Vintage Wooden Surfboard Growth Chart

Vintage Surfboard Wooden Growth ChartLooking for some groovy surfer decor? Nothing says beach quite like a Surfboard Growth Chart! It has a vintage blue & orange look that is timeless & will look great in the kids space for years. This growth chart is hand crafted in the USA. & features birch plywood design with eco-friendly inks & a water based coating. The surface can be written on with just about any kind of marker….Good to know. The lines on the surfboard are not marked with numbers so you can start it of on the wall wherever you like…this is also Ideal for older kids!

Unlike those cheap themed growth charts this one will be a family keepsake. Honestly I doubt most people will notice it’s a growth chart, It’s just a cool piece of wall art!




LEGO Kids’ Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' Super Heroes Batman Alarm ClockDo your kids love Legos? Are they also Super Hero junkies? Yep, mine too. This groovy Batman Alarm Clock features the best of both worlds. It’s the all black version of Batman complete with dapper cape with a digital display on his chest that even little action hero fans can read. He has full Lego action so you can make him sit, stand or even hold things (Awesome).

The Batman Alarm Clock has an easy to see lighted display and alarm clock. The snooze and back light functions are activated by pushing down on the Batman mini-figure’s head. With that spiky head I doubt they will be slamming down on that snooze button!

LEGO Kids' Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock BoxThis is one of those perfect accent pieces for a Batman themed room. It’s classic, stylish & it’s actually useful!

This bad boy runs on 2 AAA batteries which are included (Yay!) and screwed into place with a ridiculously small Phillips screw…making it mostly kid proof. Since it has no cord the kids will want to get this guy into the action. We play a fun game of where did you put the alarm clock before bed every night with our kids. It’s totally worth it.


Smurfs Monopoly Board Game

Smurfs Monopoly Board GameWho wouldn’t love a Smurfs board game? My life changed forever in 1981, that’s when the Smurfs hit Saturday morning cartoons…for you young kids that’s the one day a week that cartoons were on, we didn’t have cartoon networks or TiVos if you missed it you were just out of luck. Any-who…I was totally obsessed with smurfs, I had the bedding, wallpaper (no really is was great), ALL the little PVC toys (which I still have), Shirts, backpacks, lunchboxes, hats, a belt (also my fav) & I even went to see the Smurfs on Ice! Basically my entire life revolved around the Smurfs. So you can imagine my absolute delight in finding one of my favorite board games is now been Smurfed! What could be better than my favorite childhood cartoon mixed with the best board game on the planet? Nothing!

Smurfs Monopoly Board Game OpenSo the basic monopoly game is the same it’s just all Smurfed out. It comes with custom Smurfy playing pieces that include: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Vanity, Grouchy and Jokey Smurf. Instead of houses & hotels you get to trade Smurf property like Papa Smurfs Lab, Smurfettes flower garden and Hefty’s weight room. The traditional money has been swapped out with Smurf berries (of course) & the board itself is totally tricked out with all the best parts of the show, it’s a trip down Smurf memory lane! It’s still for 2-6 players & for “kids ” age 8 & up. It’s perfect for family game night & the Smurfs add a fun twist to the classic monopoly game.

Clearly this will be on my Christmas list! You can get your own Smurfs Collector’s Edition Board Game Here.

Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor

Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf DecorNothing says classic quite like an Atari reference! This groovy accent piece is the perfect replica of a pixellated space invader from the 80’s. He’s pretty thick so he stands on his own and as an added bonus he glows in the dark…how cool is that!?

These are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your office or kids space…they won’t get it but not everything can be about them! All those hours of playing Space invaders will come flooding back when you look at it.

The set includes three of these guys in different sizes. You can get your very own Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor set here.

Pink Poodle Shelf Decor

Pink Poodle Shelf DecorSometimes we get so caught up in themed room decor for kids we forget to go a little crazy & add in that conversation piece that will make them smile. This snazzy poodle is a lovely shade of pink & will look outstanding in a bookshelf, on a desk or dresser. She stands 14.75″ tall & serves no purpose other than looking fabulous! This fun poodle will work for any age & right up to adulthood…I should know, I have one on my shelf! You can get one right here!

DIY Fireman’s Coat Rack

DIY Firemen's Coat RackWhat kid wouldn’t want a Fireman’s Coat Rack? Using some pipes & knobs you can make a one of a kind coat rack in your kids room. There are no rules here, so do what you like, be sure to include the kids in the project. Plan on heading to the hardware store with this photo in hand. You will be laying these all out on the floor to make the right configuration for your kids space.

