Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the UndeadIf you’re like me then you need some cool activities to do with boys! The bracelet kits, beading toys & typical crafting kits on how to make a fluffy pink bunnies just won’t fly around here. My boys are all about blood, grossness & zombies…which makes this craft book awesome! You can make some pretty twisted designs with this book…and the my teens Love it! You can pick from 16 designs that are fairly simple but time consuming…making them great little projects! They aren’t very “cute” but with those dangling eyes & missing limbs who wouldn’t think they are charming?!

Classic Zombie Feltie DIYThe book is pretty straight forward so you won’t be guessing, which is nice. The patterns are laid out in an easy to follow format with traceable designs. We had a good stash of random buttons, beads & felt already so we didn’t need to buy much…however if you have nothing then you will need to get supplies. The end result are a bunch of very small awesome looking zombies. Attention to detail & following directions is a must to get these guys looking their best but they are totally worth the effort. If you giving the book to a non crafty person I’d add in a bunch of supplies to get them going.

Felt Zombie DIYSo if you looking for some fun rainy day projects to do with tweens – adults this book will certainly give you some fun ideas & you’ll end up with a fun undead reminder of your cool day!

Get your very own copy of this book here!

Great Knitting Stuff for Kids

Nothing like a long summer break to get the kids busy on a new hobby! Knitting is fun, easy to learn & can be taken just about anyway…plus it doesn’t run on batteries.

Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages

Kids Knitting Projects for Kids of all AgesYou kids will love this book, it features 15 different kid friendly projects with step by step instructions.

This book is geared towards beginners and teaches all the basic stitches. Ideally for ages 8 and up with a 3rd grade reading level. The book is 28 pages of knitting goodness that will keep the kids busy for hours…we hope.

The book also works well for adults in you want to jump in & learn something new as well.


Kids Knit!: Simple Steps to Nifty Projects

Kids Knit Simple Steps to Nifty ProjectsYour crafty kids can learn how to make backpacks, dolls, doll blankets, scarves & more with this fab knitting book features 20 different projects.

The book starts with the basics and moves thru to more advanced work in the bigger projects. Age is 8-14 with at least a 3rd grade reading level.

The 20 projects include a washcloth, doll (with dress and blanket), sunglasses case, ribbed scarf, teddy-bear puppet, drawstring purse, and tote bag. Each set of directions is divided into sections describing the object’s size, necessary materials, gauge, pattern, and finishing tips. There’s a wide range of difficulty and skill levels to challenge children of all abilities.

Don’t forget the essentials! They make smaller kid friendly knitting needles and a some brightly color yarn!


Crazy Aaron’s Putty World Creature Putty

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Creature Green PuttyIf your kids like playing with clay or slime then this is the toy for them!

It comes in Green, Pink or Blue.

The putty has a unique texture that kids love and of course a pair of creature eyes! This cool putty stretches, snaps, pulls & twists to make the weirdest animals you’ve ever seen. Be sure to take a photo of you creation because unlike clay this little guy will melt in just a few minutes into a  pile of goo. Each tin in made in the USA & is packed with 1/8 pound of thinking putty. This won’t stick to clothes or leave any residue. it’s perfect for taking into those boring adult restaurants without play structures.


My First Sticky Mosaics

My First Sticky MosaicsLooking for a cool craft kit that’s educational? The My First Sticky Mosaics is perfect for you!If you toddler is crafty then this groovy kit will be perfect for them it comes with 1000 foam sticker pieces (kids Love these), 5 different images come with each kit ready to fill in & create lovely artwork. The shapes are different colors and sizes that will make the project interesting. The idea is simple it’s like paint by numbers with foam pieces! If you have older kids you can scrap the pre-made designs & have them go wild with creativity! You might get some stellar artwork with this kit! Perfect for adorning the fridge or sending off to grandma’s house.

