Looking for Some Great Inspiration?

These fab Ninja Turtle rooms are sure to give you some great ideas to do in your own kids rooms! Grab some accessories & have a blast making a custom wall or art piece for any kids space.

DIY Ninja Turtle Kids Decor

Simple & Cheap Wall Art!

Ninja Turtle Room Makeover 13This crafty mom spent $3 at Staples for an engineer print of Ninja Turtle Lego pieces then mounted them on foam board. Perfect for just about any theme…just grab some toys & take pictures! You can see the whole makeover here.

Simple art with a giant impact!

Ninja Turtle Room Makeover 6

This is one of those art projects that is truly simple to make & look just fantastic!

Get a little crafty!


This awesome mom created a fun art display with her kids favorite characters, the directions are easy to follow & the end results is really cute! The paint job on the wall is pretty groovy for a ninja turtle room as well!

Get the Directions here!

Trick out a dresser!

a011b9e34869f131651dc140a3df836fKids want shiny new awesomeness…not your old beat up college dresser. But because they are total animals that destroy everything in their path that’s what they are getting! No fear you can turn old dorm junk into fabulous ninja turtle coolness. You will just need paint, small wall decals and a bit of imagination!


Did you know sheets are great for making artwork? These groovy canvases were crated by simple wrapping sheets around unused canvases.

Ninja Turtle Side TableUsing a cheap table Ana decoupaged a logo and painted a sewer lid! Check out her full remodel here…we were super impressed!

Camo Kids Room Accessories

Camo Kids HamperRedmon Original Bongo Bag

If you have kids you know they somehow actually produce more crap than you bought….I have a house of boys & it’s insane. The hampers are great for tossing lots of junk into….we use them for all the kids laundry & they fit nicely inside a small closet so I don’t have to see or smell (gag) their laundry until I want too!

All purpose bag to store dry cleaning, laundry, winter clothing, shoes, toys, crafts, sleeping bags…whatever you’d like. It has a sturdy frame, two convenient handles and a great camo design.

41VFSTzpsbLGive Them a Place to Flop! – Bean Bag Army Camouflage Chair

You can’t expect those kids to sit upright ALL day can you? These are great for kids spaces & make gaming a little more comfortable. For some reason kids like to watch their friends play video games & these are low so we can have spectator seating on the couch behind them. Yes, it’s that bad!

This unique bean bag chair is specially shaped to offer either a back-supporting pear shape or the familiar more round shape at your whim. It’s portable, so you can use it in your kids room at home or take it to the cabin on the river. This Camo Bean Bag Chair is incredibly sturdy, refillable and made in the USA.

Laundry Hamper - Green CamoJoJo Designs Baby and Kids Clothes Laundry Hamper – Green Camo Army Military Camouflage

If you have to look at a hamper then this one is pretty nice, plus it has that fold over flap to keep that fabulous boy funk contained.

Right off the bat, this Jojo Designs camo hamper has a removable mesh inner lining, so, yes, it’s a good thing. As for the look, it’s matches with their terrific camo bedding sets, so now, Jojo has found a way to make even the laundry look adorable. The collapsible wooden frame can be folded up for compact storage in a closet or the laundry room.

Green Camo Military Accent Floor RugGot Cold Feet? – Get a Green Camo Military Accent Floor Rug!

I really like these, even on carpet. The kids tend to do horrible, unspeakable things to my carpet…at least I can’t see the stains on this rug! Sure I’m in denial, but I can live with that.

From JoJo Designs, this Camo Green Military floor rug is made to match the JoJo Bedding Sets. This accent rug will be a great addition to your child’s camo themed room. Made from acrylic yarn, they have a non skid backing for safety, and lasting durability.

Neutral Risk Camo Wall Decals AppliquesNeed Some Cool Wall Art? Teenifexs Dangerous Camo Decals

Instant wall art, and it’s pretty cheap compared to buying real art.

What is it with teenagers…they love this stuff. This Neutral Risk/Camo self-adhesive Wall Sticker Set has 4 sheets, displayed in these photos, that can be placed in any fashion you desire. They are made of vinyl and are moveable with a self-adhesive backing, plus, very easy to clean.

Crazy Camo Indoor Ceiling FanIs it Stuffy in Here to You?

Look everyone wants a ceiling fan in their room, they are just awesome! Why not get them the one they really want? In 10 years if they get bored with this theme just take the blades off & give them a coat of black spray paint.

