DIY Superhero Kids Room Ideas

Superhero Wall DecalGet a Crazy Big Decal!

If you aren’t the super artistic type then you should seriously think about a large wall decal. You get all the joy of a mural with almost no effort. You can go with a subtle 18’x18″ or all the way up to a 48″x48″ size on this one…the large one is amazing! What better way to trick out a way than with a enormous wall decal? I really like the neutral non specific super hero in it as well.



Superhero Kids DIY LampRevamp a Cruddy Old Lamp!

Everyone has a couple outdated tacky lamps hanging around…turn them into super hero masterpieces! This girl even found glow in the dark hot glue to add the new fabric so it also Glows…nice touch.

Get The Directions Here!



Kapow bam pow Zap Wall StencilsAdd Some Character! – Kapow Bam Pow Zap

These aren’t decals, these are paint by number stencils so you can easily add some comic book style to the walls, dressers, desktop or even make canvas art.

Get them Here



Superhero wall muralWant to Paint a Mural?

The thought of painting a wall mural is not only scary but a bit stressful! However this is a paint by number wall mural Stencil…which means it will look outrageous & be super easy to do. Simply trace the design on the wall & fill in the numbers!

You Can Buy It Here



DIY Superhero Play HouseDIY Superhero Play House

This is not a doll house…this is a sophisticated establishment for professional crime fighters. No Polly Pockets Allowed.

I love the design, how it functions & the fact that it opens…but I would have to trick this out with some bright primary colors!

Get Directions here!


Cici Art Factory SuperheroGet Real Art!

Posters are great but an image on canvas looks really finished & makes the room look like a designer did it! This one is a respectable 16″ x 16″ & features a whimsical cityscape with a crime fighter with cat.

You can get this here!



DIY Superhero Skyline ChalkboardDIY Superhero Skyline Chalkboard

The skylines are perfect for this room theme, add in a chalkboard & you’ve made a kids day! Not only can this be the perfect backdrop for crime fighting action hero play…but it really ties the room together.

Get the Directions Here!




Flash DIY Kids DeskMake an old desk Pop!

Will a little bit of time you can paint out an old junk desk & add a large cool logo decal right to the top! Sure this one is featuring a Flash themed Decal, but you can paint a desk green for the Green Lantern, or even black for Batman.

If you need matching Superhero Drawer Pulls then Etsy will be your choice for a handmade look. You get tons of options with this seller & they look fabulous!



DIY Superhero Backlit Canvas Kids ArtDIY Superhero Backlit Canvas Kids Art

Forget the night lights, make some groovy light up wall art with a superhero theme. These are great for just about any of the characters, & will really make that theme come alive!

Get the Directions Here!



Superman Kids RoomEmergency Rescue?

Yep pint sized super heroes need to be ready for action & this fabulous case will display your kids favorite super hero costume!  you can get a real “In case of Emergency” wall case or go with a Medicine cabinet.





Superhero DresserTrick out a Superhero Dresser!

All you need is some paint & a few wall decals or stencils to make this fab dresser. You can pick a theme or mix up your kids favorite characters. If you take the Decals to a paint store or Home Depot they can match the colors so you will have the perfect Superman blue or Spider-man Red.

Get a Growth Chart!Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids Comic Adventures Growth Chart by Holli Conger

I love this one, it’s not hero specific yet has that classic comic vibe. You can Either buy this one or get creative & make your own! It’s made by Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids, and titled Comic Adventures Growth Chart by artist Holli Conger. It measures 12 by 42-Inch tall.





Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the UndeadIf you’re like me then you need some cool activities to do with boys! The bracelet kits, beading toys & typical crafting kits on how to make a fluffy pink bunnies just won’t fly around here. My boys are all about blood, grossness & zombies…which makes this craft book awesome! You can make some pretty twisted designs with this book…and the my teens Love it! You can pick from 16 designs that are fairly simple but time consuming…making them great little projects! They aren’t very “cute” but with those dangling eyes & missing limbs who wouldn’t think they are charming?!

