Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Mario and Diddy Kong Fire Challenge Building Set

This fun set includes a Diddy Kong Racer, & a Mario Racer with a jump, two swinging balls of fire & a fabulous cog of fire that rotates just like in the game! This is a smaller set with 234 pieces & it’s great as a starter or add-on set!

Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Track Pack

Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Track PackDo you kids already have a set? Then you need more track! Kids can literally never have enough track to make those elaborate projects that are in their heads. Might as well get the extra pieces they crave now…then they can build til their heads explode! This set includes 24 track pieces, a Mario figure & a gold trophy.


Nintendo Warios Penguin Jump Building Set

Nintendo Warios Penguin Jump Building SetThis is an add on set for any of the Mario Kart racing tracks, If you don’t already have a set Don’t get this item first! You get a new racer featuring Wario in a yellow Kart with an evil purple penguin ready to knock your racer off the track. It comes with 70 pieces & includes two extras collectables…a Blooper & a banana.

Nintendo Toads Side-Stepper Challenge Building Set

Nintendo Toads Side-Stepper Challenge Building SetThis is a fun add-on set that works with any of the other Mario Kart Kits, you get a toad figure with a blue Kart. There is a side stepping crab that jumps in the way, a palm tree & two collectible items…a Shell & a Star. This set is great for enhancing your kids earlier K’NEX building Kits!


Mario and Bowsers Ice Race Building Set

Mario and Bowsers Ice Race Building SetAhh… level 3 & the evil sliding penguins! This kit includes blue & white “ice” track, a jump in the track, 2 Karts…Mario in red & Bowser in green/yellow. Throw in the crazy snowboarder & penguins shooting at you & this set is great for interactive play! It includes 182 pieces & will give your kids hours of building fun…once their done just tear it down & build something else!

Mario & Yoshi vs Stone Bowser Building Set

Mario & Yoshi vs Stone Bowser Building SetNo kid could resist the coolness of this set! it features a giant fire-ball shooting Bowser Head! It’s a larger set so it have 2 karts (Yoshi & Mario) plus 30 pieces of track to make a pretty large loop. The kit includes 340 K’NEX Pieces so the kids can spend the day building the track then actually get to race on it! How fun is that?



Nintendo Bowser’s Castle: Mario and Luigi at the Starting Line Building Set

Nintendo Bowser's Castle Mario and Luigi at the Starting Line Building SetWe have this kit…it’s nice but I would say that this is an add on set as well, the track is just a little too short to be the main drag. However the Chompers & starting gate are Great features to have so it’s definitely worth having as part of a larger collection. As with all of these I would suggest kids ages 8 & up…or 6 & up with a bigger kid or adult helping set it up.


Nintendo Mario Circuit: Mario vs The Goombas Building Set

Nintendo Mario Circuit Mario vs The Goombas Building SetThis is an add on set, it works with any existing larger kit. This fun Kit features swinging Goombas, a new Mario Kart & a zig zag track that your car can zip thru….this one is Great & a must have! My kids voted this as the favorite add-on set.




Nintendo Mario versus Chain Chomp Building Set

Nintendo Mario versus Chain Chomp Building SetOk, for an add on set this is Fabulous! I love that you can literally punch a car off the track with this chomper on a chain. It’s Classic Mario & comes with 6 pieces of track, Kart & 2 little bonus pieces to collect. Your kids won’t be disappointed in this one!

Wii KNEX Building Set #38468 Mario vs Piranha Plant

Wii KNEX Building Set #38468 Mario vs Piranha PlantIf you looking for an add on set with bite then this one will be perfect! It features a yellow track with Mario Kart, & chomping Piranha plant…who doesn’t hate those? It building kit works perfectly with any & all the other sets & you kids will love adding to their collection!



Mario Kart Wii Mario and Donkey Kong Circuit Start Line Building Set

Mario Kart Wii Mario and Donkey Kong Circuit Start Line Building SetLove Mario & Donkey Kong? Not a problem! Now they can race head to head in this fun building toy that will give your kids hours or entertainment! it’s great for getting them unplugged & playing with toys again.


Mario Kart Wii KNEX Exclusive Building Set #38470 Mario vs Delfino Oak Tree

Mario Kart Wii KNEX Exclusive Building Set #38470 Mario vs Delfino Oak TreeThis fab add on set features a tricky tree that’s out to get the whole gang! It includes 139 parts to build the kit & step by step instructions to help design your new toy.






K’NEX Nintendo Mario Kart 7 Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

K'NEX Nintendo Mario Kart 7 Piranha Plant Slide Track SetThis full set has over 200 parts & is perfect for an add-on or as a total set. It comes with all the parts to build this spiffy kart, Plus the Goomba and Piranha Plant track obstacles. Hooks multiple sets together to make one giant one…heck you can use Any K’nex pieces with these!


So have a blast & make a mega set just like ours!

