Decorative Plane Propellers

Looking for reproduction airplane propellers? These classic Replica plane propellers are perfect for any decor, modern to retro. They feature the classic style & lines of WWI & WWII planes with detailed paint & fittings. They can be wall mounted or stand in a corner.

These look great over a desk, propped up in the kids room or even over the bed. It will really make you aviation theme pop!

Vintage Flight Propeller

WWI Plane Prop, French Finish –

Model AP158

This fabulous reproduction of an original WWI plane propeller is 6″W x 73.25″H, & features hand distressed edges covered in brass. Perfect for large living spaces this prop is wall mountable or can stand in a corner.


Plane Prop Decor

Small WWI Wood PropellerWWI Wood Airplane Prop Small

By Authentic Models this propeller features a rich wood color with red tips, it’s 47.25″ length x 4.25″ width x 2.25” deep. This is perfect for wall mounting over a bed or a couch, it’s huge & looks great on just about any wall. Mix it up & add in some groovy plane wall decals to give it that full aviation theme.

Airplane Decor


Large WWI Wood Propeller

By Authentic Models this replica airplane prop features a WWI design & classic style. it’s large so it will make an outstanding focal point in any room. Stand it in the corner or mount it on the wall, it’s sure to be outstanding anywhere!

WWI Wood Propeller

McCauley 3-Bladed Ground-Adjustable BLACK Metal Aviation Art Airplane PropellerMcCauley 3-Bladed Ground-Adjustable BLACK Metal Aviation Art Airplane Propeller


  • Each blade measures approximately 36 inches in length x 6 Inches in width.
  • Total display has a diameter of approximately 74 inches.
  • 3 Authentic Airplane Aircraft Propeller Blades with 3-Bladed Hub and 5 Inch Cylinder.
  • Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hangar, dorm room, garage, etc.

6 ft. Sopwith Propeller - Handmade in Solid Wood Authentic Models AP1596 ft. Sopwith Propeller – Handmade in Solid Wood Authentic Models AP159

The Sopwith was the mainstay fighter-plane of the British and USA air forces in the early 1900s. Brightly painted in various national colors, it ruled the skies for a number of years. Some of the propellers were later supplied by an American propeller maker. Admire the shape and finish of a wood creation that once propelled daring aviators over uncharted landscapes. Feel the smooth, somewhat distressed, honey surface. The punched serial numbers around the hub. The authentic 1030s makers decal.






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