Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the UndeadIf you’re like me then you need some cool activities to do with boys! The bracelet kits, beading toys & typical crafting kits on how to make a fluffy pink bunnies just won’t fly around here. My boys are all about blood, grossness & zombies…which makes this craft book awesome! You can make some pretty twisted designs with this book…and the my teens Love it! You can pick from 16 designs that are fairly simple but time consuming…making them great little projects! They aren’t very “cute” but with those dangling eyes & missing limbs who wouldn’t think they are charming?!

Classic Zombie Feltie DIYThe book is pretty straight forward so you won’t be guessing, which is nice. The patterns are laid out in an easy to follow format with traceable designs. We had a good stash of random buttons, beads & felt already so we didn’t need to buy much…however if you have nothing then you will need to get supplies. The end result are a bunch of very small awesome looking zombies. Attention to detail & following directions is a must to get these guys looking their best but they are totally worth the effort. If you giving the book to a non crafty person I’d add in a bunch of supplies to get them going.

Felt Zombie DIYSo if you looking for some fun rainy day projects to do with tweens – adults this book will certainly give you some fun ideas & you’ll end up with a fun undead reminder of your cool day!

Get your very own copy of this book here!

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