Classic Zombie Feltie DIYThe book is pretty straight forward so you won’t be guessing, which is nice. The patterns are laid out in an easy to follow format with traceable designs. We had a good stash of random buttons, beads & felt already so we didn’t need to buy much…however if you have nothing then you will need to get supplies. The end result are a bunch of very small awesome looking zombies. Attention to detail & following directions is a must to get these guys looking their best but they are totally worth the effort. If you giving the book to a non crafty person I’d add in a bunch of supplies to get them going.

Felt Zombie DIYSo if you looking for some fun rainy day projects to do with tweens – adults this book will certainly give you some fun ideas & you’ll end up with a fun undead reminder of your cool day!

Get your very own copy of this book here!

DIY Basketball Themed Trash Can

DIY Basketball Waste BasketThis is a super simple project even non crafty people can handle. It’s also a fairly cheap project that can be as cheap as $30 total.

You will need

You will literally just tape the mesh net around the ring of the waste basket. You may want a helper for this so you can keep the net even. The entire project should take about 10 minutes.

End result? A custom basketball room accessory even adults will love!

Looking for Some Great Inspiration?

These fab Ninja Turtle rooms are sure to give you some great ideas to do in your own kids rooms! Grab some accessories & have a blast making a custom wall or art piece for any kids space.

DIY Kids Super Hero Lamps

A staple in all kids room are the lamps. And while that cute pastel lamp with the teddy bear on it worked when your kiddo was a baby, it’s now time to upgrade to something cooler.

DIY Action Figure lampDIY Action Figure Lamp

I love the idea of taking old ratty action figures & making them into a fabulously cool lamp. I’m sure you can find tons of these at thrift shops, garage sales or in the bottom of the kids toy box. A couple dozen well placed heroes will make this lamp rock!

You’ll need:

  • Lamp with a small or medium-sized base
  • Shade
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic toys (40-50 is best)
  • Spray paint (optional)

Get Directions Here!

Handmade Superhero LampshadeHandmade Superhero Lampshade

With this project all you need is a bit of Mod Podge, a Lamp Shade, Super Hero Fabric and either a regular Lamp Base or a Pendant.

  • Make the template: Tape one edge of the paper to the seam on the lampshade. (you might need to piece several sheets of paper together). Wrap the paper around the lampshade and secure with tape. Using a pencil trace along the top and bottom edge of the shade. Cut along the pencil lines.
  • Pin the template to your ironed fabric (trust me you want this ironed!). Cut around the template leaving a 1” border around all sides. Iron one side seam edge back 1”.
  • Apply Fabric Mod Podge to the lampshade. Line up the non-ironed edge of the fabric with the seam on the lampshade. You should have a 1” over hang on the top and bottom. Wrap the fabric around the shade. Apply more Mod Podge to the edge that is ironed-over and press against the lampshade to secure.
  • Using Mod Podge, glue the 1” overhang to the top and bottom inside of the shade.
  • Attach a band of rim around the lampshade with hot glue.

DIY Super Hero Lamp ShadesDIY Super Hero Lamp Shades

Turn a boring lamp into custom super hero awesomeness with just a plain lamp & a pre-made applique! This is a project for people with just about no DIY skills.

You will need

You can add just like shown or you can add several & make it an action packed DC Comics Iron on Patch  Batman WHAMshade. Just be mindful of the sizes because some of the patches are tiny & some are huge. You can find just about any Action Hero Applique Here.

Basically you will be using the glue gun to glue the appliques onto the shade.

You can paint the lamp base in a solid primary color with a can of spray paint if it doesn’t match your theme. Also replacement lampshades are pretty affordable at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. If you are unsure of which size shade go ahead and buy the appliques you want, take them to the store and work out what you need right in the isle.

DIY Batman LampDIY Batman Lamp

With this fun project you will need to break out some tools but you won’t spend much cash. While this guy uses the batman logo you can use any action hero you like with the same result.

You can find the full directions here.

DIY Batman Bedside LampDIY Batman Bedside Lamp

This lamp is super simple to make it’s basically a work light with a mask on the front.

  • You’ll need a shop light or use what I am a Stick Up Light that uses batteries…far safer & no cord. They come in a three pack so I may just add 3 action heros!
  • Fluorescent bulb…the standard bulbs will get too hot. (not needed for stick up lights)
  • Mask of you favorite hero, Personally I’m going with Iron Man, Spider-man, and The Hulk on this project. Having that light up eyes really suits these guys.Super Hero Masks

The result will be something like this. Be mindful of the half face masks, they won’t work well on this project.