The black pipe shown is spray painted copper pipe, the rest is all stock parts from Home Depot (Lowe’s or Menard’s would have this too). If you don’t have a pipe cutter (about $7) they will cut it for you at the store. You will need to plan this out before getting there so you have measurements if they are doing the cutting.

Build a Firefighter Loft Bed!

Build the Kid a Loft bed!Want something special in your kids room? Building them their very own Firefighter Loft Bed is certainly custom, plus it’s a great project for the kids to “help” with.This design features rails at the top to keep the kids from rolling out & a playhouse like area below that would easily house a desk or some bean bag chairs for lounging. The directions are very straight forward. This design can easily be modified to be a regular loft bed, just change the color scheme & lose the triangle house steeple above the entry. This also make it easy to repaint & change the theme when the kids get tired of fire trucks.

DIY Firefighter Loft Bed Instructions

Firefighter Loft Bed Shopping List-

  • 14 – 1×3 Boards @ 8 feet long
  • 3 – 1×8 @ 8 feet long
  • 10 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
  • 2 – 1×6 @ 8 feet long
  • 1 – 1×4 @ 10 feet long
  • 1 – sheet 3/4″ plywood, 8’x4
  • slats not accounted for in cut list
  • 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ screws (about 50) for assembly
  • 2 inch screws
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails
  • 2 inch finish nails
  • 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • wood glue
  • wood filler


Daisy Flower Kids Bedroom Doorbell

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellAhhh that moment in time when your little princess grows up & wants privacy! From personal experience this kids doorbell works great for a family with multiple kids…since we all know kids love to push buttons but not knock. We also used it to wake up kids….just push the button as you stroll down the hall in the morning. It’s loud enough to wake the kids but you really can’t hear it in other rooms so no one else is bothered by it. It also works for bathroom doors…if you have a small herd of non-knocking kids it really does cut down on unwanted barge ins.

This groovy kids doorbell is perfect for little people aged 4 & up looking for a little space of their own. It has a 6.5′ thin cord that can be hidden up the molding of just about any door. it works just like any doorbell, it has a button that sets off a loud chime & lights up. It features a Daisy Flower Design with pink & purple accents…however it also comes in Butterflies, Princess Crowns or even boys themes (they love them too).

Butterfly Bedroom DoorbellThey are a great gift for any kid with a door…literally every kid I have ever had over wanted one for their rooms. It’s super easy to install since it comes with double sided sticky tape on both the chime & button. It’s pretty tough we had one up for about 4 years with no problem. It didn’t damage the wall or wood door jam when we removed it either. It needs 2 batteries but they seem to last about 2 years so not a big hassle.

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellThese aren’t super pricey so expect what you pay for… according to the reviews some people have gotten defective doorbells. Frankly we have purchased 8 for our kids, & friends kids none have ever been an issue & none were defective.

Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath RinserIt’s time for a bath & already you kid is getting worked up. They know that no tear shampoo still stings & the whining & whaling will now begin. Ugh.

Save your sanity & get a Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser. It will keep the soap and water out of the kids face and make bath time bearable for you….and them! They even make a matching spout cover to keep those little noggins from hitting the spout.

  • Interior ridges create an even pour
  • Stands up when not in use or hang by handle to dry
  • BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoops

Boon Pod Bath Toy ScoopsOverrun with bath toys? This frog toy scoop pops off the wall & lets you scoop up all those toys at once, then you can rinse them & stick it right back on the wall. These cute critter scoops let you collect all those pesky toys in seconds. There’s a built in shelf behind the Boon Frog Scoop to store bottles on. You can even hang a luffa off his toes! Did I mention these are Adorable?

If you have more of a girly vibe in your house they also make a really cut Ladybug Bath Scoop with the same features.

Boon Pod Ladybug Bath Toy Scoop

  • Makes bath time clean up fun and easy
  • Stores and organizes bath accessories
  • Reduces mold and mildew
  • BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free
  • Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware


Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoops WhaleAnd if you want something a little different they have a really groovy Blue Whale Bath Scoop! I found an almost perfect match for a Whale Spout Cover as well! This one is good for any kid and have a fun design that is tolerable by adults….Come on, you know you hate all that junk in the bathroom!

Stand up for yourself & take back that bathroom from the tiny toy terrorists!

Skip Hop Zoo Animal Storage Bins

Skip Hop Zoo Storage BinsStorage Cubes are the ideal storage solution for kids on the go, sort, organizer & easy move these cubes around for kids to use their favorite things. Add in a few cute animals & they will go nuts! These fit all the standard cube shelving units so you can pick up on locally or find the perfect one online. Ikea has several great options.

You can choose from a pink/red ladybug, blue/green dog, Brown monkey, yellow bumble bee, and red/blue owl.


