Unicorn Slippers for Teenagers

Plush Unicorn SlippersAre you looking for the most perky Unicorn gift on the planet? Something so spectacular & fabulous that it will literally make the recipients life better? I present to you….Unicorn Slippers Just for Teens & Adults! The perfect gift for both perky women AND Spectacular Teens. These could easily be the most amazingly cute slippers on the planet… So much so that if they had rear ends they would surely fart glitter!

This fab footwear isn’t for kids, it’s only for the coolest hippest sophisticated teens on the plant. They can start their day smiling as their slide on these scuff style slippers. They are super plushy & fluffy so you can’t miss these bad boys on your feet. The face is finely embroidered one so you can have years of joy out of those big doe eyes. The horn is gold (of course) and has a shine to it that makes it even more awesome.

These work well as part of a costume, Parade, office party, trip to Wal-mart or just hanging out in front of the TV. They will keep your toes warm & happy…plus when you get them gross (you will) just toss them into the wash for a little spin & dry time…they’ll be as good as new! Ideal for almost any gift giving occasion & for almost Any recipient these will make everyone laugh & result in some interesting thank you cards.