Flipeez Hats for Kids…They Move!

Looking for a fun kids hat? Need something that will make them happy to wear it? No more begging kids to put hats on, this groovy line of kids knit hats not only keep their head warm but they Move too! Kids can just give the pump (located in on of the hanging tassels a squeeze & watch the Flipeez Hat flop around. These hats are cute & come in 4 different animal styles for your kiddo to choose from….and now they even have more in a new Disney & Nick line! Perfect for gifting!

Flipeez Hat KittyFlipeez Kids Purple Kitty Hat


Does your little princess adore kitty cats? Why not get here the coolest cat hat on the market! It’s purple with pink highlights & has a moving tail. it’s the perfect accent for just about any outfit & the super soft design is something the kids will love.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TMNT Turtles Green Flipeez HatTeenage Mutant Ninja TMNT Turtles Green Flipeez Hat


Michelangelo will adorn your kids head in action hero style with this silly hat that flips around nun chucks when you squeeze the flap. The classic features are embroidered and make this cool hat easy to love.

Spongebob Squarepants Kids Flipeez Action HatSpongebob Yellow Flipeez Hat

Spongebob is here to make your day brighter! With his silly waving hands & goofy grin he’s sure to be a huge hit at the playground. I love how they turn his feet into the ear flaps!


  • Officially licensed Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants kids accessories
  • Super soft fleece lining; One Size Fits Most Youth (Manufacturers Age: 4-12)
  • Hat comes to life when you squeeze the puff ball

Flipeez Peek-a-Boo Monster Action HatFlipeez Hat Monster


Do the kids love super scary monsters? Well sorry this one is more adorable than scary but Nothing will make your day brighter than this bright green monster atop your kiddos head…it even has flopping arms to wave at you. It’s adorable And will keep their heads warm. Double win!


Flipeez Hat MonkeyFlipeez Hat Monkey

No monkeying around this snazzy hat is warm and stylish. This cute little monkey is nothing short of excited to see you, he can even wave his arms in delight! Perfect for silly kids that want a fun winter hat…plus you can get a few of these & the kids can do the wave…hat style!



Disney Cars Lightning Mcqueen Red Flipeez HatDisney Cars Lightning Mcqueen Red Flipeez Hat

Your kids will race into coolness with this super fabulous race car inspired Disney Hat. It features a bright red design with number 95 lightning bolts that flap when activated. perfect for the kid on the go with a love for speed!

Doc McStuffins Kids Flipeez Action HatDisney Doc McStuffins Flipeez Hat

Who doesn’t love Doc McStuffins? This groovy hat features moving pigtails and a spiffy embroidered finished look that both parents and kids with really like. The ear flaps are white/purple striped with pink accents.

Flipeez Hats for Kids

Sanrio Hello Kitty Flipeez HatSanrio Hello Kitty Flipeez Hat


Hello kitty is ready for a big hug with this silly cat hat (& Yes, it’s a cat). The classic white & pink color scheme & tiny yellow nose look fabulous & the added pink sequins bow on top is a nice touch.



Disney Minnie Mouse Black and Pink Flipeez HatDisney Minnie Mouse Black and Pink Flipeez Hat

Hello Minnie! This adorable girls hat is black with bright pink accents & a large pink/white polka dot bow on top. Minnie’s face is embroidered & looks flawless on this fun hat.

The bow flaps with you squeeze the ear flap.


Disney Mickey Mouse Black and Red Flipeez HatDisney Mickey Mouse Black and Red Flipeez Hat

Mickey is looking fine with this classy red & black kids hat. The exterior is knit with an embroidered Mickey face with a uber soft fleece design. The ear flaps are striped with flapping ears on top!


flipeez hats

DC Comics Batman Flipeez HatDC Comics Batman Flipeez Hat

They even make a batman version! It features the classic DC comics logo on the the front with flopping bat wings on the sides.

Clearly the coolest hat in the collection…Why don’t they come in adult sizes?!

Flipeez Peek-a-Boo Puppy Action HatFlipeez Hat Puppy


If puppies are a hit for your kids then this silly pup is for you. The perky puppy makes for a fun hat, he’s all blue & his ears pop up when you squeeze the pump. What could be cuter?!


Flipeez hat collection

Frozen Elsa Kids Flipeez Action HatFrozen Elsa Kids Flipeez Action Hat


Yep even Elsa is getting in on the fun hat craze! With just a squeeze of the tassel her blonde braid with pop up in the air. This one is great for all those die-hard Frozen fans. The hat is super soft with a knit look on the exterior and fleece on the inside.



Disney Frozen Olaf Flipeez HatDisney Frozen Olaf Flipeez Hat

Olaf is definitely my favorite Frozen character….He’s goofy, awkward & that scene where he sneezes is epic! This hat will be perfect for snowman season, it will keep the kids ears toasty & their friends laughing every time Olaf throws up his arms!


Frozen Anna Kids Flipeez Action HatFrozen Anna Kids Flipeez Action Hat

Is Anna your kids favorite? This snazzy pink hat will make their day then! it features Anna with moving braids and a smiling face. The outside is made of knit with a soft fleece interior that kids will love.



DreamWorks Dragons Flipeez HatDreamWorks Dragons Flipeez Hat

The wildly popular, fun, hilarious, and thrilling How to Train Your Dragon series is now an action packed Flipeez Hat! Flipeez hats are super function action hats that come alive right before your eyes! These are perfect for kids 4-12 and look great on the kids.

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