Animal Storage Caddy by 3 Sprout

Animal Storage Caddy by 3 SproutWhether you are storing baby gear atop a changing table or making a fun Lego Caddy for the kids these sturdy storage caddies are awesome! They feature fun animal designs on a 15″ wide by 8.5″ tall caddy & have an interior coating so they can be wiped clean.

You can choose from a bumbling bee with blue wings, a funky orange beaver with buck teeth, a quirky purple owl, shy little grey mouse, chubby pink pig or even a goofy blue walrus. No matter which critter you pick these will make that baby & kid clutter a little more bearable. Not to mention these look fabulous! I mean who wouldn’t want a walrus caddy?  No person I want to hang out with, I tell you that.

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton; Decoration: 100% Polyester
  • Caddy is 15″ wide and 8.5″ tall (not including the handle)
  • Coated on the inside so its easy to wipe clean (Yay!)
  • Perfect gift for new baby or baby groovy kids



3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Beaver3 Sprouts Storage Caddy BeaverBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Bee3 Sprouts Storage Caddy BeeBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Owl3 Sprouts Storage Caddy OwlBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Mouse3 Sprouts Storage Caddy MouseBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Pig3 Sprouts Storage Caddy PigBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Walrus3 Sprouts Storage Caddy WalrusBuy It!

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage MatIf you have kids then you know the pain of tiny little parts & pieces all over your house….I mean the Actual pain of stepping on a Lego at 4am. Like most parents I love Legos, K’NEX & Erector sets because they are creative, engaging & they are a hands on type toy. The downside of these fabulous toys are all the tiny little sharp-as-all-heck pieces that get scattered all over the place. I’m all for working out but bending over to pick up the 4 billionth Lego I stepped on today is not what I was thinking.

So clearly you are a parent, grandparent or someone who has great sympathy for one, here’s why this thing is a game changer.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 2This activity mat has many features that someone with kids is really going to appreciate.

  • It’s super easy to use, which means it will actually get used.
  • It contains the toys to a play area and stores them when done.
  • It’s super portable
  • I can walk without fear of lego land mines.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 1


Toy storage is tricky, typically things like toys boxes & drawers become a wasteland of junk because it’s just to hard to keep things sorted out & kids are not big on adding steps to the clean up process. The Lay-n-Go mat changes everything because it’s super simple & easy to use. Plus the kids can actually play on the mat so they can spread out their toys & still keep them easily contained. I have no problem with my kid dragging his K’NEX or Legos in the living room now because I know it’s going to be a 1 minute cleanup & parts won’t be everywhere.

The large comes in Blue. If you looking for the mini’s the come in Blue, Green, Pink, or Orange.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 4We have about a dozen of these in the house…3 large & the rest the lite versions. They are absolutely ideal for any toy with tons of pieces including building blocks, action figures collections, Barbies plus accessories, Legos, K’NEX, Erector sets, littlest pet shop…basically anything you kids have a ton of. It makes play time easier & clean up an absolute breeze. They can also move the toys easily room to room or take them with us on trips or play dates with minimal effort.

The Lite version is great for the car or even to friends houses. It’s also good for storing smaller collections of certain toys. Because apparently Batman cannot be with GI Joe…they need separate bags. I’ve stopped questioning these things, I just buy more bags.

The details…

  • It’s made of a Poly Denier…kind of a ripstop parachute material.
  • You can wash this right in your washing machine.
  • It has 4 pockets on the play side of the mat for special pieces.
  • Comfy shoulder strap & Velcro exterior pocket to store the drawstring.

Pure Fun Kid’s Super Jumper Trampoline

Pure Fun Kid's Super Jumper TrampolineAre your kids bouncing off the wall with…well, bouncy kid energy? Give those kids something to jump about…and wear them out! I had one of these as a kid but it didn’t have a handle (to keep kids from bouncing right off!) & was a lame brown color. Things have gotten much cooler for kids with this snazzy pink design with purple & pink circles. When I was a kid we had to live on the edge. They also make a boyish version with reds & blues.

So clearly your kids like All kids have more energy than sense so you need to get something to keep them moving & playing at the same time. This groovy trampoline is made for kids up to 100 pounds & the hand rail can be adjusted to 2 different heights. This is the perfect indoor solution for bouncy kids. Winter is long & boring…but this definitely helps keep them busy & out of your hair for a while.

Pure Fun 36 in. Kids TrampolineIt features a super tough cover over the springs so little figures won’t get pinched & it’s made for kids 3 & up…frankly 2 an up with supervision is fine too. It’s 48″ in diameter & this particular one is designed just for girls (or boys that love pink)…they do come in more neutral or boy colors too (just scroll down). These are great for rainy days or just something fun to do indoors. It makes for a great gift too! I still keep one around for pint-sized guests that need to be worn down….it’s just awesome!