You can find the full directions here.


DIY Super Hero Canvas Art

DIY Super Hero Canvas ArtMake a huge statement with this super spiffy super hero wall art. This one is great for the DIY maven or just the geek with a mission. You will need

  • Canvases – One Large and Three Small (this one featured used a 16 x 20″ and three 5 x 7″) FYI It’s cheaper to buy a 5 pack than individual canvases.
  • Craft Cuts wood letters – The “Luckiest Guy” font in 1/8″ thickness, 3″ tall
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Comic books, This cool lot with give you 25 random comics from the 90’s and range between $7.50 & $15. Perfect for this type of project.
  • Acrylic paint – black, yellow, red, blue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape

This is a pretty simple project with a huge impact, so take your time and have fun! Since you already have the supplies think of how you can trick out a headboard, mirror or dresser in the exact same way!

You can find all the directions here

DIY Super Hero Kids Room

superhero-pillowDIY Comic Style Kids Pillow

If you’re handy with a sewing machine then you will love this creative super hero kids project! It’s a custom comic book style pillow with piping & a crazy cute look. Personally I think this is adorable, but I am helpless with a sewing machine.

Get Directions Here!



Wooden letters for boys Update the Old Nursery Lettering!

Did you buy cute little pastel letters when your son or daughter were born? Well they need a makeover…comic book style! This great tutorial is going to make those plain letters feel totally custom. It’s super easy & a makes for a quick project.

Get Directions Here!


DIY Boys Room Decor Superhero SignMake Some Custom Art!

This groovy piece of art can be made with either cut out paper or material…it’s pretty cute & sure to be a big hit with big brothers!

Get The Directions Here



DIY LampRevamp a Cruddy Old Lamp!

Everyone has a couple outdated tacky lamps hanging around…turn them into super hero masterpieces! This girl even found glow in the dark hot glue to add the new fabric so it also Glows…nice touch.

Get The Directions Here!





superhero artCrazy Cute Wall Art!

All you need is a little time & a great silhouette to make this fab piece of artwork! I love that there are literally a million ways this could turn out just by changing up the paper or silhouette.

Find the Tutorial Here





Super Hero NewsMake a Cool Newspaper Article!


With a little creativity & a $3 print from Staples you can make this spectacular effect featuring your own kids! If your going to go custom…go all the way. Write a super special article just for your kid and feature them in the headlines…what kid wouldn’t love that?!

Get Directions Here!





Super Hero Valance 2 Super Hero ValanceMake a Valance!


These are so adorable I almost can’t control myself! The super mom that made these included a link to her pattern she used so I have that listed below. She designed the logos herself & OMG, way better than anything from the Store!

See the Finished Valances Here

Find the Pattern Here

Fire Fighter Room Accessories

Brothers make the best of friendsWhen decorating a Fire Fighter room the accessories can make or break the theme. It’s fun to buy everything right off the shelf but if you are feeling a bit more creative this fab display is easy to recreate! With a simple Brothers Make The Best Friends Wall Decal you bring in the classic firehouse motto with a fun family twist.

Next you’ll need a simple Black Shelf with Peg Hooks to make a cute little display & have something to hang the ladder on! You will of course need ladder to complete this look…we used a vintage one but you a use this Decorative Ladder & it will have the same effect.

Lastly you should use last seasons rain boots to add a little detail to the shelf along with a fun toy that matches the firemen theme. Your kids will adore this custom wall decor and you’ll love that you did it for less than $100! If your feeling super handy you could make the ladder or shelf & paint the saying on the wall.



DIY Dinosaur Bookcase

Dinosaur bookcaseSo you want a fun DIY project with a dinosaur theme? This is certainly one for you! This dinosaur bookcase is nothing short of fantastic and the kids will flip out over it!

You will need to be a bit handy to make this dinosaur bookcase, you’ll need a few tools & a decent workspace/garage to spread out & create. the plans are fairly simple…as long as you can operate a jigsaw you’ll be fine.

You can find the full directions here

If you kids are into dinosaurs this is the perfect addition to a themed bedroom. Kids always need extra storage space, why not make them something insanely cool?!


