Zombie Plush Slippers for Teens

Zombie Slippers for TeensLooking for the perfect classy gift for someone special? Well…these Snazzy ZombieĀ  Slippers aren’t classy but they sure are special! Any zombie fan would love to have a pair of beheaded undead for their feet. They make for a great gift year round & are sure to be the perfect attire for a Walking Dead marathon. We also have a nice pair of pajama / lounge pants & even a cushy bath robe to match! Go all out with a zombie theme & make some tween geeks day. Because nothing shows you can quite like a box of zombie gear.

Zombie Slippers for TeenagersThey feature the classic green dead flesh (which has a fuzzy feel), eyes popping out…that sort of bounce when you walk, brains showing just under the hair line & you stuff your feet right into their gaping open mouth…that is also covered in fresh blood. Those dull lifeless eyes will be the talk of Walmart…no, really don’t let the teenagers wear these to Walmart, it’s not cool. These are one size fits most which means they fit dudes with feet size 7-12…Chicks can wear these too though, they are super plushy so they will stick to your feet. These are perfect for obnoxious zombie loving tweens or teens!

Not sure if the zombies are the right gift? Does your friend have a sense of humor…at all? Do they like super weird things? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you have yourself the perfect recipient for these “special” slippers. Be sure to wrap them in stogy gift wrap & bow so they think their getting something boring!