Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage MatIf you have kids then you know the pain of tiny little parts & pieces all over your house….I mean the Actual pain of stepping on a Lego at 4am. Like most parents I love Legos, K’NEX & Erector sets because they are creative, engaging & they are a hands on type toy. The downside of these fabulous toys are all the tiny little sharp-as-all-heck pieces that get scattered all over the place. I’m all for working out but bending over to pick up the 4 billionth Lego I stepped on today is not what I was thinking.

So clearly you are a parent, grandparent or someone who has great sympathy for one, here’s why this thing is a game changer.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 2This activity mat has many features that someone with kids is really going to appreciate.

  • It’s super easy to use, which means it will actually get used.
  • It contains the toys to a play area and stores them when done.
  • It’s super portable
  • I can walk without fear of lego land mines.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 1


Toy storage is tricky, typically things like toys boxes & drawers become a wasteland of junk because it’s just to hard to keep things sorted out & kids are not big on adding steps to the clean up process. The Lay-n-Go mat changes everything because it’s super simple & easy to use. Plus the kids can actually play on the mat so they can spread out their toys & still keep them easily contained. I have no problem with my kid dragging his K’NEX or Legos in the living room now because I know it’s going to be a 1 minute cleanup & parts won’t be everywhere.

The large comes in Blue. If you looking for the mini’s the come in Blue, Green, Pink, or Orange.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 4We have about a dozen of these in the house…3 large & the rest the lite versions. They are absolutely ideal for any toy with tons of pieces including building blocks, action figures collections, Barbies plus accessories, Legos, K’NEX, Erector sets, littlest pet shop…basically anything you kids have a ton of. It makes play time easier & clean up an absolute breeze. They can also move the toys easily room to room or take them with us on trips or play dates with minimal effort.

The Lite version is great for the car or even to friends houses. It’s also good for storing smaller collections of certain toys. Because apparently Batman cannot be with GI Joe…they need separate bags. I’ve stopped questioning these things, I just buy more bags.

The details…

  • It’s made of a Poly Denier…kind of a ripstop parachute material.
  • You can wash this right in your washing machine.
  • It has 4 pockets on the play side of the mat for special pieces.
  • Comfy shoulder strap & Velcro exterior pocket to store the drawstring.