MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery Toys

MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery ToysLooking for a fun interactive building set for your kids…and you? Marble runs are a fun way to unplug & actually play with a toy. This particular one is the toughest on the market (as tested by my pack of boys), We’ve had a few fatalities with other brands. It’s built for kids so it’s very sturdy…which is a super important feature…and easy for kids to build on their own. Even with lots of use ours has lasted for at least 3 years without a single piece broken…lost marbles seems to be the only for us & user error can hardly count against this toy!

MarbleWorks Starter Sets by Discovery ToysThis Marbleworks Starter Set is perfect for a anyone that wants to play with marbles & comes with lots of pieces (46 to be exact). The age bracket on this kit is ages five & up but younger kids like 3-4 love it… although you will have to put it together for them & make sure they don’t try to eat it. The starter set features bright purple, blue & yellow colors & can be mix with any other MarbleWorks sets.

The basic idea is to connect tubes, bases & chutes together in different ways to race your marbles down. Kids can learn the laws of gravity & critical thinking to get that marble where they want it to go. It’s great for a family toy & I highly recommend getting more than one kit, the Marbleworks Deluxe is a good choice or simply get 2 starter sets…they are kinda like Legos, more pieces are just better no matter what the pieces really are.. Or if your kids already like this get some of the extras like the Wild Ride or the Crank it Up! There are tons of options & millions of possibilities with a set like this. The kid will have a blast and you will have a great unplugged toy for rainy days.