Amazing Spider-Man Wall Decals

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Web Slinging Giant Wall DecalAre you or someone you know a Spider-Man nerd? We understand, that’s why we found these awesome Spider-Man Wall Decals! These fun wall appliques are perfect for super hero fans, just pick your favorite design or collect them all. They are easy to apply, just peel & stick to any smooth surface & they are also reusable! Did I mention that kids, teens & geeks (especially geeks) will love them?

Great for Adding Instant Decor!

With wall appliques you can go big & get one that fill most of a wall, this makes for an outstanding accent piece. It looks great over a bed or in a playroom & is a pretty cheap way to make a room feel like it has a Spider-Man Theme. Even if you just have solid color bedding you can make a huge statement with a large Spider-Man wall decal and just a few added accents in the room.

Ultimate Spiderman Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalUltimate Spiderman Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalBuy It!

Amazing Spiderman Stick Peel & Giant Wall DecalAmazing Spiderman Stick Peel & Giant Wall DecalBuy It!

he Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web Slinging Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decalhe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web Slinging Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalBuy It!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalsThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalsBuy It!

Ultimate Spiderman Headboard Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalUltimate Spiderman Headboard Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalBuy It!

Spiderman Webslinger Wall DecalSpiderman Webslinger Wall DecalBuy It!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Skyline Mural Real Big Wall DecalThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Skyline Mural Real Big Wall DecalBuy It!

Spiderman Peel and Stick Comic Book CoverSpiderman Peel and Stick Comic Book CoverBuy It!

Fathead The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mask Junior Wall DecalFathead The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mask Junior Wall DecalBuy It!


You can also go small & create scenes all over the kids walls, ceiling fan blades, dresser, or even their mirrors. These make room makeovers super fun. You can mix up other characters or make a full Siper-Man utopia. Either way it’s sure to tie the room together in a super cool theme.


Ultimate Spiderman Peel and Stick Wall Decals, 22 CountUltimate Spiderman Peel and Stick Wall Decals, 22 CountBuy It!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peel and Stick Wall DecalsThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peel and Stick Wall DecalsBuy It!

Ultimate Spider Man Graphic Peel and Stick Wall DecalsUltimate Spider Man Graphic Peel and Stick Wall DecalsBuy It!


Kikkerland Solar Powered Rainbow Makers

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Double Rainbow MakerAre you looking for a whimsical gift that is a little different? Sure toys are nice but a Solar Powered Crystal that casts rainbows is Amazing! Who wouldn’t love rainbows on their walls? It’s the perfect for for literally any age, everyone from infant to 100 will enjoy the simple pleasures of this unusual gift. Get one or get several…make every room dance with happy rainbows. They are great for playrooms!

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker



The Rainbow maker comes packed in a clear gift box by the Kikkerland company (they are known for off the wall gifts) & designed by David Dear. The rainbow maker features little colored gears that tuns & a tiny solar panel. It’s a breeze to set up, simply find a window with direct sunlight (that means an actual beam of sunlight), lick the suction cup & stick it to the glass.



The sun will not only make the Kikkerland Window-Mount Solar-Powered Heart Rainbow MakerSwarovski crystal cast rainbows on the wall but it will also gently turn the crystal so they dance across all your surfaces! You won’t need batteries or anything extra to set this up. It’s perfect for bedrooms, offices or even the kitchen. It measures 6 inches tall by 1 inch deep & 2 inches wide.

This is the ideal gift to delight your moms, grandmothers, Aunts & even your kids (especially nurseries, babies Love these!) It’s a simple but charming addition to anyone’s room, home or even office window…because who doesn’t want rainbows at work? These come in a heart shape, single round, or double round.

Kikkerland Standing Rainbow MakerThey also now have Kikkerland Standing Rainbow Maker which can just sit on any flat surface. In this model the little gears turns the crystal to make the rainbows move. This one is pretty snazzy if you want to move it around or simply put it away when your done with it.



Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons

Authentic Models BalloonsLooking for unique hot air balloon decor? Capture the beauty and magnificence of hot air balloon flight with this museum quality Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons. Makes the perfect gift for the young and young at heart. They look amazing in any living space or office & certainly don’t have a baby or kid feel to them. We have a small series of these in out family room & it adds a nice touch of whimsy to the classic decor. The quality is insanely nice so you won’t have any trouble putting these in a professionals office or a living room.

These display best with several sizes…if you are unsure how many or what size you might want just start with the smallest. I recommend 2-4 small, 2-3 medium & 1-2 large for a full display.

