Soccer Bedroom Ideas

Get Creative!Get Creative!

Find your local used sports store & get some used equipment…

An Old Soccer Goal makes for a really cool headboard!

That netting is a fun backdrop for just about any wall…even behind the artwork.

Plus with those Mountable Ball Claws you can display Soccer balls right to the wall.

Make a Custom Desk!

soccer deskDid you know a Soccer Net & a little paint can turn a boring desk into a soccer goal? How cool is that!?

9713165_f260Make a cool work station!

You can paint a boring cork board with spray paint & a little tape to make a groovy soccer field. The make a stencil & paint your kids number on the back of their chair. In a couple hours you have a super personal space that your kids will adore. Embellishment Kids gives some great advice for ticking out a room for less than $300. Check it out here…Teen Bedroom $300.00 Makeover Challenge.


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