Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Storage

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy OrganizerRub a dub dub it fun in the tub!

Kids love toys in the bathtub, sometime it’s the only way to bribe them into the clean water! However as any parent knows you need some bath toy storage for all that crap or it will attack you while showering. Not to mention I get kinda creeped out with rubber ducks & Elmo leering at my naked parts every morning. The easy solution is to get some cute practical way to contain all that loose junk….which makes the Skip Hop Tubby Toy Storage perfect!


Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Organizer OrangeThis cute washing machine style tub toy organizer is perfect for all those stray toys in the tub, it comes with four suction cups for mounting & a mesh bottom to let the water drain & the toys dry out…heck it even has hooks for the kids scrubbers or washcloths! It’s made from neoprene and is a bit stretchy to fit all those clunky toys. Choose from a Funky Blue or Bright Cheery Orange.

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