The Deglingos Backpacks

Deglingos are a whimsical line of characters with quirky personalities! Each Toddler backpack has over 50 different fabrics & textures, each one is also designed in France. Perfect for day trip, preschool or just a trip to grandmas. The feature goofy faces & a quirky look that even a toddler can love. The dangling arms & legs make this pack come to life…and even cuter! They come in 5 designs so you can find the perfect one for your tiny terror…Um…I mean toddler.

The Deglingos Cow BackpackThe Deglingos Cow BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Jambonos the Pig BackpackThe Deglingos Jambonos the Pig BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Sandykilos The Elephant BackpackThe Deglingos Sandykilos The Elephant BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Bogos The Monkey BackpackThe Deglingos Bogos The Monkey BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Croakos the Frog BackpackThe Deglingos Croakos the Frog BackpackBuy It!