Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball

Rookie Puzzle BallLooking for a fun toy that doesn’t need cables or plugs? Something that will engage the kids And adults? This groovy Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball will do the trick! This particular one is the rookie or starter ball…which is ideal for younger kids or someone new to this toy. They also have an Original, Twist & Epic. Perplexus is a house favorite around here…We have them all except the new Twist which is on this years holiday list. They are proudly displayed in my living room.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball TubeI have 3 teens & they get bored of puzzles in record time…2 of them can rip thru a Rubik cube in minutes. So clearly I needed to step up the game last year…I got this ball the Epic & the original for the kids. They were totally annoyed, frustrated & yet they couldn’t set it down. They spent hours trying to beat this ridiculous puzzle….then they called friends over & tortured them with it. I’m not sure I’ve seen them play with anything that long that wasn’t attached to the Xbox!

So the basic idea of this Rookie puzzle is you have to twist & turn the ball to get the loose marble to run thru the maze. It sounds easy…I assure you it’s a challenge!Kids ages 4 & up have played this at my house with zero problems. It has no loose parts so it’s good for the car or as a thing to take to dinner to keep the kids busy.Because of how this works it helps with hand eye coordination, motor skills & honestly it’s nice to see a toy that challenges their brain.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle BallsIt’s also not just for kids, every single person that has seen the ball picks it up & plays with it. Making this one of those fun everybody gifts!