Perplexus Epic Puzzle Ball

Perplexus Epic Puzzle BallDo you have a geeky kid or adult in your house that breezes thru most puzzles in minutes? Looking for a fun challenge that will stop them in their tracks? This is the perfect puzzle toy for you. I recommend starting with the Rookie or Original & moving up to the Epic but sometimes you just have to stump those smarties with a ridiculous puzzle! My kids are a bit older so I jumped straight to the Epic ball. The Twist is also on the high end of skill…and it has a an added level of “OMG who though of this!”.

Perplexus EpicThe premise is easy, simply run a metal ball thru 125 levels of twisting & turning to “win”. One wrong turn & you’ve dropped the ball…literally. Sounds simple right? Wrong. This puzzle will captivate both kids and adults for hours of hair pulling aggravation as they try to plot their course thru this fabulous puzzle. It’s designed for kids ages 6 and up…but don’t let the age range fool you, my kids are in their late teens & spent months playing with this cool puzzle…plus every adult that saw it.

Perplexus Epic3It’s one of those great toys that you can leave sitting in your office or living room. Just about everyone that passes it plays with it & it’s totally mess free. The Perplexus Epic is a fully contained ball with no loose parts so even road trips are good for this perplexing toy! It helps with motors skills & problem solving…but mostly you’ll want this cool puzzle because it’s amazing. If you don’t believe me just read the amazon reviews, it scores a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

EZ-Fort Kids Fort Kit

EZ-Fort KitLooking for a over the top cool toy for kids? Need something that is fun And isn’t electronic? These kits feature 54 pieces & can work with any of the EZ-fort building kits…which are the Bunker, Fairy Tale Castle & The Original (as shown). All the kits can use the BlingKeez LED lights. These are made by Toobeez but they are NOT interchangeable. You need to stick with the EZ-forts if you want more parts…which is great since the kits are rather affordable for their size. Because they are so awesome they can be used inside or out & all you need is a few well placed sheets to finish off the kids fort. They are designed to not scratch floors so they are safe to use almost anywhere.

EZ-Fort Kids Fort KitEz-Forts are specially design for small hands so even little kids can play with this kit. It’s also great for working kids fine motor skills & they are designed to help promote problem solving & reasoning skills. They are used in schools, child development programs, occupational therapy programs & recreational programs all over the country. Making these the perfect choice for a creative kids toy.

You’ll relive your childhood when you help your kids build forts, houses, obstacle course, soccer goals & whatever else they can think up. They won’t need directions to figure out this cool kit…just lots of imagination! You’ll wonder why you didn’t have these when you were a kid…I know I did! I actually recommend at least 2 of these kits, because we ran out of parts really fast & the kids needs more pieces….but mine are spoiled rotten.

Monsters Matching Accessories!

Kids TableOnce you decide to go monster you are pretty limited to the furniture that Pixar has release…or are you? Turns out you can get really creative with stuff already on the market that matches the color scheme & whimsical style perfectly for a Monster room!

The trick to themed rooms is making the the furniture rather neutral & interchangeable. Then when the kids get tired of the theme you don’t have to repurchase everything they own. On quick glance these stools, chairs and tables are not really themed…until you put them in the middle of a Monsters Inc themed bedroom!


Mammut Childrens Green StoolMammut Childrens Green StoolBuy It!

Blue Mammut Kids Children's ChairBlue Mammut Kids Children’s ChairBuy It!

Mammut Blue Kid's Children's TableMammut Blue Kid’s Children’s TableBuy It!

Mammut Children's 3 PcsMammut Children’s 3 PcsBuy It!

Make Your Very Own Monster Dresser!

Monster DresserThis project is fun, you just need some paint & an old dresser! You’ll want to paint the base in a bright sully blue. Simply take anything with the character on it to the paint store & they can match the color. Then you can either use a circle stencil to paint the dots or use some circle wall decals. The drawer pulls simply get painted to match the purple.

You don’t have to stop at the dresser. You can also make green mike a headboard with a big eye or matching night stand. The round stencils are all you will need to make a custom Mike Wazowski piece of inc

Since you have the paint & stencils out I would also make a lampshade. Be sure to send us pictures and we will feature your makeover!


Groovy Monster Inc Bedding

When you decorate a kids room in a new theme the first place to start is the bedding…a new bedding set changes the entire feel of the bedroom. It is the focal point after all! So find the perfect set for your little monster & then go find some crazy cute accessories to match.

Monsters University 4-Piece Reversible Twin Bedding SetMonsters University 4-Piece Reversible Twin Bedding SetBuy It!