DIY Kids Race Car Lamp Makeover

On the Road AgainI just love the simplicity of this fun kids design. This race car lamp could easily be adorned with trains, boats, trucks, construction equipment or even Legos & themed Lego mini figures will work with this project.

You can find the directions Here, It’s pretty easy project all you need is some toys, lampshade, glue gun & imagination! Perfect for tricking out a themed room or just a fun way to display one of the many things your kids like…this month.

These kinds of DIY project are great for a rainy day or fun bonding project with the kids. Get them involved & let them help out!

DIY Custom Baseball Letters

DIY Baseball DecorDesign your own Baseball Art!Nothing says a custom sports room quite like personalized letters. These go a step further & actually turn a bat into part of the nameplate…what kid wouldn’t love that? This is a fun project to do with the kids, you just need some basic tools.

All you need for this project is a little paint, a few letters, an old wooden bat and some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a Wooden Baseball Bat, I suggest getting a cheap one. Even used would be totally fine for this project. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS Set has everything & the colors are vibrant. You’ll notice that baseballs have sharp red stitch lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Red Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it. You’ll also need some wooden letters, These letters are pretty classy.

Once you get the letters painted you should screw the letters to the bat…I recommend pre-drilling the holes so the wood doesn’t split. Then touch up the screw heads with paint!

The end results is a cool baseball themed decor piece for your kids space.


DIY How to Make a Kids Play Tent

Kids love being creative & play tents are Awesome for pretend play! Whether you are looking for a simple no sew solution or a full on crafty project you can find some cool ideas that you & the kids can build together. We have a bunch of different options that can be indoors, outdoors or even as a permanent part of your kids room or play space. Personally I love the tipis but with a house full of boys you tend to lean with the crowd!

Get the kids off the couch & away from the TV with these creative projects the whole family can get involved with!

Are you ready to get started? Go find the kids & pick a project!


Make a Reading Teepee!

Make a Reading Teepee!I really like the idea of this for older kids. the design look pretty fantastic & it’s nice to make something for the bigger kids every now & then. You can make this of inside the house in a quiet area or even in the backyard for their own sanctuary. Kids love their own space & it will get them away from the TV!

There a fun DIY tutorial on the link below, plan on a couple of hours & make the kids help a little. it will be a blast! You can go nuts with the material so it can match any kids space or style, personality. I adore the crazy patterns like chevron or polka dots….but you pick what you like!

Get the Directions Here


Make Your Kid Their Very Own Play Teepee!

Make Your Kid Their Very Own Play Teepee!This adorable play tent will need a bit of sewing, nothing fancy just straight lines! The total cost for parts is about $20 (unless you scavenge around the house for old stuff), Making this project much cheaper than store-bought variety. Per the directions it will take about 3-4 hours to build this.

Depending on what sheets you use this can go for either gender & be pretty customized. We have one similar to this that stays up all the time downstairs so the kids always have access to it. It’s a bit big for their rooms (we have double occupancy around here) but if you only had one kiddo per room you might find it more doable for your family.

Get the directions here!

DIY Girly Play Nook

DIY Girls Play NookIt’s Fabulous!

If you have girly girls then this is one of those things they will flat-out adore! It is a no sew project & the hardest part is installing the bar on the ceiling. This will be a permanent install so you will need to find a groovy corner in the kids room or play room before getting started.

This one requires lots of imagination & can really be decked out to match your kids personal style & taste. Go with solid colors, a fun theme or an eclectic mess! You’ll want the kids in on this project because they get to pick out the parts. I also recommend some white twinkle lights or theme light strands to help create this relaxation nook.

Get the Directions Here!

Two Little Hooligans Play Tent

Two Little Hooligans Play TentThis is a fun canopy tent that can be easily move around so on nice days to can take it outside for the kids. You could also mount this permanently in your kids space. If you live in an area with nicer weather you could leave this out in a special spot in the yard all summer. It doesn’t take up much room & looks adorable.

You will need to do some sewing for this design. The design is flexible since you are using sheets so make a boy theme is as simple as buying different sheets. I’m sure most of us have all these parts lying around the house being unused…so go dig up some stuff before heading to the store. DYI projects are always better when they are almost free!

