Need Some Fire Truck Room Ideas?

These fab fire truck Themed rooms and accents are sure to give you some great ideas to do in your own kids rooms! Grab some accessories & have a blast making a custom wall or art piece for any kids space. Build a custom bed or just get some wicked wall decals to make their favorite theme pop.


Fire Truck Room Accessories

P'kolino Book Buggee Fire TruckP’kolino Book Buggee – Fire Truck

Do your kids drag their stuff all over the house? Ha…Of course they do! This fun little buggee makes it easier to move their precious cargo and look fabulous as a decor. This would look great sitting in the corner with a few plush animal as well. It’s just a fun piece to add to the space.

LA Rug Fire Engine RugLA Rug Fire Engine Rug 31″ x 47″

Play time is always a little more fun with a silly themed rug to sit on! It’s perfect for a themed room or just as a fab accent.

31″x47″ Made out of 100% Nylon with Latex backing.

Teamson Kids - Trains & Trucks Fire Engine Toy BoxTeamson Kids – Trains & Trucks Fire Engine Toy Box

This toy box not only stores all their junk, it looks amazing! It is definitely one of those great statement pieces to add to any kids room to make if feel like a real fire house. It Looks just like a bright red fire truck with fabulous details & even a dalmatian on the side.

Fire Truck Drawer KnobFire Truck Drawer Knobs

Transform even the most boring dresser or cabinet into something special with these custom drawer pulls. Perfect for any kids space!

If you have a black or white dresser then don’t forget the wall decals…they will really make that dresser feel custom.


Fire Truck Wall Decals

Fire Brigade Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Wall decals are fast & pain-free way to decorate a kids room. They are perfect for rentals & won’t damages the walls. You can add them to any flat smooth surface so don’t be afraid to trick out that trash can, headboard or even a desk or dresser! This set includes 22 wall decals and they are even made in the USA.



The Kids Room Fire Truck Blue Border Wall PlaqueThe Kids Room Fire Truck Blue Border Wall Plaque

All kids spaces need some art, this piece is ready to hang right out of the box & features cheerful colors that kids will adore. The cartoon-ish firetruck will delight kids and it makes the room feel more playful.



Fire Truck Vinyl Wall DecalFire Truck Vinyl Wall Decal

I love the simple look of the bright red fire truck….imagine how much a kid would love it! You can get this decal in other colors but I think red or black would be the only options. it measures 22″ tall by 63″ long so it’s perfect for over a bed or on an accent wall.


Levels of Discovery Firefighter Decor

Levels of Discovery Firefighter

If you are looking for tons of matching firefighter room accessories then the Levels of Discovery Firefighter is going to be perfect for you!

You can choose from a Fireman’s Table with Chairs, A fab Firefighter Toy Box Bench, a Fire Engine Rocker, a nifty Firefighter Revolving Bookcase, the Firefighter Clothestand Growth Chart, or the Handcrafted Coat Rat/Cork Board.

Each piece will be perfect in a fireman’s themed space or just as a stand alone accent. All are made of wood & super solid for active kids.

Looking for Some Great Inspiration?

These fab Camo Themed rooms are sure to give you some great ideas to do in your own kids rooms! Grab some accessories & have a blast making a custom wall or art piece for any kids space.

Camo Kids Room Accessories

Camo Kids HamperRedmon Original Bongo Bag

If you have kids you know they somehow actually produce more crap than you bought….I have a house of boys & it’s insane. The hampers are great for tossing lots of junk into….we use them for all the kids laundry & they fit nicely inside a small closet so I don’t have to see or smell (gag) their laundry until I want too!

All purpose bag to store dry cleaning, laundry, winter clothing, shoes, toys, crafts, sleeping bags…whatever you’d like. It has a sturdy frame, two convenient handles and a great camo design.

41VFSTzpsbLGive Them a Place to Flop! – Bean Bag Army Camouflage Chair

You can’t expect those kids to sit upright ALL day can you? These are great for kids spaces & make gaming a little more comfortable. For some reason kids like to watch their friends play video games & these are low so we can have spectator seating on the couch behind them. Yes, it’s that bad!

This unique bean bag chair is specially shaped to offer either a back-supporting pear shape or the familiar more round shape at your whim. It’s portable, so you can use it in your kids room at home or take it to the cabin on the river. This Camo Bean Bag Chair is incredibly sturdy, refillable and made in the USA.