Disney 4 Piece Toddler Set, Monsters UniversityDisney 4 Piece Toddler Set, Monsters UniversityBuy It!

Disney Monsters Inc Twin Bed Comforter Scare UniversityDisney Monsters Inc Twin Bed Comforter Scare UniversityBuy It!

Monsters Inc Bedding CollectionMonsters Inc Bedding CollectionBuy It!

Fab Monsters Inc Wall Decals

Add some bling to your kids wall with these giant wall decals…they are fun, easy to apply & remove without messing up your walls. Perfect for kids rooms! The large decals are great for creating a custom accent wall & the little sets are good for making scenes on the wall or even adding a little accent to mirrors, the headboard, dresser or even a trash can. They will adhere to anything smooth & flat so get creative.

Monsters Inc Giant Sully & Boo Wall DecalsMonsters Inc Giant Sully & Boo Wall DecalsBuy It!

Monsters Giant Mike Wall DecalsMonsters Giant Mike Wall DecalsBuy It!

Monsters Inc. Fathead Wall DecalMonsters Inc. Fathead Wall DecalBuy It!

Monsters Inc. Peel And Stick Wall DecalsMonsters Inc. Peel And Stick Wall DecalsBuy It!

Time to Fix Up the Camo Themed Windows!

JoJo Designs Window ValanceBuy It Here!
Once you have the bedding down you might want to spruce up those boring windows a bit, full on curtains are a little girly but this window valance will fit in a manly kids room.

These window dressings from JoJo Designs goes perfect with many of the other kids room decor in this collection. Will fit most standard windows and are a great finishing touch to the camo themed kid’s room.

Check out the local Army surplus store first!

army lampWhile it’s easy to just buy all that new decor from someplace like Amazon you should check out the used gear at an Army surplus store first.

  • A used helmet will look wicked on a shelf.
  • Fill some army boots with concrete & make some killer bookends!
  • Vintage Ammo Boxes are great for creative storage
  • Even a Beat Up Old Footlocker for a toy box would be cool.
  • A worn flag gets a new life on your kids wall…or get some new ones, they are dirt cheap! Army or US Flag.
  • The Camo Netting looks amazing on the walls & over the tops of windows
  • And lets face it what kid wouldn’t want a decommissioned bomb on their wall?
  • Or get creative & make an army helmet & ammo box lamp…you know you want one!

Basically go buy some old beat up Army junk & give it a new life. The kids will have a blast making their own room accessories.

Marvel Avengers Large Boys Backpack

Marvel Avengers Large Boys BackpackThis 16″ backpack is full sized & great for school aged kids or fan-boys. It has a mesh side pocket for a water bottle, separate front pocket & roomy main compartment.  The graphic are insanely good with tiny logos in silver on the black pack. Definitely great for a kid!

Get Yours Here!

Kids Vintage Camo Plane Backpack

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks with Integrated CoolerYour toddler is about to get a lot cooler. This mini backpack is perfect for the 2-5 year old crowd. It features a dark camo motif with a vintage bi-plane decal.  No kid could resist the sheer coolness of this one. it has a grown up look with a kid in mind.

Get Yours Here!

Pack features:


  • 100% Polyester
  • O3 Kid’s backpack features a front pocket with an insulated lunch cooler so no need to tote an extra lunch bag
  • Adjustable breathable mesh padded straps and breathable padded mesh lumbar section on back for greatest comfort and temperature control
  • Interior organizer pockets and roomy main compartment large enough to fit standard size school folders
  • Comes with a side drink pouch, an exterior pocket for easy access storage and adjustable chest strap


Stephen Joseph Airplane Themed Rolling Backpack

Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Rolling BackpackWeekend trips can be a breeze with these swanky backpacks…they even have wheels! It’s sporting a primary blue color with red & yellow accent on an easy to clean vinyl surface. The little wings kick out to give it a 3D look that you kiddo with think is “cool”.

They make other matching items for this design so pick up a snazzy lunch box or umbrella to match!


You can find your very own plane bag here.

Trick out a Lamp Shade!

Trick out a Lamp Shade!A new drum lamp shade & a sharpie can really go far in this type of design! Add in some buildings, maybe a logo if your artsy…it doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t try to make the lines straight.

Tip – If you print out a logo you can simply tape it to the inside of the shade…once the light is one you can trace it quite easily. Be sure to remove the paper when your done.

Stuck with a baby blue lamp from the nursery days? If the lamp base doesn’t match then grab a can of spray paint…$4 will make it have an entirely different feel.

Wicked Super Hero Bedding!