Get the Directions Here!

No Sew Kids Play Tent!

No Sew Kids Play Tent!This one is not only simple it’s flipping adorable!

Much of this project is going to be spent decorating your kids new tent. Plan on the kids getting really involved with this, use lots of bright colors & if you can have someone handy with a camera because this is going to be messy & fun! Defiantly a project for the old scrapbook. You’ll need acrylic paint, felt or fabric markers to trick out the tent.

Get the directions here!


DIY Fort Kit Gift!

DIY Fort Kit Gift!Make one for their friends too!

This isn’t really much of a thing for you to build, this is a thing to give as a gift! It’s full directions on how to make a kits DIY fort kit for about $13. It’s perfect for any kid & of course you can be creative & go with either gender on this project. Action heroes or My little pony…just find the right sheets to match the theme you want!

Basically the kit comes with everything a kid will need to make their own fort & use lots of imagination. This is definitely on my must do list for the next kids party I go to!

Get the Directions Here!

Create a Custom Bed Tent!

canopy-bed-tentOk, this one is so easy it would be a shame not to try it! All you basically need is a couple of window panels & an embroidery hoop (there are a few more little parts too)! This could easily go around the bed or even make a reading nook with a chair inside it. No kid will be able to resist the cuteness of this fun craft project!

No sewing needed on this one & the skill level is super easy. The kids will have fun helping on this project. you should be able to do the entire thing in an hour.

Get the directions here!




Kids Reading or Play Tent

Kids Reading or Play TentThis fun project takes about an hour & can be made for less than $20. I assure you the kids will get plenty of happiness out of this project. The site features a full PDF of the instructions so you will be able to get going pretty quickly.

This will be something you keep up all the time in the kids room, it’s really a cute idea! However if you just want to break it out for special days them it can fold up easily & be stored under a bed. Either way it’s adorable.

Get the directions here!



DIY Clothesline Play Tent

DIY Clothesline Play TentThis is the ideal solution for those parents like me that simple gets tired of the house looking like a war zone. This super witty mom installed a retractable clothes line in her kids play room & when they need a fort fix she can just toss in some sheets!

She went thru lots of trial & error so be sure to check out her directions before heading to the store.

Get Directions Here

Girl’s Dreamy Teepee

Girl's Dreamy TeepeeThis could be the most adorable frilly girls tent I have ever seen…infinity. First the possibilities on the colors are endless & second OMG it’s so fluffy! You will definitely want to keep this inside most of the time & frankly I don’t see how you could not leave it out in the room all the time. It’s just so fabulous.

As you can imagine this is a sewing project & it’s going to take some time. This is totally worth every second of effort & beyond cute!

Get the Directions Right Here!

Simple Play Tents

DIY Simple Play TentsKids aren’t that picky…at least not when it comes to tents! This swanky little tent is great as it is or can have a sheet tossed over it. Just find some fabulous material & your well on your way to parent of the year! (yeah, play tents are really that cool.)

This is a sewing project so you should plan on a bit of effort…but it’s a pretty quick project.

Get Directions Here!

DIY Classic A Frame Play Tent

DIY A Frame TentThis cute little play tent is perfect for smaller kids, you can make an entire little set up in there!

The design is pretty simple & it’s fairly easy to make. You just need some fabric & wood for this project. This one can go for either boys or girls, if you have both then go neutral on the color scheme.

Get Directions Here


PVC Mega Fort

PVC Mega FortThis is one of those projects that you can either do simple or go all out & sew up the “tent” to make it look super finished.

The basic materials cost about $25. This tent will be great for active kids that are often running around. You could also leave the PVC base outside & just take the tent skins out on nice days. Skys the limit on this fun design.

FYI if you are going to be sewing this then buy some mesh & sew in some windows, kids gotta have windows!

Get Directions Here

No Sew Kids Teepee

No Sew Kids TeepeeNeed a super simple kid play tent? Want something fabulous on a tight budget? This is the perfect DIY project for you & the kids, it’s simple, cheap & looks amazing!

You can make this spiffy little nook for under $30 & it’s no sew! This is the perfect solution to wanting great design & being on a budget. The end result is simply adorable. Swap the colors out to make a boys version!

Get Directions Here!