These Come in Four Sizes

  • The largest is the “Jules Verne” it hangs 27.5″ tall by 16.5″
  • The next down is the “Royal Aero” it hangs 22.0″” tall by 12.6″
  • Followed by “Travelers Light” it hangs 11.75″ tall by 7″
  • The smallest is “Floating the Skies” it hangs 5.25″ tall & is 3.15″ in

Jules Verne Balloon Hot Air Balloon Color RedJules Verne Balloon Hot Air Balloon

This one is the largest & gives a nod to Jules Verne the french poet, novelist & playwright. It hangs 27.5″ tall by 16.5″ in Diameter. If you have a vaulted ceiling or are making a display with several balloons you will one this large one as the center piece. The smaller balloons look fabulous hanging around this & it give lots of dimension when you mix up the sizes. It comes in three colors Rainbow, Green or Red.


Royal Aero Model BalloonRoyal Aero Model Balloon, Large

Capture the beauty and magnificence of hot air balloon flight with this museum quality Authentic Models Hot Air Balloon Royal Aero in Blue. The 19th century design assembled with a paper mache sphere covered in striped simulated fabric includes a rattan basket, hand-knotted netting, sandbags and a flag adding to the incredible detail of the model. Lightweight and easy to hang, this piece is sure to add that special touch to your decor. Makes the perfect gift for the young and young at heart. This comes in Blue, Yellow, Rainbow, Green or Red.

Authentic Models Travels Light True Green Hot Air BalloonAuthentic Models Travels Light Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever wanted to go “up up and away” and float away above the world? There’s terrific detail in this “Travels Light” hot air balloon model series. The balloon is actually a hard sphere so it will never deflate. The basket is a real woven reed basket. Hang at any height using fishing line, or group several together at different heights for a larger decorating statement. 7″ balloon, total height with basket 11.75″. This Comes in Rainbow, True Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue.

Authentic Models Floating the Skies Hot Air Balloon ReplicaAuthentic Models Floating the Skies Hot Air Balloon Replica

These are the smallest balloons, they can easily hang in windows, on Christmas trees (a little bulky but doable) & are perfect for enhancing the look of the larger balloons. They Measure 3.15 in. balloon diameter, total height with basket 5.25 in. You can get this size in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green or Rainbow.


Authentic Models Flying the Skies MobileAuthentic Models Flying the Skies Mobile

Looking for that perfect accessory for your office or your child’s room? Does you or your kid like airplanes, hot air balloons and everything aeronautics? Then Authentic Models has everything you could need with their aviation decor and furniture collection. Each piece in this collection is of the highest quality. This Hot Air Balloon Mobile by Authentic Models adds that special touch to your home decor. This mobile comes in primary colors (as shown) or in pastel.



Army Men Room Accessories!

If you’re tricking out a kids military room or even a camo inspired room then army men are the perfect accent. They’re a classic staple in every kids life & these room accents are pure nostalgia.

NUOP Design Army Men Push Pins

NUOP Design GI Push PinsIf your kids hang posters or have a memo board then these push pins will surely be a fun accent to their room. You get a set of 5 different guys that act as regular thumb tacks. As an added bonus…none of their friends will have them!

Personally I’d get a couple sets of these guys to really fill out the memo board & make it feel custom.






Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2

Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2After you’ve finished reading Bravo Two Zero, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, End Game and Toy Story’s Mega Coloring-in Book, it’s time to put them pride of place on your bookshelf. So what better accompaniment than these two brilliant Soldier bookends?!

What sane person wouldn’t want these wicked bookends?! They are about 7.5″ tall & feature the classic look of the plastic army men…but they are made from resin. They cool little soldiers will keep those unruly books in order & standing up straight! This set includes both army guys shown. If you just need one bookend then get this guy Homeguard Soldier Book End will be perfect for you.

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-Pack

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-PackIf your kids are into warfare…or army guys then these wall decals are great for adding a little accent to their walls, furniture, windows, mirrors or even school stuff. These decals stick to anything that’s smooth. They come in 11 different colors & includes 15 army men ready for battle!

They’re easy to remove without damaging the surface so tricking out a room or locker will be super easy & fun!



Homeguard Soldier Door Stop

Army Man DoorstopHalt! This classic doorstop features a detailed army man in the stop position. He’s really good at holding doors open & making a statement! The original Home Guard consisted of volunteers who, during World War II were unable to go to war. Despite this they stood strong against the threat to peace and harmony at home. Like Dad’s Army these resin soldiers will dutifully stay behind, determined to keep domestic peace against the menace of slamming doors. He’s made of a plastic poly-resin & Measures 6.5 by 11 by 4.7-inchs.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Kids Wall

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Kids WallSo you’re thinking about Creating your very own Magnetic Chalkboard Wall? Cool we can help with that!

