Perplexus Epic Puzzle Ball

Perplexus Epic Puzzle BallDo you have a geeky kid or adult in your house that breezes thru most puzzles in minutes? Looking for a fun challenge that will stop them in their tracks? This is the perfect puzzle toy for you. I recommend starting with the Rookie or Original & moving up to the Epic but sometimes you just have to stump those smarties with a ridiculous puzzle! My kids are a bit older so I jumped straight to the Epic ball. The Twist is also on the high end of skill…and it has a an added level of “OMG who though of this!”.

Perplexus EpicThe premise is easy, simply run a metal ball thru 125 levels of twisting & turning to “win”. One wrong turn & you’ve dropped the ball…literally. Sounds simple right? Wrong. This puzzle will captivate both kids and adults for hours of hair pulling aggravation as they try to plot their course thru this fabulous puzzle. It’s designed for kids ages 6 and up…but don’t let the age range fool you, my kids are in their late teens & spent months playing with this cool puzzle…plus every adult that saw it.

Perplexus Epic3It’s one of those great toys that you can leave sitting in your office or living room. Just about everyone that passes it plays with it & it’s totally mess free. The Perplexus Epic is a fully contained ball with no loose parts so even road trips are good for this perplexing toy! It helps with motors skills & problem solving…but mostly you’ll want this cool puzzle because it’s amazing. If you don’t believe me just read the amazon reviews, it scores a 4.5 out of 5 stars.