Sticky Mosaics KitThere are several different My First Sticky Mosaics kits to choose from…Pets, Ponies, Fairies, Team Rescue, Pretty Things, Vehicles or Zoo Things.


This is one of those crafty kits that teaches kids about colors, shapes, numbers and helps them with matching. They won’t even notice they are learning! Even those stubborn toddlers will like it. It’s Ideal for kids at least 3 and then all the way up to 10 seem to really dig them.



  • Bigger Sticky Mosaic foam tiles are easier for little ones to handle
  • Decorate-by-number concept helps reinforce number and color recognition skills
  • Includes over 1000 colorful sticky foam pieces, 3 shapes in 7 colors, 5 fun designs and 5 wall hangers
  • Great for play dates and birthday parties
  • The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levels

ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit

ALEX Toys My Crafty KitLooking for the best kids craft box on the market? Tired of those wimpy little craft sets? If you have little kids then the ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit is going to be perfect for you! It comes loaded with all kinds of fabulous crafty pieces & the price is great for such a variety. The best part is it’s totally packed in a very spiffy carrying case…which you will never use because there is so much stuff loaded in this kit that it won’t fit back in (really, that’s a good thing). So save your sanity & buy a a little storage box & let the kids use the travel case for some other toys..trust me they love little boxes.

ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit 2So Ideally this is great for any kid three & up…sky’s the limit on who can create after that. It comes with tissue paper, crayons, glue, safety scissors (perfect for little hands), pipes cleaners, popsicle sticks, goggle eyes, stickers, pom poms & lots of little collage pieces & random crafty goodness. It also comes with instructions, not that your kids will need much help designing their fabulous art creations. The carrying case is 8″ x 11.75″ x 3.5″ & is super colorful & bright.

My Big Crafty KitBasically this is the perfect kit to drag out on rainy days or just when you are tired of the kids being attached to the TV. It has so much stuff you can use it many times over & just add to the craft pile when things get low. If you are having a kids party or sleepover this kit is ideal for hours of silly entertainment! Not to mention the awesome artwork that you will have for your fridge.

See that picture of how full the box is? That is just how stuffed the kit will be so plan on having a spare box or tote for all the crap that won’t fit back in the box! That’s right the only complain is there is too much stuff….hardly a problem for crafty kids!

ALEX Toys My Giant Busy Box Little Hands

My Giant Busy BoxMy Giant Busy Box by ALEX toys is perfect for toddlers & little people!

If you’re like me then you have a gaggle of kids in your house & that means that out of nowhere…with what seems like an entire toy store worth of crap in your home you hear that epic whine…””I’m Booooored”. Now sometimes that means you give them something to clean like the gutters or maybe you have those little tykes mow the lawn…but some days you just have to give in and get them started on a fabulous project that is fun & maybe a little messy but definitely, Not boring. This crafty activity box is Perfect for those days!

Early Learning My Giant Busy BoxIn this craft kit you get 16 different projects, lots of parts, brightly colored dough, stickers, crayons & instructions…because those are Always nice to have. There are super crafty moms (the ones that post epic projects on Pinterest all day) that won’t be impressed by this kit…they shouldn’t buy it. This kit is for people with real lives that want simple projects with their kids & to have all the parts right there with little planning….I am one of these moms. This kit is geared towards kids ages 3 to 5. The older kids will have no trouble doing most of this themselves but I’m not brave enough to leave a 3 year old alone with glue or clay, it’s just no in me. Honestly kids as old as 10 have used this in my house & still had fun so I wouldn’t worry about that age label on this creative kit.

My Giant Busy Box2This is great for dragging out every couple weeks when the kids boredom sets in & these are fun projects to do with your kids. Anything that gets them off the electronics & doing something creative is a good thing.

Now the biggest issue with this kit is in fact it’s size, once you open the box you better just forget about jamming it all back in there. That alone makes it impressive, I hate buying kits & opening them to find a whole bunch of air & no crafts! Alex is on your side with this issue.