Mario Kart Meg Set

KidKraft Mega Ramp Race Car Set


KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing SetLooking for a great play set for the kids? The KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set is full of heart pumping racing action! With a house full of kids I’m huge on play sets like this, Since they are So large you just need one of two good themed mega sets to give your kids hours of playtime. This one features a wooden design with little wooden brightly painted cars, trucks and even a gas pump. The beauty of a set like this is the size & quality. They can race cars down the ramp and it even has a “wicked jump at the end” (per my kids). Hot Wheels or matchbox cars also work with this set & apparently it’s the perfect size to play out all kinds of action hero sagas as well. I saw some ninja turtles using the ramp as a slide last week.
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set JumpIt has some cool features like a working elevator, gas station, car wash, helicopter pad & of course two separate ramps. It’s perfect for toddler 3 and up but even the tweens will race cars on this so it’s a great long lasting toy. We actually have 2 different play sets like this on the old train table with the entire train set that wraps around. They don’t seem to care what toys actually came with this set…everything is part of playtime!
You can actually race on the largest ramp with a special launch pad that kids lower to let the cars go, guaranteeing that they take off at the same time. The car wash has moving car cleaning action and the traffic lights signal the beginning of the race. All in all this is one awesome toy!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Specs-
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Detail

  • Includes standard traffic lights green, yellow and red  that help countdown to the beginning of race time!
  • Gliding elevator takes passengers & cars to the top of the parking garage
  • Three-level “Mega Ramp” with launch pad for racing cars against one another
  • Three-level spiral ramp
  • Helicopter and helipad
  • Dimensions: 29.53″ L x 14.96″ W x 4.92″ H

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball

Rookie Puzzle BallLooking for a fun toy that doesn’t need cables or plugs? Something that will engage the kids And adults? This groovy Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball will do the trick! This particular one is the rookie or starter ball…which is ideal for younger kids or someone new to this toy. They also have an Original, Twist & Epic. Perplexus is a house favorite around here…We have them all except the new Twist which is on this years holiday list. They are proudly displayed in my living room.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball TubeI have 3 teens & they get bored of puzzles in record time…2 of them can rip thru a Rubik cube in minutes. So clearly I needed to step up the game last year…I got this ball the Epic & the original for the kids. They were totally annoyed, frustrated & yet they couldn’t set it down. They spent hours trying to beat this ridiculous puzzle….then they called friends over & tortured them with it. I’m not sure I’ve seen them play with anything that long that wasn’t attached to the Xbox!

So the basic idea of this Rookie puzzle is you have to twist & turn the ball to get the loose marble to run thru the maze. It sounds easy…I assure you it’s a challenge!Kids ages 4 & up have played this at my house with zero problems. It has no loose parts so it’s good for the car or as a thing to take to dinner to keep the kids busy.Because of how this works it helps with hand eye coordination, motor skills & honestly it’s nice to see a toy that challenges their brain.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle BallsIt’s also not just for kids, every single person that has seen the ball picks it up & plays with it. Making this one of those fun everybody gifts!

Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15443-lWhat could be more iconic than a Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set? Most of my childhood memories revolve around watching endless hours of the Three Stooges…and then making the stupid noises, obnoxious sayings & of course trying to beat the snot out of each other just like the Stooges did in the show. Ahhh, memories…good thing we didn’t have access to pies or giant wooden mallets! Somehow my cousins & I all managed to not be sociopaths or serial killers…which is always good thing. I have always fondly remembered the Stooges The role they played in my life at 10pm every Saturday.

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15444-lSo you can imagine my delight in finding they the made Stooges into these hilarious potato heads! Even better they used curly & not Shemp…that would have been a disaster. Each Stooge stands 6″tall & comes with the classic accoutrements including a mallet, wrench & the beloved pie. Moe is of course in the eye poke stance & curly is ready for the block. They are designed for anyone age 2 & up plus all the parts can be mix up to make one crazy Stooge!

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15445-lThese are great for younger kids that love the show or die hard collectors that want to display their collection on a shelf or in their office. The set of 3 comes in a snazzy display box but I recommend taking them out so you can play with them. Life is too short to keep awesome toys trapped in boxes, plus how could you enjoy them? So break out your wallets & get yourself or someone you love the gift of Stooge!

Minions Fart Blaster Toy Gun

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster A Despicable Minion GadgetOk, I admit it, I love the minions & all the obnoxiousness that comes with them…weird language, obsessions with food & of course their favorite weapon, a fart gun. I pretty much loved both movies but the kids in the theater gagging with laughter over the fart gun scenes were hilarious.

Now mind you I am a grown adult, well beyond the fart joke years…until I saw this gem at the store. I was minding my business checking out the new minion toys (because I am really obsessed with them) & then my eyes locked on a strange but silly looking weapon. I stopped, daintily picked it up, read the box, flipped it back over & pulled the trigger…then I laughed like an idiot…then laughed some more , & obsessively pulled the trigger while trying to come up with some conceivable logic for purchasing this gun. After all it’s not a cheap toy…but after a full ten minutes of playing with this fart gun it occurred to me that it’s just to good to pass up, I work hard & dang it I deserve nice things, even if that means a weird fart gun. I mean how much stupid junk have I bought the kids over the years? Surely it’s my turn!?

