Race Car Kids Bedroom Decor

Little Tikes Classic Racing Tire Toy ChestEvery kid, girls and boys, loves fast race cars! This fun collection of race themed decor features stylish, fun and practical room accessories… including curtains, bedding, clocks, toy boxes & more…the kids ‘ll love it!

Trick out the most boring room with solid bold colors & add in these fabulous racing themed accents. Go big with custom racing beds or just add a bit of fun with race car lamps & tire toy boxes. Any pint sized gear head will love the fun theme & groovy accessories.

Kids race car room

Ok, so no one really has a kids room that is this big, 2 levels or that clean…but it’s just So cool! The red accent are a prefect fit for the concrete grey walls & floor & OMG they have an actual road in there!

Kids race car bedroom

This room it nuts! The car bed is parked inside the kids very own garage/play loft. Just Awesome!

Decorating in a theme can be fun for you & the kids, set a budget & sit down with them…they will learn the value of the dollar & have a blast picking their own accessories! It will be such a great lesson when you child decides he would rather have the twelve different accessories over one new bed. Not to mention how proud he will be when he shows off what he picked out to all his friends.

Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed

Step2 Stock Car Convertible BedHaving a race car bed is a dream of every little boy…ok I’m a girl and I wanted one too! This one is a 2 color stock car style that can fit a crib mattress or twin sized bed. When you use the crib mattress kids have access to a molded race track to play with their cars.



Race Car Pop-Up Laundry Hamper – Round

Round Race Car HamperThat laundry almost picks itself up with this fun hamper….Ok, not really but your kids will still love the way it looks! It’s one of those staples that every kid room needs anyway & it’s easy to use collapsible design makes it store flat…perfect for traveling as well.


  • Foldable – can be taken anywhere
  • Easy to open – unhook and it expands
  • Kids will enjoy picking up laundry!!!
  • Open dimensions = 15″ Diameter x 22″ H, ( 28″ H with dome)



Soft Toddler Car - Set of 3Soft Toddler Car – Set of 3

Kids can get cozy in this pint sized race chair, it’s lightweight & easy for kids to move around. These are ideal for plopping in front of the TV for a cartoon marathon or just play time.

  • Set of 3
  • Ages: 6 months to 2 years
  • 23 x 10 x 12
  • Soft race car shapes for crawling over, pulling up, around, toddling into, or just sitting. Play is a child’s most important work and The Children’s Factory continues to be the world leader in soft play.

Little Tikes Classic Racing Tire Toy ChestLittle Tikes Classic Racing Tire Toy Chest

Vrooom! This fun stack of tires tricks out any race car room, it’s perfect for your kids toys & adds a touch of cool. Just like any toy box this one is perfect for the random bulky stuff & little part that end up everywhere. It’s also the ideal shape for shooting baskets from across the room!


  • Reversible lid
  • Lid can also be used as a hilly raceway for die-cast cars
  • Built of durable and resistant material
  • Easy to clean
  • Roomy interior

Race Car Kids Bedding

So clearly your kids need bedding…you should assume that their tastes will change every few years. So stock up on plain but brightly colors sheets & pillow cases, those match just about everything a kid could like. Then move onto finding the perfect bedding set for the kids! I’ve found almost all bed in a bags to be a bit thin so I always add an extra layer of a plain colored blanket for winter nights.

 Dream Big Speedster 2-Piece Set NASCAR “Bump Drafting” Twin/Full Comforter Twin Quilt Race Car Pattern Race Car Bedding Design

race car bedroom

This room is pretty simple on the theme with lots of bright colors that can be reused when the child switches interests. The walls are amazing though!

ReStick Race Ya! Wall Stickers

ReStick Race Ya! Wall Stickers

These funky wall decals are reusable & easy to apply, perfect for kids rooms! It’s great for a touch of style but they can actually race their hot wheels up the wall & across the floor as well. It’s hard to find decor that doubles as a toy!

  • We feel a need. A need for speed.
  • Made with Blik Re-Stik, these tracks can be arranged and rearranged in numerous configurations.
  • Blik is made from an ultra-thin, self-adhesive matte vinyl film.
  • 35 Decals per package.
  • 10 race car wall decals included.

nascar bedroom

With actual tires under the bed & a car popping out of the wall this room looks amazing! That bed is pretty wild too.