Laundry Hamper - Green CamoJoJo Designs Baby and Kids Clothes Laundry Hamper – Green Camo Army Military Camouflage

If you have to look at a hamper then this one is pretty nice, plus it has that fold over flap to keep that fabulous boy funk contained.

Right off the bat, this Jojo Designs camo hamper has a removable mesh inner lining, so, yes, it’s a good thing. As for the look, it’s matches with their terrific camo bedding sets, so now, Jojo has found a way to make even the laundry look adorable. The collapsible wooden frame can be folded up for compact storage in a closet or the laundry room.

Green Camo Military Accent Floor RugGot Cold Feet? – Get a Green Camo Military Accent Floor Rug!

I really like these, even on carpet. The kids tend to do horrible, unspeakable things to my carpet…at least I can’t see the stains on this rug! Sure I’m in denial, but I can live with that.

From JoJo Designs, this Camo Green Military floor rug is made to match the JoJo Bedding Sets. This accent rug will be a great addition to your child’s camo themed room. Made from acrylic yarn, they have a non skid backing for safety, and lasting durability.

Neutral Risk Camo Wall Decals AppliquesNeed Some Cool Wall Art? Teenifexs Dangerous Camo Decals

Instant wall art, and it’s pretty cheap compared to buying real art.

What is it with teenagers…they love this stuff. This Neutral Risk/Camo self-adhesive Wall Sticker Set has 4 sheets, displayed in these photos, that can be placed in any fashion you desire. They are made of vinyl and are moveable with a self-adhesive backing, plus, very easy to clean.

Crazy Camo Indoor Ceiling FanIs it Stuffy in Here to You?

Look everyone wants a ceiling fan in their room, they are just awesome! Why not get them the one they really want? In 10 years if they get bored with this theme just take the blades off & give them a coat of black spray paint.

It’s really not possible to go overboard with camo…add a little Army style to your kids room with this camouflage ceiling fan.

Did I mention they come in pink too? Yea that’s awesome!

Crazy Camo Indoor Ceiling Fan pink

Camo bed and tentWant to be Parent of the Year?

Get Them a Twin Tent Loft w/ Slide Light Espresso Finish / Camo Tent


Holy crap, it’s a loft bed with a slide! Where was this when I was a kid…and why doesn’t it come in king size? My day would start much better if I had a slide, I’m sure of it.

Now this is a very cool piece of kids furniture. Taking up only the space of a twin-size bed, your kid can can get sleep, study and store lots of stuff this very well designed tent loft bunk. What great decor for your kid’s barracks.

Green Camo Window Treatment Panels by Sweet Jojo DesignsDoes the Sunlight Melt Your Kids?

They Need These Green Camo Window Treatment Panels

Green Camo Window Treatment Panels – Set of 2

Ok, curtains are kind of a “girl thing”, but these are thick & will keep those morning rays out…plus they are totally camo. So they get a cool pass.

As long as you’ve gotten this far with the camo room decor, take the next step with these JoJo Designs Window Panels. They go perfectly with JoJo children’s bedding sets to help complete the look and feel of the bedroom theme for your child. Includes 2 Long Window Panels – 42in. x 84in. each. Fits Standard Rods up to 1.5 inches in Diameter.

Contemporary Child Rocker Recliner ChairTime to Chill Out…

Duck Dynasty is on!

Contemporary Child Rocker Recliner – Camouflage

An absolutely fantastic piece of kid furniture,your kid will love this new Camouflage Rocker Recliner. Built for youngsters, this high-quality rocker recliner comes in a variety of kid-durable Camouflage Denim which makes cleaning up pizza and bread crumbs a snap. Recommended for children ages 2-9. Made in the U.S.A.



Army Men Room Accessories!

If you’re tricking out a kids military room or even a camo inspired room then army men are the perfect accent. They’re a classic staple in every kids life & these room accents are pure nostalgia.

NUOP Design Army Men Push Pins

NUOP Design GI Push PinsIf your kids hang posters or have a memo board then these push pins will surely be a fun accent to their room. You get a set of 5 different guys that act as regular thumb tacks. As an added bonus…none of their friends will have them!

Personally I’d get a couple sets of these guys to really fill out the memo board & make it feel custom.






Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2

Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2After you’ve finished reading Bravo Two Zero, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, End Game and Toy Story’s Mega Coloring-in Book, it’s time to put them pride of place on your bookshelf. So what better accompaniment than these two brilliant Soldier bookends?!

What sane person wouldn’t want these wicked bookends?! They are about 7.5″ tall & feature the classic look of the plastic army men…but they are made from resin. They cool little soldiers will keep those unruly books in order & standing up straight! This set includes both army guys shown. If you just need one bookend then get this guy Homeguard Soldier Book End will be perfect for you.

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-Pack

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-PackIf your kids are into warfare…or army guys then these wall decals are great for adding a little accent to their walls, furniture, windows, mirrors or even school stuff. These decals stick to anything that’s smooth. They come in 11 different colors & includes 15 army men ready for battle!

They’re easy to remove without damaging the surface so tricking out a room or locker will be super easy & fun!



Homeguard Soldier Door Stop

Army Man DoorstopHalt! This classic doorstop features a detailed army man in the stop position. He’s really good at holding doors open & making a statement! The original Home Guard consisted of volunteers who, during World War II were unable to go to war. Despite this they stood strong against the threat to peace and harmony at home. Like Dad’s Army these resin soldiers will dutifully stay behind, determined to keep domestic peace against the menace of slamming doors. He’s made of a plastic poly-resin & Measures 6.5 by 11 by 4.7-inchs.

Fire Fighter Room Accessories

Brothers make the best of friendsWhen decorating a Fire Fighter room the accessories can make or break the theme. It’s fun to buy everything right off the shelf but if you are feeling a bit more creative this fab display is easy to recreate! With a simple Brothers Make The Best Friends Wall Decal you bring in the classic firehouse motto with a fun family twist.

Next you’ll need a simple Black Shelf with Peg Hooks to make a cute little display & have something to hang the ladder on! You will of course need ladder to complete this look…we used a vintage one but you a use this Decorative Ladder & it will have the same effect.

Lastly you should use last seasons rain boots to add a little detail to the shelf along with a fun toy that matches the firemen theme. Your kids will adore this custom wall decor and you’ll love that you did it for less than $100! If your feeling super handy you could make the ladder or shelf & paint the saying on the wall.



P’kolino Monster Storage Bins

P'kolino Monster Under-the-bed StorageAre you looking for some fabulously cute kids storage solutions? The P’kolino Monster Under-the-bed Storage is perfect for storing all those toys & clothes right under the bed! These fab monsters come in 3 colors Pink, Blue & Green & each one has a not so scary monster face. According to my kids these things keep the real monster away..Sweet we solved to problems!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Sized right for toddles and their favorite things like toys, shoes, books and much more!
  • Now having a Monster under your bed is a good thing!
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)

P’kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage Bins

P'kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage BinIf you like storing stuff in cubes then these charming little Monsters are perfect for your kids! You get to choose from three different colors Pink, Green or Blue & they make storing toys look stylish!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Fits most standard cube shelves.
  • Large storage for quick clean ups!
  • Easy to use square shape
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)







Girl’s Playhouse Pink Princess Castle Play Tent

Pink Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentTired of the kids being attached to electronics? Get them a Pink Princess Castle Play Tent that will let their imagination run wild! It’s a known fact that all kids love play tents & forts so why not get them the coolest pink princess castle in all the land!? It’s great for rainy days inside or just leave it up all the time as part of your princesses decor.

This durable tent is made just for kids so it’s nice & sturdy for years of hard kid play. It’s geared for kids age 3 & up but I don’t see any small parts so with younger kids playing in it make sure they are supervised…I would think climbing would be the only issue.

It features a two tone pink design that girls will adore, with small hearts & stars covering the bottom half of the tent. it comes with a floor so it’s Ok to take outside on nice days (I wouldn’t leave it outside permanently), it sets up in about 2 minutes & easily pops apart to store…it even comes with a carrying case to store it in. It has a front door/flap that can be closed with Velcro and two back “windows” to look out of.

Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentThese are great to have around the house for grand kids, or other family with little takes up very little storage space when not in use & small kids LOVE to camp in this thing. We have the circus tent version & the kids like to set it up for movie night & watch from inside the tent like they are at the drive in…it’s hilarious.


DIY Fireman’s Coat Rack

DIY Firemen's Coat RackWhat kid wouldn’t want a Fireman’s Coat Rack? Using some pipes & knobs you can make a one of a kind coat rack in your kids room. There are no rules here, so do what you like, be sure to include the kids in the project. Plan on heading to the hardware store with this photo in hand. You will be laying these all out on the floor to make the right configuration for your kids space.

