ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit

ALEX Toys My Crafty KitLooking for the best kids craft box on the market? Tired of those wimpy little craft sets? If you have little kids then the ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit is going to be perfect for you! It comes loaded with all kinds of fabulous crafty pieces & the price is great for such a variety. The best part is it’s totally packed in a very spiffy carrying case…which you will never use because there is so much stuff loaded in this kit that it won’t fit back in (really, that’s a good thing). So save your sanity & buy a a little storage box & let the kids use the travel case for some other me they love little boxes.

ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit 2So Ideally this is great for any kid three & up…sky’s the limit on who can create after that. It comes with tissue paper, crayons, glue, safety scissors (perfect for little hands), pipes cleaners, popsicle sticks, goggle eyes, stickers, pom poms & lots of little collage pieces & random crafty goodness. It also comes with instructions, not that your kids will need much help designing their fabulous art creations. The carrying case is 8″ x 11.75″ x 3.5″ & is super colorful & bright.

My Big Crafty KitBasically this is the perfect kit to drag out on rainy days or just when you are tired of the kids being attached to the TV. It has so much stuff you can use it many times over & just add to the craft pile when things get low. If you are having a kids party or sleepover this kit is ideal for hours of silly entertainment! Not to mention the awesome artwork that you will have for your fridge.

See that picture of how full the box is? That is just how stuffed the kit will be so plan on having a spare box or tote for all the crap that won’t fit back in the box! That’s right the only complain is there is too much stuff….hardly a problem for crafty kids!

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