If you’re going to go super hero you better have some awesome bedding! The bed is the focal point of the room & it sets the tone of the theme. Choose a group shot or an individual character, there’s no wrong answer with super heroes…well if you’re a purist you may want to keep DC comics & Marvel comics on opposite sides of the room.


Marvel Avengers Assemble 4pc Twin Bedding Comforter & Sheet SetMarvel Avengers Assemble 4pc Twin Bedding Comforter & Sheet SetGet It!

Marvel Super Hero Squad Toddler Bedding SetMarvel Super Hero Squad Toddler Bedding SetGet It!

Justice League Comforter and Sheet Bedding Set Justice League Comforter and Sheet Bedding Set Get It!

Marvel Comic Heroes Single Bed Duvet Cover SetMarvel Comic Heroes Single Bed Duvet Cover SetGet It!

Stephen Joseph Toddler Backpacks for Girls

Stephen Joseph QuiltedLooking for a quality toddler bag with style? These adorable Stephen Joseph quilted backpacks feature embroidered designs, adorable themes & are even machine washable! These are not some cheap knock off.

They Feature…
They are fully lined with a magnetic closure.
Drawstring top which is perfect for little hands.
Matching zipper pull.
Adjustable straps.

You can find matching Go Go Backpacks that are vinyl & a bit larger & lunch bags as well…not to mention the purses, key chains, pens, raincoats, boots, umbrellas, water bottles, & cook sets!

Stephen Joseph Ballet Bunny Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Ballet Bunny Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls bird Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls bird Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls Owl Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls Owl Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls Butterfly Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls Butterfly Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls Cat Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls Cat Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls Elephant Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls Elephant Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Zoo Girl Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Zoo Girl Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Turtle Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Turtle Quilted BackpackBuy It!

Stephen Joseph Girls Trees Quilted BackpackStephen Joseph Girls Trees Quilted BackpackBuy It!


Lassig Mini Toddler Backpacks

Lassig Mini BackpackThese groovy little backpacks are study & basically a pint-sized version of the big kids bags. It has lots of padding, the straps are amazing & several compartments to hide all their goodies in. The design look very tasteful with bold graphics & patterns.


  • This adorable backpack is perfect for on-the-go toddlers and preschoolers
  • Large main compartment with zip pouch, snap hook for keys and net pocket to store a water bottle
  • Includes padded shoulder straps with added chest strap
  • Material: 100% polyester

Lassig Mini Savannah Print Petrol BackpackLassig Mini Savannah Print Petrol BackpackBuy It!

Lassig Savannah Print Pink Mini BackpackLassig Savannah Print Pink Mini BackpackBuy It!

Lassig Starlight Olive Mini BackpackLassig Starlight Olive Mini BackpackBuy It!

Lassig Starlight Magenta Mini BackpackLassig Starlight Magenta Mini BackpackBuy It!

Lassig Crocodile Mini BackpackLassig Crocodile Mini BackpackBuy It!

Lassig Shark Mini BackpackLassig Shark Mini BackpackBuy It!


Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpacks

Crocodile Creek toddler backpacks feature bright colors, cute themes & adjustable straps designed for little shoulders. The side features a mesh pocket for water or drinking bottles & it has a roomy compartment that’s perfect for toddler gear. The colors are bold…just like your kids personality & they have cute themes like firetrucks & butterflies that will make the kids super happy.

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack ButterflyCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack ButterflyGet It!

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack DinosaurCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack DinosaurGet It!

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack Fire TruckCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack Fire TruckGet It!

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack LadybugCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack LadybugGet It!

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack RobotCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack RobotGet It!

Crocodile Creek Toddler Backpack RacecarCrocodile Creek Toddler Backpack RacecarGet It!

Sassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Toddler Backpacks

These super soft & super adorable animal packs by Sassafras are made of corduroy & have adjustable straps to tiny tots.  You can easily turn one of these into a stylish diaper bag or make it a daycare bag. The fun animal faces are super charming & the quality is amazing….no cheap junk here!

Sassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, OwlSassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, OwlBuy It!

Sassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, FrogSassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, FrogBuy It!

Sassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, CatSassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, CatBuy It!

Sassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, DogSassafras CuddlePack Corduroy Backpack, DogBuy It!

Skip Hop Backpacks are Perfect for Toddlers!

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid BackpackThe Zoo Pack by Skip Hop features a roomy compartment (roomy for a toddler), easy clean lining & insulated pouch for snacks. The characters are flat out adorable & each one is made to stand up to toddler style abuses.  Each comes with a coordinating zipper pull that matches the animal…as in the monkey has a banana.  There are 25 critters to choose from, plus you can get a matching lunch sack or water bottle! These are perfect for daycare, car trips or even a visit to grandmas house.