This is a fairly simple project. I did one large wall in a kids room, which rocked because I used the right stuff. Magna Magic makes a Magnetic Paint that is also a chalkboard. If you don’t want black they make a Tinted Version so you can create the look you want. It’s not cheap, but it’s So amazing that I cannot say enough good things about it. Literally it’s fabulous…do not go cheap on this project or you basically wasted your money. This one can will cover 100 square feet so plan on a huge wall or several smaller zones. It doesn’t need to go all the way to the ceiling because kids can’t reach it anyway! If you just need a small spot they do have Quarts Here.

Magnetic Receptive Chalkboard Paint GallonIn my office I added a magnetic wall next to my desk so I could show off all my junk. I’ll admit it, I went cheap on this project.too cheap. I was at Home depot & bought Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On…this stuff is pretty bad, first it isn’t very magnetic. Like the magnets will barely stick bad. Forget actually putting up a photo.Well I have a few up but if you walk by the fall down. Fail. You were warned.

Also do Not use the spray can version…it’s even worse.

This product needs to have Crayola, Prang or Ikea type art chalks. Sidewalk chalk is to abrasive & will scratch the wall.

Materials List-



  1. You should first wipe down the wall it should be free of all dirt & oil. The room should be at least 60 degrees F and below 90 degrees or it just won’t cure right. Map out you paint area & mask off any unused wall space.
  2. Stir the paint…it has metal partials so they tend to settle. Be sure it’s totally mixed before painting. Ideally take it to the paint store to be shaken up.
  3. Pour into tray & get to painting! This paint will dry fast so work in 3′ x 3′ areas. Don’t overwork the area as it will pull the paint off the wall. Once it’s on the wall you will immediately want use the foam roller over it to smooth out the surface.
  4. Paint will dry to the touch within 30 minutes, then you apply the next coat. Keep applying coats until you have run out of paint. Do not exceed the 100 square feet or you will not have enough magnetic coverage. Between coast store the roller covers in a plastic grocery bag (with air pushed out). they will stay nice & wet in there for days.
  5. Wait 24 hour before using chalk, and 7 days before using a damp cloth to clean.



Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor

Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf DecorNothing says classic quite like an Atari reference! This groovy accent piece is the perfect replica of a pixellated space invader from the 80’s. He’s pretty thick so he stands on his own and as an added bonus he glows in the dark…how cool is that!?

These are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your office or kids space…they won’t get it but not everything can be about them! All those hours of playing Space invaders will come flooding back when you look at it.

The set includes three of these guys in different sizes. You can get your very own Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor set here.

Pink Poodle Shelf Decor

Pink Poodle Shelf DecorSometimes we get so caught up in themed room decor for kids we forget to go a little crazy & add in that conversation piece that will make them smile. This snazzy poodle is a lovely shade of pink & will look outstanding in a bookshelf, on a desk or dresser. She stands 14.75″ tall & serves no purpose other than looking fabulous! This fun poodle will work for any age & right up to adulthood…I should know, I have one on my shelf! You can get one right here!

Daisy Flower Kids Bedroom Doorbell

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellAhhh that moment in time when your little princess grows up & wants privacy! From personal experience this kids doorbell works great for a family with multiple kids…since we all know kids love to push buttons but not knock. We also used it to wake up kids….just push the button as you stroll down the hall in the morning. It’s loud enough to wake the kids but you really can’t hear it in other rooms so no one else is bothered by it. It also works for bathroom doors…if you have a small herd of non-knocking kids it really does cut down on unwanted barge ins.

This groovy kids doorbell is perfect for little people aged 4 & up looking for a little space of their own. It has a 6.5′ thin cord that can be hidden up the molding of just about any door. it works just like any doorbell, it has a button that sets off a loud chime & lights up. It features a Daisy Flower Design with pink & purple accents…however it also comes in Butterflies, Princess Crowns or even boys themes (they love them too).

Butterfly Bedroom DoorbellThey are a great gift for any kid with a door…literally every kid I have ever had over wanted one for their rooms. It’s super easy to install since it comes with double sided sticky tape on both the chime & button. It’s pretty tough we had one up for about 4 years with no problem. It didn’t damage the wall or wood door jam when we removed it either. It needs 2 batteries but they seem to last about 2 years so not a big hassle.

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellThese aren’t super pricey so expect what you pay for… according to the reviews some people have gotten defective doorbells. Frankly we have purchased 8 for our kids, & friends kids none have ever been an issue & none were defective.