Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game

Nightmare Before Christmas OperationAre you a Huge Nightmare before Christmas fan? Are your kids? Get the a family friendly game with a ghoulish twist…The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game!

Ahh that famous Tim Burton movie that changed Halloween & Christmas forever! The Nightmare before Christmas is definitely a house favorite around here, So why not get a fun game to go with the creepy movie? It’s perfect for either holiday & everything in between….Ok, maybe not Thanksgiving…but all the other days in between.

Nightmare Before Christmas Operation OpenThis Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game features the Oogie Boogie Man as the “guy” you operate on, You also get Lock Shock & Barrel to help. The game is basically the same as the old version except instead of an annoying buzz…Oogie Talks. Then instead of funny bone your yanking “crawling flesh”, “spider veins”, “snake eyes” & other creepy goodies (twelve in all) out of him! It’s recommend for kids age 6 and up…mainly because you need steady hands to pull out the parts. It of course comes with the tweezers, card deck & fake money.

Not buying this for the kiddos? Don’t worry I understand die-hard fans want all the cool toys too. For the older folks this makes a great drinking game, take a shot for every “buzz”. Your friends will all be sloshed & singing the Oogie Boogie song in no time. Or leave it sealed & save it as a fabulous collectible (No, really you have to open this toy & play with it). So go get yours today & start making those great family game night memories!

Not feeling the Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game? They also have Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, & Yahtzee.

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