It’s really not possible to go overboard with camo…add a little Army style to your kids room with this camouflage ceiling fan.

Did I mention they come in pink too? Yea that’s awesome!

Crazy Camo Indoor Ceiling Fan pink

Camo bed and tentWant to be Parent of the Year?

Get Them a Twin Tent Loft w/ Slide Light Espresso Finish / Camo Tent


Holy crap, it’s a loft bed with a slide! Where was this when I was a kid…and why doesn’t it come in king size? My day would start much better if I had a slide, I’m sure of it.

Now this is a very cool piece of kids furniture. Taking up only the space of a twin-size bed, your kid can can get sleep, study and store lots of stuff this very well designed tent loft bunk. What great decor for your kid’s barracks.

Green Camo Window Treatment Panels by Sweet Jojo DesignsDoes the Sunlight Melt Your Kids?

They Need These Green Camo Window Treatment Panels

Green Camo Window Treatment Panels – Set of 2

Ok, curtains are kind of a “girl thing”, but these are thick & will keep those morning rays out…plus they are totally camo. So they get a cool pass.

As long as you’ve gotten this far with the camo room decor, take the next step with these JoJo Designs Window Panels. They go perfectly with JoJo children’s bedding sets to help complete the look and feel of the bedroom theme for your child. Includes 2 Long Window Panels – 42in. x 84in. each. Fits Standard Rods up to 1.5 inches in Diameter.

Contemporary Child Rocker Recliner ChairTime to Chill Out…

Duck Dynasty is on!

Contemporary Child Rocker Recliner – Camouflage

An absolutely fantastic piece of kid furniture,your kid will love this new Camouflage Rocker Recliner. Built for youngsters, this high-quality rocker recliner comes in a variety of kid-durable Camouflage Denim which makes cleaning up pizza and bread crumbs a snap. Recommended for children ages 2-9. Made in the U.S.A.



Soccer Bedroom Ideas

Get Creative!Get Creative!

Find your local used sports store & get some used equipment…

An Old Soccer Goal makes for a really cool headboard!

That netting is a fun backdrop for just about any wall…even behind the artwork.

Plus with those Mountable Ball Claws you can display Soccer balls right to the wall.

Make a Custom Desk!

soccer deskDid you know a Soccer Net & a little paint can turn a boring desk into a soccer goal? How cool is that!?

9713165_f260Make a cool work station!

You can paint a boring cork board with spray paint & a little tape to make a groovy soccer field. The make a stencil & paint your kids number on the back of their chair. In a couple hours you have a super personal space that your kids will adore. Embellishment Kids gives some great advice for ticking out a room for less than $300. Check it out here…Teen Bedroom $300.00 Makeover Challenge.


Captain America Room Accessories

FATHEAD Captain America The First Avenger Graphic Wall DecorFATHEAD Captain America: The First Avenger Graphic Wall Decor

Looking for a great way to decorate an entire room? This set of wall decals is Huge & will fill out one large accent wall or spread them around the room for more of a cohesive theme. These are great for Bedrooms, offices or anyplace you need a little action!

They stick to anything smooth so mirrors, head boards or even dressers are fair game for these wall accents.



Avengers Captain America Enforcement Buddy Throw PillowAvengers Captain America Enforcement Buddy Throw Pillow

The perfect accent for your kids new bedding set. He’s super cool & plushy so the boys will love playing with him…and throwing him around, and battling other kids with him!

You can get other Marvel characters or keep it simple with just the Captain.



7197EychFtL._SL1500_Captain America Winter Soldier Full Bed in a Bag



If you’re looking to make a bed spectacular then this groovy Captain America Winter Soldier bedding set is ideal! It comes with a full size comforter that has large graphics on one side & smaller designs on the back, 2 full-sized pillow cases & a top & bottom sheet that are fulled designed out.


Captain America Table Lamp16″ Captain America Table Lamp

This snazzy lamp is 16″ tall with a 3D resin action hero design. The shade features a comic book feel with black piping & full color base that any fan would flipping adore. The Captain is in full action mode with faux rocks & his name in red, white & blue on the base. It’s the perfect accessory for your action hero room…or even your kids.

DIY Kids Super Hero Lamps

A staple in all kids room are the lamps. And while that cute pastel lamp with the teddy bear on it worked when your kiddo was a baby, it’s now time to upgrade to something cooler.

