Great Knitting Stuff for Kids

Nothing like a long summer break to get the kids busy on a new hobby! Knitting is fun, easy to learn & can be taken just about anyway…plus it doesn’t run on batteries.

Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages

Kids Knitting Projects for Kids of all AgesYou kids will love this book, it features 15 different kid friendly projects with step by step instructions.

This book is geared towards beginners and teaches all the basic stitches. Ideally for ages 8 and up with a 3rd grade reading level. The book is 28 pages of knitting goodness that will keep the kids busy for hours…we hope.

The book also works well for adults in you want to jump in & learn something new as well.


Kids Knit!: Simple Steps to Nifty Projects

Kids Knit Simple Steps to Nifty ProjectsYour crafty kids can learn how to make backpacks, dolls, doll blankets, scarves & more with this fab knitting book features 20 different projects.

The book starts with the basics and moves thru to more advanced work in the bigger projects. Age is 8-14 with at least a 3rd grade reading level.

The 20 projects include a washcloth, doll (with dress and blanket), sunglasses case, ribbed scarf, teddy-bear puppet, drawstring purse, and tote bag. Each set of directions is divided into sections describing the object’s size, necessary materials, gauge, pattern, and finishing tips. There’s a wide range of difficulty and skill levels to challenge children of all abilities.

Don’t forget the essentials! They make smaller kid friendly knitting needles and a some brightly color yarn!