DIY Drop Cloth Play Tent

DIY Drop Cloth Play TentEven Lowe’s is getting in on this tent building craze! You can not only find these free directions handy but they also have a complete part list with all the proper part names…always good when going to the store!

This is a fairly simple design that will fold totally flat when the kids aren’t playing with it. But be a little creative & get some paint on that drop cloth!

Get the directions Here


Kids Bedding Sets in Popular TV & Movie Characters -

DIY Create a Custom Surfer Sign

DIY Surfboards SignYou can get a little crafty & make a groovy surfboard sign for the kids room. The easy to follow directions are Listed right here. It’s pretty easy to make this one. All you need is a board, some paint & a printer.The directions are super easy to follow & will a bit of time you will have a sign just like this!

You can make these custom signs for about any theme & even with the kids names. Stick with the classic beach colors like sea foam green, aqua, blue or even stripes.

DIY Fireman’s Coat Rack

DIY Firemen's Coat RackWhat kid wouldn’t want a Fireman’s Coat Rack? Using some pipes & knobs you can make a one of a kind coat rack in your kids room. There are no rules here, so do what you like, be sure to include the kids in the project. Plan on heading to the hardware store with this photo in hand. You will be laying these all out on the floor to make the right configuration for your kids space.

The black pipe shown is spray painted copper pipe, the rest is all stock parts from Home Depot (Lowe’s or Menard’s would have this too). If you don’t have a pipe cutter (about $7) they will cut it for you at the store. You will need to plan this out before getting there so you have measurements if they are doing the cutting.

Build a Firefighter Loft Bed!

Build the Kid a Loft bed!Want something special in your kids room? Building them their very own Firefighter Loft Bed is certainly custom, plus it’s a great project for the kids to “help” with.This design features rails at the top to keep the kids from rolling out & a playhouse like area below that would easily house a desk or some bean bag chairs for lounging. The directions are very straight forward. This design can easily be modified to be a regular loft bed, just change the color scheme & lose the triangle house steeple above the entry. This also make it easy to repaint & change the theme when the kids get tired of fire trucks.

DIY Firefighter Loft Bed Instructions

Firefighter Loft Bed Shopping List-

  • 14 – 1×3 Boards @ 8 feet long
  • 3 – 1×8 @ 8 feet long
  • 10 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
  • 2 – 1×6 @ 8 feet long
  • 1 – 1×4 @ 10 feet long
  • 1 – sheet 3/4″ plywood, 8’x4
  • slats not accounted for in cut list
  • 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ screws (about 50) for assembly
  • 2 inch screws
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails
  • 2 inch finish nails
  • 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • wood glue
  • wood filler


Make Your Very Own Monster Dresser!

Monster DresserThis project is fun, you just need some paint & an old dresser! You’ll want to paint the base in a bright sully blue. Simply take anything with the character on it to the paint store & they can match the color. Then you can either use a circle stencil to paint the dots or use some circle wall decals. The drawer pulls simply get painted to match the purple.

You don’t have to stop at the dresser. You can also make green mike a headboard with a big eye or matching night stand. The round stencils are all you will need to make a custom Mike Wazowski piece of inc

Since you have the paint & stencils out I would also make a lampshade. Be sure to send us pictures and we will feature your makeover!


Custom Ninja Turtle Art Rocks!

Ninja Turtle ArtDesign your own Ninja Turtle Art! All you need for this project is a little paint, 4 canvases & some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a 6″ x 12″ canvas for this project. Four of these will be under $25 so it’s not a huge investment in cash. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS set has everything & the colors are vibrant…however you will need to mix the colors to get orange and purple (super easy). You’ll notice that cartoons have sharp black lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Black Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it.

I suggest getting a coloring book with some fab faces or find some images online & simply blow up & print the images. Them use tracing paper to transfer the image to the canvas.

DIY Super Hero Loft Bed

It’s possible that this is the coolest bed for boys…EVER! First it’s a loft bed with a hidden roon underneath it…awesome. Second it has a slide, that’s right a slide! Third it’s totally tricked out in a batman theme. Classy.

Once you add the skyline scene you could really make this into any character theme…or even add several. Most wall decals would stick fine to the side of this as long as the surface is smooth.

Get the Directions Here