Fire Fighter Room Accessories

Brothers make the best of friendsWhen decorating a Fire Fighter room the accessories can make or break the theme. It’s fun to buy everything right off the shelf but if you are feeling a bit more creative this fab display is easy to recreate! With a simple Brothers Make The Best Friends Wall Decal you bring in the classic firehouse motto with a fun family twist.

Next you’ll need a simple Black Shelf with Peg Hooks to make a cute little display & have something to hang the ladder on! You will of course need ladder to complete this look…we used a vintage one but you a use this Decorative Ladder & it will have the same effect.

Lastly you should use last seasons rain boots to add a little detail to the shelf along with a fun toy that matches the firemen theme. Your kids will adore this custom wall decor and you’ll love that you did it for less than $100! If your feeling super handy you could make the ladder or shelf & paint the saying on the wall.



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