DIY Superhero Kids Room Ideas

Superhero Wall DecalGet a Crazy Big Decal!

If you aren’t the super artistic type then you should seriously think about a large wall decal. You get all the joy of a mural with almost no effort. You can go with a subtle 18’x18″ or all the way up to a 48″x48″ size on this one…the large one is amazing! What better way to trick out a way than with a enormous wall decal? I really like the neutral non specific super hero in it as well.



Superhero Kids DIY LampRevamp a Cruddy Old Lamp!

Everyone has a couple outdated tacky lamps hanging around…turn them into super hero masterpieces! This girl even found glow in the dark hot glue to add the new fabric so it also Glows…nice touch.

Get The Directions Here!



Kapow bam pow Zap Wall StencilsAdd Some Character! – Kapow Bam Pow Zap

These aren’t decals, these are paint by number stencils so you can easily add some comic book style to the walls, dressers, desktop or even make canvas art.

Get them Here



Superhero wall muralWant to Paint a Mural?

The thought of painting a wall mural is not only scary but a bit stressful! However this is a paint by number wall mural Stencil…which means it will look outrageous & be super easy to do. Simply trace the design on the wall & fill in the numbers!

You Can Buy It Here



DIY Superhero Play HouseDIY Superhero Play House

This is not a doll house…this is a sophisticated establishment for professional crime fighters. No Polly Pockets Allowed.

I love the design, how it functions & the fact that it opens…but I would have to trick this out with some bright primary colors!

Get Directions here!


Cici Art Factory SuperheroGet Real Art!

Posters are great but an image on canvas looks really finished & makes the room look like a designer did it! This one is a respectable 16″ x 16″ & features a whimsical cityscape with a crime fighter with cat.

You can get this here!



DIY Superhero Skyline ChalkboardDIY Superhero Skyline Chalkboard

The skylines are perfect for this room theme, add in a chalkboard & you’ve made a kids day! Not only can this be the perfect backdrop for crime fighting action hero play…but it really ties the room together.

Get the Directions Here!




Flash DIY Kids DeskMake an old desk Pop!

Will a little bit of time you can paint out an old junk desk & add a large cool logo decal right to the top! Sure this one is featuring a Flash themed Decal, but you can paint a desk green for the Green Lantern, or even black for Batman.

If you need matching Superhero Drawer Pulls then Etsy will be your choice for a handmade look. You get tons of options with this seller & they look fabulous!



DIY Superhero Backlit Canvas Kids ArtDIY Superhero Backlit Canvas Kids Art

Forget the night lights, make some groovy light up wall art with a superhero theme. These are great for just about any of the characters, & will really make that theme come alive!

Get the Directions Here!



Superman Kids RoomEmergency Rescue?

Yep pint sized super heroes need to be ready for action & this fabulous case will display your kids favorite super hero costume!  you can get a real “In case of Emergency” wall case or go with a Medicine cabinet.





Superhero DresserTrick out a Superhero Dresser!

All you need is some paint & a few wall decals or stencils to make this fab dresser. You can pick a theme or mix up your kids favorite characters. If you take the Decals to a paint store or Home Depot they can match the colors so you will have the perfect Superman blue or Spider-man Red.

Get a Growth Chart!Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids Comic Adventures Growth Chart by Holli Conger

I love this one, it’s not hero specific yet has that classic comic vibe. You can Either buy this one or get creative & make your own! It’s made by Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids, and titled Comic Adventures Growth Chart by artist Holli Conger. It measures 12 by 42-Inch tall.





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