Race Car Toddler Bed


This groovy kids bed features a blue car with classic race car graphics, it even has a little bench at the end and a shelf made out of the spoiler. It fits a standard crib mattress & is designed for toddlers.

Melissa & Doug Race Car BankMelissa & Doug Race Car Bank

You kids will have a blast painting & decorating their very own race car bank! It’s a great project with the kids or leave them to design it themselves.

Race Car Table

This room features a custom table with roads & even little buildings. You can make it all yourself!

Step2 Tool Chest DresserStep2 Tool Chest Dresser

Clothing storage doesn’t have to be boring! I bet your kids will race to get their sock out of this fun dresser! It looks just like a metal tool chest from the garage with real racing decals & a fun blue design.

Decorative Plane Propellers

Looking for reproduction airplane propellers? These classic Replica plane propellers are perfect for any decor, modern to retro. They feature the classic style & lines of WWI & WWII planes with detailed paint & fittings. They can be wall mounted or stand in a corner.

These look great over a desk, propped up in the kids room or even over the bed. It will really make you aviation theme pop!

Vintage Flight Propeller

WWI Plane Prop, French Finish –

Model AP158

This fabulous reproduction of an original WWI plane propeller is 6″W x 73.25″H, & features hand distressed edges covered in brass. Perfect for large living spaces this prop is wall mountable or can stand in a corner.


Plane Prop Decor

Small WWI Wood PropellerWWI Wood Airplane Prop Small

By Authentic Models this propeller features a rich wood color with red tips, it’s 47.25″ length x 4.25″ width x 2.25” deep. This is perfect for wall mounting over a bed or a couch, it’s huge & looks great on just about any wall. Mix it up & add in some groovy plane wall decals to give it that full aviation theme.

Airplane Decor


Large WWI Wood Propeller

By Authentic Models this replica airplane prop features a WWI design & classic style. it’s large so it will make an outstanding focal point in any room. Stand it in the corner or mount it on the wall, it’s sure to be outstanding anywhere!

WWI Wood Propeller

McCauley 3-Bladed Ground-Adjustable BLACK Metal Aviation Art Airplane PropellerMcCauley 3-Bladed Ground-Adjustable BLACK Metal Aviation Art Airplane Propeller


  • Each blade measures approximately 36 inches in length x 6 Inches in width.
  • Total display has a diameter of approximately 74 inches.
  • 3 Authentic Airplane Aircraft Propeller Blades with 3-Bladed Hub and 5 Inch Cylinder.
  • Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hangar, dorm room, garage, etc.

6 ft. Sopwith Propeller - Handmade in Solid Wood Authentic Models AP1596 ft. Sopwith Propeller – Handmade in Solid Wood Authentic Models AP159

The Sopwith was the mainstay fighter-plane of the British and USA air forces in the early 1900s. Brightly painted in various national colors, it ruled the skies for a number of years. Some of the propellers were later supplied by an American propeller maker. Admire the shape and finish of a wood creation that once propelled daring aviators over uncharted landscapes. Feel the smooth, somewhat distressed, honey surface. The punched serial numbers around the hub. The authentic 1030s makers decal.






Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons

Authentic Models BalloonsLooking for unique hot air balloon decor? Capture the beauty and magnificence of hot air balloon flight with this museum quality Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons. Makes the perfect gift for the young and young at heart. They look amazing in any living space or office & certainly don’t have a baby or kid feel to them. We have a small series of these in out family room & it adds a nice touch of whimsy to the classic decor. The quality is insanely nice so you won’t have any trouble putting these in a professionals office or a living room.

These display best with several sizes…if you are unsure how many or what size you might want just start with the smallest. I recommend 2-4 small, 2-3 medium & 1-2 large for a full display.

These Come in Four Sizes

  • The largest is the “Jules Verne” it hangs 27.5″ tall by 16.5″
  • The next down is the “Royal Aero” it hangs 22.0″” tall by 12.6″
  • Followed by “Travelers Light” it hangs 11.75″ tall by 7″
  • The smallest is “Floating the Skies” it hangs 5.25″ tall & is 3.15″ in

Jules Verne Balloon Hot Air Balloon Color RedJules Verne Balloon Hot Air Balloon

This one is the largest & gives a nod to Jules Verne the french poet, novelist & playwright. It hangs 27.5″ tall by 16.5″ in Diameter. If you have a vaulted ceiling or are making a display with several balloons you will one this large one as the center piece. The smaller balloons look fabulous hanging around this & it give lots of dimension when you mix up the sizes. It comes in three colors Rainbow, Green or Red.


