Custom Ninja Turtle Art Rocks!

Ninja Turtle ArtDesign your own Ninja Turtle Art! All you need for this project is a little paint, 4 canvases & some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a 6″ x 12″ canvas for this project. Four of these will be under $25 so it’s not a huge investment in cash. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS set has everything & the colors are vibrant…however you will need to mix the colors to get orange and purple (super easy). You’ll notice that cartoons have sharp black lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Black Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it.

I suggest getting a coloring book with some fab faces or find some images online & simply blow up & print the images. Them use tracing paper to transfer the image to the canvas.

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