DIY Action Figure lampDIY Action Figure Lamp

I love the idea of taking old ratty action figures & making them into a fabulously cool lamp. I’m sure you can find tons of these at thrift shops, garage sales or in the bottom of the kids toy box. A couple dozen well placed heroes will make this lamp rock!

You’ll need:

  • Lamp with a small or medium-sized base
  • Shade
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic toys (40-50 is best)
  • Spray paint (optional)

Get Directions Here!

Handmade Superhero LampshadeHandmade Superhero Lampshade

With this project all you need is a bit of Mod Podge, a Lamp Shade, Super Hero Fabric and either a regular Lamp Base or a Pendant.

  • Make the template: Tape one edge of the paper to the seam on the lampshade. (you might need to piece several sheets of paper together). Wrap the paper around the lampshade and secure with tape. Using a pencil trace along the top and bottom edge of the shade. Cut along the pencil lines.
  • Pin the template to your ironed fabric (trust me you want this ironed!). Cut around the template leaving a 1” border around all sides. Iron one side seam edge back 1”.
  • Apply Fabric Mod Podge to the lampshade. Line up the non-ironed edge of the fabric with the seam on the lampshade. You should have a 1” over hang on the top and bottom. Wrap the fabric around the shade. Apply more Mod Podge to the edge that is ironed-over and press against the lampshade to secure.
  • Using Mod Podge, glue the 1” overhang to the top and bottom inside of the shade.
  • Attach a band of rim around the lampshade with hot glue.

DIY Super Hero Lamp ShadesDIY Super Hero Lamp Shades

Turn a boring lamp into custom super hero awesomeness with just a plain lamp & a pre-made applique! This is a project for people with just about no DIY skills.

You will need

You can add just like shown or you can add several & make it an action packed DC Comics Iron on Patch  Batman WHAMshade. Just be mindful of the sizes because some of the patches are tiny & some are huge. You can find just about any Action Hero Applique Here.

Basically you will be using the glue gun to glue the appliques onto the shade.

You can paint the lamp base in a solid primary color with a can of spray paint if it doesn’t match your theme. Also replacement lampshades are pretty affordable at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. If you are unsure of which size shade go ahead and buy the appliques you want, take them to the store and work out what you need right in the isle.

DIY Batman LampDIY Batman Lamp

With this fun project you will need to break out some tools but you won’t spend much cash. While this guy uses the batman logo you can use any action hero you like with the same result.

You can find the full directions here.

DIY Batman Bedside LampDIY Batman Bedside Lamp

This lamp is super simple to make it’s basically a work light with a mask on the front.

  • You’ll need a shop light or use what I am a Stick Up Light that uses batteries…far safer & no cord. They come in a three pack so I may just add 3 action heros!
  • Fluorescent bulb…the standard bulbs will get too hot. (not needed for stick up lights)
  • Mask of you favorite hero, Personally I’m going with Iron Man, Spider-man, and The Hulk on this project. Having that light up eyes really suits these guys.Super Hero Masks

The result will be something like this. Be mindful of the half face masks, they won’t work well on this project.

You can find the full directions here.


DIY Super Hero Canvas Art

DIY Super Hero Canvas ArtMake a huge statement with this super spiffy super hero wall art. This one is great for the DIY maven or just the geek with a mission. You will need

  • Canvases – One Large and Three Small (this one featured used a 16 x 20″ and three 5 x 7″) FYI It’s cheaper to buy a 5 pack than individual canvases.
  • Craft Cuts wood letters – The “Luckiest Guy” font in 1/8″ thickness, 3″ tall
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Comic books, This cool lot with give you 25 random comics from the 90’s and range between $7.50 & $15. Perfect for this type of project.
  • Acrylic paint – black, yellow, red, blue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape

This is a pretty simple project with a huge impact, so take your time and have fun! Since you already have the supplies think of how you can trick out a headboard, mirror or dresser in the exact same way!

You can find all the directions here

DIY Super Hero Kids Room

superhero-pillowDIY Comic Style Kids Pillow

If you’re handy with a sewing machine then you will love this creative super hero kids project! It’s a custom comic book style pillow with piping & a crazy cute look. Personally I think this is adorable, but I am helpless with a sewing machine.

Get Directions Here!



Wooden letters for boys Update the Old Nursery Lettering!

