Superman Room Accents

What is a themed room without some fabulous accessories to finish it off? These items are straight eye candy for super hero fans…but don’t overlook those great action hero toys that can also be displayed. Dig thru the kids toy box to see what will look awesome on the shelves!

Superman - Minimalist Typography PosterBe Different…

Sure you can get store-bought stuff that all looks the same or you can go all out & find some groovy stuff on Etsy…this Typographic Print has a vibrant color palette & will bring out the super hero geek in anyone. It’s the Silhouette¬† of Superman with “this looks like a job for Superman” typed into his body. It’s really quite cool! This artist has other super heroes so be sure to look around for other characters.




Superman Ceiling FanSuperman the Marvel Superhero 42″ Ceiling Fan

Even the kids ceiling can have super powers with this fabulous Superman ceiling fan. This really ties the design together & brings the theme to life. It comes with 4 blades and a light with bright red, blues & yellow accents.

Ikea Red StorageGet Creative with the Storage!

Kids go thru tons of phases as a kid so you want to get a few pieces that will grow up with them & still be cool. I’m pretty fond of Ikea for kids rooms, it’s affordable & they tend to hold up pretty well to kid abuses. This simple Red cube storage is great for holding those mesh storage cubes & you can add some of the smaller Superman decals to make it feel like custom furniture! When they get tired of this theme just remove the decals and add the next cool thing!

It’s a good height for a bookshelf plus it adds much needed storage for all that kid clutter.

Superman Custom ArtRustic & Custom

This recycled wood pallet is ridiculously cool, It definitely brings a custom vibe to any room. Frankly this may be too cool for the kids to keep, I may need this for my office! You can find this little gem on Etsy



Superman DecalsSuperman Wall Decals

These fun wall appliques are perfect for super hero fans, just pick your favorite design or collect them all. They are easy to apply, just peel & stick to any smooth surface such as walls, windows, furniture or mirrors….They are also reusable! Did I mention that kids, teens & geeks (especially geeks) will love them?


Let’s Get Started on that Superman Room!

Blue paintFirst you will need to strip down the room & assess the drywall situation… you’ll need to fix up any holes before you paint (you have boys you know there will be holes in the wall!) this will give you a quick DIY fix. Once this is done it’s time to move onto the painting.

Here’s a guide to picking the right kind of paint. As for color well I would go with the primary colors, yellow, red or blue…this doesn’t mean you have to go with the insane bright versions (well maybe on the red) so a light blue or yellow wall would easily fit this theme. If you want something even more subtle then do a grey….you can even make a city scape with masking tape! Pretty much any action hero looks good on this color scheme so that way you kid can mix in a few other heroes & not mess up the vibe.