The black pipe shown is spray painted copper pipe, the rest is all stock parts from Home Depot (Lowe’s or Menard’s would have this too). If you don’t have a pipe cutter (about $7) they will cut it for you at the store. You will need to plan this out before getting there so you have measurements if they are doing the cutting.

Build a Firefighter Loft Bed!

Build the Kid a Loft bed!Want something special in your kids room? Building them their very own Firefighter Loft Bed is certainly custom, plus it’s a great project for the kids to “help” with.This design features rails at the top to keep the kids from rolling out & a playhouse like area below that would easily house a desk or some bean bag chairs for lounging. The directions are very straight forward. This design can easily be modified to be a regular loft bed, just change the color scheme & lose the triangle house steeple above the entry. This also make it easy to repaint & change the theme when the kids get tired of fire trucks.

DIY Firefighter Loft Bed Instructions

Firefighter Loft Bed Shopping List-

  • 14 – 1×3 Boards @ 8 feet long
  • 3 – 1×8 @ 8 feet long
  • 10 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
  • 2 – 1×6 @ 8 feet long
  • 1 – 1×4 @ 10 feet long
  • 1 – sheet 3/4″ plywood, 8’x4
  • slats not accounted for in cut list
  • 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ screws (about 50) for assembly
  • 2 inch screws
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails
  • 2 inch finish nails
  • 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • wood glue
  • wood filler


Time to Fix Up the Camo Themed Windows!

JoJo Designs Window ValanceBuy It Here!
Once you have the bedding down you might want to spruce up those boring windows a bit, full on curtains are a little girly but this window valance will fit in a manly kids room.

These window dressings from JoJo Designs goes perfect with many of the other kids room decor in this collection. Will fit most standard windows and are a great finishing touch to the camo themed kid’s room.

Check out the local Army surplus store first!

army lampWhile it’s easy to just buy all that new decor from someplace like Amazon you should check out the used gear at an Army surplus store first.

  • A used helmet will look wicked on a shelf.
  • Fill some army boots with concrete & make some killer bookends!
  • Vintage Ammo Boxes are great for creative storage
  • Even a Beat Up Old Footlocker for a toy box would be cool.
  • A worn flag gets a new life on your kids wall…or get some new ones, they are dirt cheap! Army or US Flag.
  • The Camo Netting looks amazing on the walls & over the tops of windows
  • And lets face it what kid wouldn’t want a decommissioned bomb on their wall?
  • Or get creative & make an army helmet & ammo box lamp…you know you want one!

Basically go buy some old beat up Army junk & give it a new life. The kids will have a blast making their own room accessories.

Kids Camo Room Accessories

Every camo themed kids room need a few extra pieces to really make the theme pop, a nice wall plaque, netting or even a camo teddy bear are sure to do the trick!

Kids Army Camo Ammo Tin - Toy Box, US Army StyleKids Army Camo Ammo Tin – Toy Box, US Army StyleBuy It!

Build-A-Bear Workshop 15 in. Camo Bear Plush Stuffed AnimalBuild-A-Bear Workshop 15 in. Camo Bear Plush Stuffed AnimalBuy It!

Toybox Locked Storage Trunk - Real Tree CamoToybox Locked Storage Trunk – Real Tree CamoBuy It!

Awesome Army Camouflage Curtain for Boys!Awesome Army Camouflage Curtain for Boys!Buy It!

Camoflague Outlet CoverCamoflague Outlet CoverBuy It!

Personalized Military Camo Name Sign Wall Décor DecalPersonalized Military Camo Name Sign Wall Décor DecalBuy It!

Outrageous Guitar Room Accessories

Once you pick a groovy bedroom design all you need is a few well placed accessories to make your guitar theme pop. An outrageous guitar wall hanger that looks like a hand, a wicked wall decal or even a well place trinket box with the perfect fretboard feel.

Rock Guitar Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalRock Guitar Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalBuy It!

Hendrix Guitars Removable Panoramic Wall MuralHendrix Guitars Removable Panoramic Wall MuralBuy It!

Peavey Maple Accessory BoxPeavey Maple Accessory BoxBuy It!

Grip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar GripGrip Studios Metal Mayhem Custom Guitar GripBuy It!