Did you buy cute little pastel letters when your son or daughter were born? Well they need a makeover…comic book style! This great tutorial is going to make those plain letters feel totally custom. It’s super easy & a makes for a quick project.

Get Directions Here!


DIY Boys Room Decor Superhero SignMake Some Custom Art!

This groovy piece of art can be made with either cut out paper or material…it’s pretty cute & sure to be a big hit with big brothers!

Get The Directions Here



DIY LampRevamp a Cruddy Old Lamp!

Everyone has a couple outdated tacky lamps hanging around…turn them into super hero masterpieces! This girl even found glow in the dark hot glue to add the new fabric so it also Glows…nice touch.

Get The Directions Here!





superhero artCrazy Cute Wall Art!

All you need is a little time & a great silhouette to make this fab piece of artwork! I love that there are literally a million ways this could turn out just by changing up the paper or silhouette.

Find the Tutorial Here





Super Hero NewsMake a Cool Newspaper Article!


With a little creativity & a $3 print from Staples you can make this spectacular effect featuring your own kids! If your going to go custom…go all the way. Write a super special article just for your kid and feature them in the headlines…what kid wouldn’t love that?!

Get Directions Here!





Super Hero Valance 2 Super Hero ValanceMake a Valance!


These are so adorable I almost can’t control myself! The super mom that made these included a link to her pattern she used so I have that listed below. She designed the logos herself & OMG, way better than anything from the Store!

See the Finished Valances Here

Find the Pattern Here

Batman Kids Room Accessories

When shopping for a kids room you have to look for the little stuff that will make the theme pop with that character. These Batman room accessories feature just about all the basics to make a kid feel like he lives in the Bat Cave.

Batman: Gotham Guardian Giant Peel & Stick Wall Decal

Batman Gotham Guardian Giant Peel & Stick Wall DecalIf your looking to add a serious focal wall to your kids room or even your office than this giant Batman wall decal will surely meet all your geeky needs. It’s huge! Measuring 42″ x 33″ and is super easy to apply just peel and stick it to any smooth flat surface.

It’s easy to remove and won’t damages walls so using this in a rental is perfectly fine. This decal features the retro blue Batman color scheme with him leaping into action.



Warner Brothers Batman Collapsible Pop Up Hamper

Warner Brothers Batman Collapsible Pop Up HamperNow you can contain your kids gross and funky laundry in supreme style with this fab hamper! It of course features Batman with the bat mobile in the background and a full action scene.

It reads: Batman Gotham Guardian

The Hamper measures 21″ tall and the 13.5″ wide. It collapses down flat when not in use (like that will ever happen) and is great for storing toys or clothes.




Funko Batman Wacky Wobbler

Funko Batman Wacky WobblerNothings says die hard Batman fan quite like one of these charming Batman bobble heads by Funko. Kids, teens & geeks from around the world love these…I should know, I have one on my desk!

Batman stands 7.5″ tall and is on a Base emblazoned with his name. This is the black version complete with tool belt, spiky cuffs and cape.




Warner Brothers Batman Classic Animated Hero Bean Bag

Warner Brothers Batman Classic Animated Hero Bean BagKids love to flop on stuff, Why not get them a chair dedicated to slouching & flopping?

This groovy beanbag chair has the blue Batman with a comic style design & Blue accent panels with the logo.

It measures 18.5″ x 18.5″ so it’s for smaller kids & not teens.






Batman 5pc Full Comforter and Sheet Set Bedding Collection

Batman 5pc Full Comforter and Sheet Set Bedding CollectionWhen tricking out a room you can’t overlook the bedding, the bed is the focal point of a kids room!

This bedding set features a bold black and yellow classic logo on the pillow and reverse of the comforter. The blue batman is in fine graphic detail & perfect for kids…or adults that Love Batman.


  • (1) Twin/Full Reversible Comforter 72″ x 86″
  • (1) Full Fitted Sheet 54″ x 75″
  • (1) Full Flat Sheet 81″ x 96″
  • (2) Standard Pillowcases 20″ x 30″


Ninja Turtle Room Accessories

Nothing like a few well placed pieces of awesomeness to make a room feel like home…no not that old pizza box! We mean cool modern groovy things to add to that Ninja Turtle room theme

Funko POP Television TMNT Vinyl Figures

Leonardo Funko PopNow you might be thinking about standard decor but you need to think outside the box for a Ninja Turtle Decor! These cool little vinyl figures are super stylish & can be played with or just displayed in all their outrageous glory. Each one is about 4″ tall & they come individually box. Choose from Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Splinter, April, Foot Soldier, Bebop, Rocksteady or even Shredder! No matter who is your personal fave you’ll love all these guys sitting on a bookshelf or dresser waiting to save the world.



