Basketball Kids Room Accents

Spalding Sports TableSpalding Sports Table

This could be the coolest table I have ever seen…and it fits the theme! If you want a sports night stand that stand out, This one is definitely top of the list for themed basketball decor!


  • 24″ diameter table with clear acrylic top
  • Regulation size rim with net
  • Wood grain base

Newco 3 Piece Toddler Set, Kids Basketball Slam DunkNewco 3 Piece Toddler Set, Kids Basketball Slam Dunk

No toddler can resist the coolness of this little furniture set, It’s perfect for watching the game or kicking back with a book. The pint sized matching ottoman is just adorable!


  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Perfect toddler size
  • Clean easily with mild soap and water
  • Strong wooden frame

Redmon for Kids Basketball Storage BagRedmon for Kids Basketball Hamper

Laundry just got way more challenging, every single dirty item will have to make the shot to get to the laundry room! It may also actually get in the hamper since it’s a game now. It comes in either Blue or Red.



Basketball Sports Themed Kids Piggy BankBasketball Sports Themed Kids Piggy Bank

Your kids will learn to save big with this cute basketball money bank! It’s got a 3D vibe & even has the ball dimples. This snazzy sports bank is 3.5″ tall and perfect for adding a little style to a bookshelf or dresser.



DIY Basketball Themed Trash Can

DIY Basketball Waste BasketThis is a super simple project even non crafty people can handle. It’s also a fairly cheap project that can be as cheap as $30 total.

You will need

You will literally just tape the mesh net around the ring of the waste basket. You may want a helper for this so you can keep the net even. The entire project should take about 10 minutes.

End result? A custom basketball room accessory even adults will love!