Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks

Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks1Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks

These adorable toddler bags by Littlelife feature a hideaway hoodie, removable parent strap, name tag, top grabbing handle & adjustable soft shoulder straps just for toddlers.  As you can see by the pic the hood pops right out of it’s own little zippered pocket….this is pretty cool. The safety strap is great for theme parks or actual trips….unlike most pack it literally un-clips and the pack still looks good. Safety when you need it, casual when you don’t,  Awesome. You also get several critter options on this one. The shell like pack is bendy but holds the round shape.


Littlelife Ladybug Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Ladybug Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Turtle Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Turtle Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Bumble Bee Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Bumble Bee Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Cow Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Cow Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

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