  • The Zoo Pack is the little kid backpack where fun meets function
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Insulated pouch for snacks and adjustable mesh bottle pocket
  • Easy to clean lining
  • Padded, adjustable comfy straps

Zoo Backpack - MonkeyZoo Backpack – MonkeyGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, FrogSkip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, FrogGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Fox Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Fox Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Cat Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Cat Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Dinosaur Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Dinosaur Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Elephant Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Elephant Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Giraffe Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Giraffe Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Lion Pack Little Kid BackpackSkip Hop Zoo Lion Pack Little Kid BackpackGET IT!

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, OwlSkip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, OwlGET IT!


Wildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpacks

Wildkin makes some of the toughest toddler backpacks on the market, they feature kid friendly patterns & pockets galore! the playful patterns make these a kid favorite. The custom straps, tough exterior & easy to clean shell make this perfect for parents. They also make matching nap mats, duffel bags, lunch boxes, big kid bags & tons of fabulous stuff you’ll also want.

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack Trains, Planes & TrucksWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack Trains, Planes & TrucksGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack ConstructionWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack ConstructionGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack ButterflyWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack ButterflyGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack RobotsWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack RobotsGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack Pink DotsWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack Pink DotsGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack Aqua DotsWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack Aqua DotsGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack CamoWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack CamoGet It!

Wildkin Toddler Pack 'n Snack Backpack DinosaursWildkin Toddler Pack ‘n Snack Backpack DinosaursGet It!


O3 Toddler All-in-One Backpacks with Integrated Cooler

O3 Toddler All-in-One Backpacks1

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like a chilled sippy cup on a hot day. These pint sized day packs for toddlers are 100% polyester, includes lots of pockets, and a drink pouch that’s insulated so it doubles as a lunch box! You can’t expect your toddler to eat room temperature grapes can you? The stylish design look just like the big kids backpacks, which will make them an instant hit.

Designed with padded shoulder straps, the O3 Pre-School Backpack adjusts to comfortably fit your growing child. The chest strap holds the backpack securely in place, even over heavy winter jackets.

The backpack is designed with ergonomic padding to support the lower back. It also features a breathable mesh fabric panel to provide air circulation even on hot spring or summer days.

The O3 Pre-School Backpack offers inner compartments and slots for quick organization of pencils, pens, and other supplies. The front pocket keeps keys, coins, and other essentials within easy reach. This backpack also includes a convenient loop at the top, so you can store the backpack on a hook when not in use.

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks ButterflyO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks ButterflyGet It!

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks CamoO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks CamoGet It!

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks FootballO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks FootballGet It!

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks HeartO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks HeartGet It!

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks PeaceO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks PeaceGet It!

O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks Angel WingsO3 Kid’s All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks Angel WingsGet It!


Laid Back Kids Snuggle Backpacks for Toddlers

These Super soft plush toddler backpacks by Laid Back Kids are perfect for the 2+ age group & are 100% machine washable to keep up with toddlers messy habits. No toddler can resist the cuteness of these backpacks!

Ok, I admit it…I have the Monkey in the hula shorts. I use it as a gym bag…don’t judge me. I live in a house full of kids, I’ve clearly lost it. However the bag is quite cool. I can easily fit a set of gym clothes in it & Moe is holding up fabulously! Not to mention I get some creative comments about it.

Laid Back Kids Malibu Moe Monkey BackpackLaid Back Kids Malibu Moe Monkey BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Fluffy Buffy Bunny BackpackLaid Back Kids Fluffy Buffy Bunny BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Tippy Toad Snuggle PackLaid Back Kids Tippy Toad Snuggle PackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Drools Verne Plush Monster BackpackLaid Back Kids Drools Verne Plush Monster BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Dr. Goo Plush Monster BackpackLaid Back Kids Dr. Goo Plush Monster BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Harry Hoofs Snuggle BackpackLaid Back Kids Harry Hoofs Snuggle BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Bolt-Bot Plush Robot BackpackLaid Back Kids Bolt-Bot Plush Robot BackpackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Buzzy Wuzzy Snuggle PackLaid Back Kids Buzzy Wuzzy Snuggle PackBuy It!

Laid Back Kids Cutie Hootie Snuggle BackpackLaid Back Kids Cutie Hootie Snuggle BackpackBuy It!


Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks

Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks1Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypacks

These adorable toddler bags by Littlelife feature a hideaway hoodie, removable parent strap, name tag, top grabbing handle & adjustable soft shoulder straps just for toddlers.  As you can see by the pic the hood pops right out of it’s own little zippered pocket….this is pretty cool. The safety strap is great for theme parks or actual trips….unlike most pack it literally un-clips and the pack still looks good. Safety when you need it, casual when you don’t,  Awesome. You also get several critter options on this one. The shell like pack is bendy but holds the round shape.