Diamond Select Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bust Banks

Diamond Select Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello Bust BankThese banks are now in stock and shipping…and these a flipping insane!  You can pick from Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, or Michelangelo. Honestly these look so cool as a sculpture I can’t decide which one is the best. This is definitely a buy the entire set situation. Each on is about 8″ tall making them a really good size for a bank or just as decor. The slot is hiding in the back & not obvious. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum.


Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles 3D Toddler Bed

Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles 3D Toddler BedSeriously what action packed toddler wouldn’t love this blue & green TMNT bed? It’s pint-sized so it will fit a crib mattress, just add some bedding & an awesome kid!

It features a fun design of course and the foot of the bed has a giant pizza wheel with the faces of all 4 characters…and pizza of course. Dimensions: 29″H X 54″ LX 31″L




Ninja Turtles Multi Bin Storage Organizer

Ninja Turtles Multi Bin Storage OrganizerNow once you have kids you realize that the most challenging thing about parenthood is dealing with all their junk…and potty training that’s bad too!

This groovy storage box features a soft toy box on the bottom & 5 removable storage bins all the a great TMNT room theme. The design is bright & cheery…making it perfect to add even more storage to you kids room. plus it’s just so cool looking!






Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie Posters

What better way to decorate a kids room than with fab ninja turtle posters? They are relatively cheap & easy to hang. With the New Ninja turtle movie of course there is a new batch of cool & decorative stuff for kids rooms. This set of  4 posters is one of my favorites! Choose from Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael or Donatello… or collect all 4 to  make a great accent wall! These posters are subtle & show only the hand of each ninja turtle holding their weapon of choice. Each one also have a slight color that represents their mask color. Each Ninja turtle Poster is double-sided & printed on a think poster paper.

Michaelangelo Movie PosterMichaelangelo Movie PosterBuy It!

Leonardo Movie PosterLeonardo Movie PosterBuy It!

Raphael Movie PosterRaphael Movie PosterBuy It!

Donatello Movie PosterDonatello Movie PosterBuy It!


Groovy Skateboard Room Decor

When tricking out a kids room in skater style you want a few well placed pieces that are so cool even the kids will dig them!

Skateboard Wall Mirror

Skateboard Wall MirrorYou can’t go wrong with a mirror as cool as this! it’s the perfect accent for any teen or tweens room & features a super sleek look.

The Skater Decor Mirror is made from stainless steel and mirrored glass, as well as genuine skate trucks. It comes with a pack of skate stickers to customize the front. You can hang it vertically or horizontally or simply prop it up in the corner of the room. The mirror Measures 7-1/2 by 5.1 by 29-3/4 inches. FYI Never skate on the skateboard mirror…seriously just don’t.



Leisure Wall Decals Skateboard Freestyle Abstract Background

Skateboard Freestyle Abstract BackgroundOnce you go skater you might as well trick out a wall! This Skateboard inspired wall decal comes in 6 sizes from 18″x13″ all the way up to 60″x42″ Making it perfect for just about any kids wall. It features a bright blue and black splatter painted design with a skater design cut into the pattern. The white shown will be the wall color.

This is an easy to install peal & stick style design that won’t damage the walls. So your kids can have his radical skater decor & it won’t mess up your security deposit or resale value!

Skaters Only (Skating on Sign) Art Poster Print

Skaters Only (Skating on Sign) Art Poster PrintKids love posters! it’s a super easy & cost-effective way to spruce up those boring walls. This one features a Skaters Only theme with a rustic vibe those little hooligans will love. For under $10 you get a great piece of Skater Decor. Tack it up or make it look a bit more polished with a Snazzy Poster Frame.






Skateboard Table Lamp

skateboard Table LampEven rough skaters need a cool lamp…and this one has some serious style! It’s perfect for any age & features a lamp base with shade. The skater lamp is 21″ tall and the base is 8″x8″ wide. You can’t go wrong with this one in any active kids room.


Army Men Room Accessories!

If you’re tricking out a kids military room or even a camo inspired room then army men are the perfect accent. They’re a classic staple in every kids life & these room accents are pure nostalgia.