Fart Blaster DeluxeSo yes I am a 36 year old woman with a fart gun in my office, it lights up & makes me happy, so there. I’m not sure if there is an evil minion support group but I would definitely bring the gun with me if there was. No when dealing with the fart gun market you should know you have options. The standard Minion Fart Blaster or the Deluxe Despicable Me 2 Banana Scented Fart Gun, This one is bigger and makes a fabulous farting minion banana aroma. Which kinda makes it more funny.


Oh FYI kids seem to really love this toy as well!

MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery Toys

MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery ToysLooking for a fun interactive building set for your kids…and you? Marble runs are a fun way to unplug & actually play with a toy. This particular one is the toughest on the market (as tested by my pack of boys), We’ve had a few fatalities with other brands. It’s built for kids so it’s very sturdy…which is a super important feature…and easy for kids to build on their own. Even with lots of use ours has lasted for at least 3 years without a single piece broken…lost marbles seems to be the only for us & user error can hardly count against this toy!

MarbleWorks Starter Sets by Discovery ToysThis Marbleworks Starter Set is perfect for a anyone that wants to play with marbles & comes with lots of pieces (46 to be exact). The age bracket on this kit is ages five & up but younger kids like 3-4 love it… although you will have to put it together for them & make sure they don’t try to eat it. The starter set features bright purple, blue & yellow colors & can be mix with any other MarbleWorks sets.

The basic idea is to connect tubes, bases & chutes together in different ways to race your marbles down. Kids can learn the laws of gravity & critical thinking to get that marble where they want it to go. It’s great for a family toy & I highly recommend getting more than one kit, the Marbleworks Deluxe is a good choice or simply get 2 starter sets…they are kinda like Legos, more pieces are just better no matter what the pieces really are.. Or if your kids already like this get some of the extras like the Wild Ride or the Crank it Up! There are tons of options & millions of possibilities with a set like this. The kid will have a blast and you will have a great unplugged toy for rainy days.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Carrier

Melissa & Doug Car CarrierLooking for the best Wooden Car Carrier on the market? Need something kid tough & cool looking? The Wooden Car Carrier by Melissa & Doug makes parents happy & the kids adore it. If your kids are obsessed with cars & trucks then this is the perfect toy for them! We have a few different Melissa and Doug car toys, but the kids seem to really like this one. From an adult standpoint it’s nice to see the kids playing wooden toys over that plastic junk they usually want. The design is simple which makes play time even more creative if you ask me. It’s held up for more than a year in my house…which is saying a lot! We have yet to have one Melissa and Doug toy break on us…that is itself is super impressive to us. Too bad all toys aren’t made this nice!

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier DownYou get the big sturdy car hauler truck (green) & 4 brightly colored wooden cars, the details are painted on so you don’t have to worry about tiny parts breaking off. The ramp flips down so the cars can be driven on & off the car hauler with ease. It’s great for little hands learning how to make things move & pretty simple even from for a 2-year-old to play with unassisted. All in all this is a great low tech toys for kids to spend hours playing with, I’d even get a different truck or two if you have more than one kiddo, it’s a pretty popular toy around here.

Excavator with TruckYou may want other cars to work with this toy…Hot wheels are a bit too small but Thomas the Train toys fit great. They also make loose cars to add to the set.

If the Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Carrier Isn’t quite what you were looking for then check out the Trailer & Excavator or the Magnetic Car Loader.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure 2Is Dave your favorite minion? Can you even tell the difference?

Dave is one of those classic movie characters that steals the movie…I think Gru & the girls were in this one…but I only saw minions! Clearly one of my favorite movies of all time, I can’t wait for the full length minion movie to come out next fall…it’s going to be epic! This “toy” is ideal for any kid that liked the movie…plus it farts so basically any kid anywhere will like this thing. He also look pretty fab “doing things” around the house. Some of the pics online are hilarious!

despicable me 2 minionsThis “toy” is for kids age 4 & up, but I see no reason to limit this to kids. Dave talks of course & says fifty five different sayings in hilarious minion speak & movie voice. He changes facial expressions while talking, so that makes him even more fun. His eyes close & move side to side as you move his head…which is a soft rubbery material. You can pretend to feed Dave when he’s in banana mode…this makes him fart…Super banana mode (press his tongue twice) makes the farts even bigger! He also farts if you move his head…keep feeding him Classy!

Now if you are a Die hard Dave fan you can find him here, They also make Tim (the tall skinny one) or Stewart (with one eye). They do different stuff…Tim Sings & Stewart laughs. Basically you can’t go wrong with any of these guys…the fans love them all. Not to mention it makes people smile to hear a minion fart, laugh or sing.