Guitar Bedding Sets for Kids & Teens

Nothing changes the feel of a bedroom quite like a new bedding set. Transition your little kids into a tween or teen with this fabulous guitar themed bedding. You little rock star will actually crack a smile…maybe.

Thro by Marlo Lorenz Full/Queen Guitar BeddingThro by Marlo Lorenz Full/Queen Guitar BeddingBuy It!

Red Black Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenRed Black Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenBuy It!

Grey Red Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenGrey Red Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenBuy It!

Grey Red Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenGrey Red Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/QueenBuy It!

Gray & Purple Plaid Guitar Rockstar Full / Queen Comforter SetGray & Purple Plaid Guitar Rockstar Full / Queen Comforter SetBuy It!

Oopsy Daisy Exotic Flowers Night Light

These come in an adorable gift box that allows you to wish sweet dreams to your favorite child. The mini canvas is mounted through the wood to the night light base. A 5-Watt bulb (included) and on/off switch, ensures soft light when you want it. When the night light is no longer needed, we suggest repurposing the night light by unscrewing the base and placing the art piece on a shelf.

Oopsy Daisy Exotic Flowers Night LightOopsy Daisy Exotic Flowers Night LightBuy It!

Danielle’s Daisies Purple Childrens Bedding 3pc Full / Queen

Danielle’s Daisies 3 pc. Queen Bedding Ensemble has all that your little one will need. Let the little lady in your home drift off to sleep on this enchanting set. Bright and Lively, the Girl Power Set will brighten any room. The comforter features a gorgeous lavender center with darker purple border all made with 100% cotton fabric. It is adorned with multicolor 3D bright daisy flowers in all different colors.

Danielle's Daisies Purple Childrens Bedding 3pc Full / QueenDanielle’s Daisies Purple Childrens Bedding 3pc Full / QueenBuy It!

Coaster Kid’s GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

This is operation maximum camo cool for kids! If your kids decor needs a re-do, check out this Kid’s Twin Size GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent. Crafted in sturdy steel tubing and styled to an Army theme, this bunk bed comes complete with side ladder, underneath tent and fun slide. This bunk bed is perfect for army camouflage style fun and games for your kids. Built to last many years, this bed is the perfect creative addition to any children’s bedroom. Bed mattress is sold separately.

Coaster Kid's GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and TentCoaster Kid’s GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and TentBuy It!

Awesome Fire Truck Bedding Sets

Your pint sized fir fighter will love these bedding sets adore in bright red trucks, fun patterns & classic designs. Just add a few pillows, a snazzy rug, Fire truck wall art & you have a total room makeover!

Cotton Fire Truck Twin Quilt with Pillow ShamCotton Fire Truck Twin Quilt with Pillow ShamBuy It!

Frankie's Fire Truck Childrens Bedding 3pcFrankie’s Fire Truck Childrens Bedding 3pcBuy It!

Fireman Fire Truck Kids Boys Quilt BeddingFireman Fire Truck Kids Boys Quilt BeddingBuy It!

Sesame Street Fire Department 4 Piece SetSesame Street Fire Department 4 Piece SetBuy It!

Kids Heroes 5-Piece Full/Queen Quilt SetKids Heroes 5-Piece Full/Queen Quilt SetBuy It!

JoJo Designs 5-Piece Toddler Bedding SetJoJo Designs 5-Piece Toddler Bedding SetBuy It!

Rocket & Space Room Decor

Once your kids pick a theme the fun part begins…finding all those adorable accessories that will make they room spectacular. The swanky chair, groovy bookends or even a ridiculously cool light fixture! Skys the limit on this rocket themed decor…literally!

Munch Wall Decor, Space ShipMunch Wall Decor, Space ShipBuy It!

Cool Astronaut Globe Bookends Book Ends Space NASACool Astronaut Globe Bookends Book Ends Space NASABuy It!

Kids Only Toy Story Rocket Table SetKids Only Toy Story Rocket Table SetBuy It!

Niermann Standby Pendant LampNiermann Standby Pendant LampBuy It!

Munch Wall Decor, Rocket ShipMunch Wall Decor, Rocket ShipBuy It!

Blue Vinyl Kids Swivel Chair Rocket Space Age Design Adorable FurnitureBlue Vinyl Kids Swivel Chair Rocket Space Age Design Adorable FurnitureBuy It!