Littlelife Ladybug Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Ladybug Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Turtle Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Turtle Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Bumble Bee Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Bumble Bee Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Littlelife Cow Animal Toddler DaypackLittlelife Cow Animal Toddler DaypackGet It!

Eco Snoopers Toddler Backpacks with Removable Plush

Looking for a quirky backpack for your kids? Need something with a good cause? These adorable backpacks are not only super charming, they are eco friendly! Each item includes a fun back story about how they were created & what country they are from including Indonesia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa…even from a distant plant. Eco Snoopers make “going green” loads of fun!

Eco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Play it Again Sam MonkeyEco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Play it Again Sam MonkeyBuy It!

Eco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Bling-Bling PiggyEco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Bling-Bling PiggyBuy It!

Eco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Smile a Lot BearEco Snoopers / Backpack with Removable Plush, Smile a Lot BearBuy it!

Geen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpacks

They’re cute, fashionable & come in 4 different animals…best of all they are toddler sized! They sport an easy magnetic closure plus drawstring to keep everything inside. Of course they have a durable fabric, adjustable straps, hanging loop…because I wouldn’t dare feature something that was junk!


Geen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack Red MonkeyGreen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack Red MonkeyGet It!

Geen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack LionGreen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack LionGet It!

Geen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack AlligatorGreen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack AlligatorGet It!

Geen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack HippoGreen Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack HippoGet It!

SugarBooger Kiddie Play Back Packs

Looking for the perfect toddler backpack for your uber stylish kid? These charming play packs are perfect for outings & play dates! They are made of a spiffy cotton materials that can be tossed into the machine (Yay!), and sport bright cheery color schemes & comfy straps that will fit tiny shoulders perfectly.  It even has a reenforced handle…you know for when you have to carry it.

Note per the reviewers the straps are set a bit apart so if you are shopping for a kiddo under three this may be a bit big. I’d go 3 & up to be safe.

SugarBooger Dia De Los Muertos Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Dia De Los Muertos Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Ladybug Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Ladybug Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Fairies & Berries Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Fairies & Berries Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Flutterby Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Flutterby Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Hoot Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Hoot Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Hungry Monster Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Hungry Monster Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Secret Garden Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Secret Garden Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!

SugarBooger Alphabet Kiddie Play Back PackSugarBooger Alphabet Kiddie Play Back PackGET IT!


Get Funky with 3-D Toddler Backpacks!

Is you kid a bit different? You know…rocks out to music that isn’t there, thinks a cowboy hat & tighty whities is an outfit? Yep, I have one of those too. And with mine all that mainstream cuteness isn’t going to cut it. He wants weird, different & something cooler…with spikes preferred! So naturally his backpack of choice this month is a groovy spiky variety that is a mix of monster & dinosaur.  I also found a girly version…Score!

MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Halfpack BagMadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Halfpack BagBuy It!

MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Halfpack BagMadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Halfpack BagBuy It!

The Deglingos Backpacks

Deglingos are a whimsical line of characters with quirky personalities! Each Toddler backpack has over 50 different fabrics & textures, each one is also designed in France. Perfect for day trip, preschool or just a trip to grandmas. The feature goofy faces & a quirky look that even a toddler can love. The dangling arms & legs make this pack come to life…and even cuter! They come in 5 designs so you can find the perfect one for your tiny terror…Um…I mean toddler.

The Deglingos Cow BackpackThe Deglingos Cow BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Jambonos the Pig BackpackThe Deglingos Jambonos the Pig BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Sandykilos The Elephant BackpackThe Deglingos Sandykilos The Elephant BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Bogos The Monkey BackpackThe Deglingos Bogos The Monkey BackpackBuy It!

The Deglingos Croakos the Frog BackpackThe Deglingos Croakos the Frog BackpackBuy It!


What to look for in a toddler backpack?

Unlike school bags, toddler btoddler backpackackpacks are designed just for tiny hands & small cargo. Since kids tend to over stuff bags & could hurt themselves with too much weight, these ergonomically designed backpacks are perfect for smaller frames. Whether it’s a trip to daycare or just to the backyard these bags are ready for abuse, torture & years of fun with your toddler.

Still in diapers? (the kid, not you) Now is the time to load that toddler down with their own diaper gear! Your hands are full…get them toting!

Toddler Backpack Essentials –

  • Crayons
  • Coloring Book
  • Snacks
  • Toys
  • At least one rock
  • An almost dead bug
  • A live lizard…you know for later. (True story)

You should also attach or write your child’s information inside the toddler backpack just in case it’s lost…or your child is!