Kikkerland Solar Powered Rainbow Makers

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Double Rainbow MakerAre you looking for a whimsical gift that is a little different? Sure toys are nice but a Solar Powered Crystal that casts rainbows is Amazing! Who wouldn’t love rainbows on their walls? It’s the perfect for for literally any age, everyone from infant to 100 will enjoy the simple pleasures of this unusual gift. Get one or get several…make every room dance with happy rainbows. They are great for playrooms!

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker



The Rainbow maker comes packed in a clear gift box by the Kikkerland company (they are known for off the wall gifts) & designed by David Dear. The rainbow maker features little colored gears that tuns & a tiny solar panel. It’s a breeze to set up, simply find a window with direct sunlight (that means an actual beam of sunlight), lick the suction cup & stick it to the glass.



The sun will not only make the Kikkerland Window-Mount Solar-Powered Heart Rainbow MakerSwarovski crystal cast rainbows on the wall but it will also gently turn the crystal so they dance across all your surfaces! You won’t need batteries or anything extra to set this up. It’s perfect for bedrooms, offices or even the kitchen. It measures 6 inches tall by 1 inch deep & 2 inches wide.

This is the ideal gift to delight your moms, grandmothers, Aunts & even your kids (especially nurseries, babies Love these!) It’s a simple but charming addition to anyone’s room, home or even office window…because who doesn’t want rainbows at work? These come in a heart shape, single round, or double round.

Kikkerland Standing Rainbow MakerThey also now have Kikkerland Standing Rainbow Maker which can just sit on any flat surface. In this model the little gears turns the crystal to make the rainbows move. This one is pretty snazzy if you want to move it around or simply put it away when your done with it.