Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry Bag

Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry BagDo you have kids? Are their toys…well, disgusting? Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry Bag is perfect for you then! it makes cleaning toys fun (seriously) & helps de-funk your house a bit.

This adorable product teaches kids (and adults) that their favorite plush toys need a bath too. It’s great for new parents, grandparents or Any parent. You can get a Teddy Gets a Bath Book (seen below) that has a fun story about keeping teddy clean & gets them excited about washing & even drying their buddies. You can also get the larger version of this bag for bunches of plushies or just one large one…and finally they offer a Cotton Candy Dryer Sheet…Why is that not offered in the dryer sheet isle!? That sounds amazing! Each item is sold separately but well worth the cost (plus each item is pretty cheap).

Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry BagsDirty toys are just gross, they are covered in germs & dust mites & who knows what other fun things they got dragged thru by those little darlings. This product is endorsed by The National Allergy Association as they recommend washing plush toys every two weeks. It’s also great for pet toys, baby shoes or any of those hard to wash kid/pet products around the house.

Teddy Needs A Bath!It’s a simple product that every parent should have, it’s also a fun project to do with small kids. the plush hunt is great for teaching kids to clean up & keep their stuff clean. That makes this the perfect gift for any parent or care giver to those pint sized germ farms. This item was also featured on Shark Tank, clearly it was a great idea!

Go check…are your kids toys clean? I didn’t think So!