Minions Fart Blaster Toy Gun

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster A Despicable Minion GadgetOk, I admit it, I love the minions & all the obnoxiousness that comes with them…weird language, obsessions with food & of course their favorite weapon, a fart gun. I pretty much loved both movies but the kids in the theater gagging with laughter over the fart gun scenes were hilarious.

Now mind you I am a grown adult, well beyond the fart joke years…until I saw this gem at the store. I was minding my business checking out the new minion toys (because I am really obsessed with them) & then my eyes locked on a strange but silly looking weapon. I stopped, daintily picked it up, read the box, flipped it back over & pulled the trigger…then I laughed like an idiot…then laughed some more , & obsessively pulled the trigger while trying to come up with some conceivable logic for purchasing this gun. After all it’s not a cheap toy…but after a full ten minutes of playing with this fart gun it occurred to me that it’s just to good to pass up, I work hard & dang it I deserve nice things, even if that means a weird fart gun. I mean how much stupid junk have I bought the kids over the years? Surely it’s my turn!?

Fart Blaster DeluxeSo yes I am a 36 year old woman with a fart gun in my office, it lights up & makes me happy, so there. I’m not sure if there is an evil minion support group but I would definitely bring the gun with me if there was. No when dealing with the fart gun market you should know you have options. The standard Minion Fart Blaster or the Deluxe Despicable Me 2 Banana Scented Fart Gun, This one is bigger and makes a fabulous farting minion banana aroma. Which kinda makes it more funny.


Oh FYI kids seem to really love this toy as well!