Royal Aero Model BalloonRoyal Aero Model Balloon, Large

Capture the beauty and magnificence of hot air balloon flight with this museum quality Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon Royal Aero in Blue. The 19th century design assembled with a paper mache sphere covered in striped simulated fabric includes a rattan basket, hand-knotted netting, sandbags and a flag adding to the incredible detail of the model. Lightweight and easy to hang, this piece is sure to add that special touch to your decor. Makes the perfect gift for the young and young at heart. This comes in Blue, Yellow, Rainbow, Green or Red.

Authentic Models Travels Light True Green Hot Air BalloonAuthentic Models Travels Light Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever wanted to go “up up and away” and float away above the world? There’s terrific detail in this “Travels Light” hot air balloon model series. The balloon is actually a hard sphere so it will never deflate. The basket is a real woven reed basket. Hang at any height using fishing line, or group several together at different heights for a larger decorating statement. 7″ balloon, total height with basket 11.75″. This Comes in Rainbow, True Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue.

Authentic Models Floating the Skies Hot Air Balloon ReplicaAuthentic Models Floating the Skies Hot Air Balloon Replica

These are the smallest balloons, they can easily hang in windows, on Christmas trees (a little bulky but doable) & are perfect for enhancing the look of the larger balloons. They Measure 3.15 in. balloon diameter, total height with basket 5.25 in. You can get this size in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green or Rainbow.


Authentic Models Flying the Skies MobileAuthentic Models Flying the Skies Mobile

Looking for that perfect accessory for your office or your child’s room? Does you or your kid like airplanes, hot air balloons and everything aeronautics? Then Authentic Models has everything you could need with their aviation decor and furniture collection. Each piece in this collection is of the highest quality. This Hot Air Balloon Mobile by Authentic Models adds that special touch to your home decor. This mobile comes in primary colors (as shown) or in pastel.



DIY Kids Race Car Lamp Makeover

On the Road AgainI just love the simplicity of this fun kids design. This race car lamp could easily be adorned with trains, boats, trucks, construction equipment or even Legos & themed Lego mini figures will work with this project.

You can find the directions Here, It’s pretty easy project all you need is some toys, lampshade, glue gun & imagination! Perfect for tricking out a themed room or just a fun way to display one of the many things your kids like…this month.

These kinds of DIY project are great for a rainy day or fun bonding project with the kids. Get them involved & let them help out!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Race Car Set


KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing SetLooking for a great play set for the kids? The KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set is full of heart pumping racing action! With a house full of kids I’m huge on play sets like this, Since they are So large you just need one of two good themed mega sets to give your kids hours of playtime. This one features a wooden design with little wooden brightly painted cars, trucks and even a gas pump. The beauty of a set like this is the size & quality. They can race cars down the ramp and it even has a “wicked jump at the end” (per my kids). Hot Wheels or matchbox cars also work with this set & apparently it’s the perfect size to play out all kinds of action hero sagas as well. I saw some ninja turtles using the ramp as a slide last week.
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set JumpIt has some cool features like a working elevator, gas station, car wash, helicopter pad & of course two separate ramps. It’s perfect for toddler 3 and up but even the tweens will race cars on this so it’s a great long lasting toy. We actually have 2 different play sets like this on the old train table with the entire train set that wraps around. They don’t seem to care what toys actually came with this set…everything is part of playtime!
You can actually race on the largest ramp with a special launch pad that kids lower to let the cars go, guaranteeing that they take off at the same time. The car wash has moving car cleaning action and the traffic lights signal the beginning of the race. All in all this is one awesome toy!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Specs-
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Detail

  • Includes standard traffic lights green, yellow and red  that help countdown to the beginning of race time!
  • Gliding elevator takes passengers & cars to the top of the parking garage
  • Three-level “Mega Ramp” with launch pad for racing cars against one another
  • Three-level spiral ramp
  • Helicopter and helipad
  • Dimensions: 29.53″ L x 14.96″ W x 4.92″ H