NUOP Design Army Men Push Pins

NUOP Design GI Push PinsIf your kids hang posters or have a memo board then these push pins will surely be a fun accent to their room. You get a set of 5 different guys that act as regular thumb tacks. As an added bonus…none of their friends will have them!

Personally I’d get a couple sets of these guys to really fill out the memo board & make it feel custom.






Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2

Large Green Army Soldier Men Bookends, Set of 2After you’ve finished reading Bravo Two Zero, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, End Game and Toy Story’s Mega Coloring-in Book, it’s time to put them pride of place on your bookshelf. So what better accompaniment than these two brilliant Soldier bookends?!

What sane person wouldn’t want these wicked bookends?! They are about 7.5″ tall & feature the classic look of the plastic army men…but they are made from resin. They cool little soldiers will keep those unruly books in order & standing up straight! This set includes both army guys shown. If you just need one bookend then get this guy Homeguard Soldier Book End will be perfect for you.

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-Pack

StikEez Black Military Army Men 15-PackIf your kids are into warfare…or army guys then these wall decals are great for adding a little accent to their walls, furniture, windows, mirrors or even school stuff. These decals stick to anything that’s smooth. They come in 11 different colors & includes 15 army men ready for battle!

They’re easy to remove without damaging the surface so tricking out a room or locker will be super easy & fun!



Homeguard Soldier Door Stop

Army Man DoorstopHalt! This classic doorstop features a detailed army man in the stop position. He’s really good at holding doors open & making a statement! The original Home Guard consisted of volunteers who, during World War II were unable to go to war. Despite this they stood strong against the threat to peace and harmony at home. Like Dad’s Army these resin soldiers will dutifully stay behind, determined to keep domestic peace against the menace of slamming doors. He’s made of a plastic poly-resin & Measures 6.5 by 11 by 4.7-inchs.

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Storage

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy OrganizerRub a dub dub it fun in the tub!

Kids love toys in the bathtub, sometime it’s the only way to bribe them into the clean water! However as any parent knows you need some bath toy storage for all that crap or it will attack you while showering. Not to mention I get kinda creeped out with rubber ducks & Elmo leering at my naked parts every morning. The easy solution is to get some cute practical way to contain all that loose junk….which makes the Skip Hop Tubby Toy Storage perfect!


Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Organizer OrangeThis cute washing machine style tub toy organizer is perfect for all those stray toys in the tub, it comes with four suction cups for mounting & a mesh bottom to let the water drain & the toys dry out…heck it even has hooks for the kids scrubbers or washcloths! It’s made from neoprene and is a bit stretchy to fit all those clunky toys. Choose from a Funky Blue or Bright Cheery Orange.

Great Knitting Stuff for Kids

Nothing like a long summer break to get the kids busy on a new hobby! Knitting is fun, easy to learn & can be taken just about anyway…plus it doesn’t run on batteries.

Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages

Kids Knitting Projects for Kids of all AgesYou kids will love this book, it features 15 different kid friendly projects with step by step instructions.

This book is geared towards beginners and teaches all the basic stitches. Ideally for ages 8 and up with a 3rd grade reading level. The book is 28 pages of knitting goodness that will keep the kids busy for hours…we hope.

The book also works well for adults in you want to jump in & learn something new as well.


Kids Knit!: Simple Steps to Nifty Projects

Kids Knit Simple Steps to Nifty ProjectsYour crafty kids can learn how to make backpacks, dolls, doll blankets, scarves & more with this fab knitting book features 20 different projects.

The book starts with the basics and moves thru to more advanced work in the bigger projects. Age is 8-14 with at least a 3rd grade reading level.

The 20 projects include a washcloth, doll (with dress and blanket), sunglasses case, ribbed scarf, teddy-bear puppet, drawstring purse, and tote bag. Each set of directions is divided into sections describing the object’s size, necessary materials, gauge, pattern, and finishing tips. There’s a wide range of difficulty and skill levels to challenge children of all abilities.

Don’t forget the essentials! They make smaller kid friendly knitting needles and a some brightly color yarn!


Fire Fighter Room Accessories

Brothers make the best of friendsWhen decorating a Fire Fighter room the accessories can make or break the theme. It’s fun to buy everything right off the shelf but if you are feeling a bit more creative this fab display is easy to recreate! With a simple Brothers Make The Best Friends Wall Decal you bring in the classic firehouse motto with a fun family twist.

Next you’ll need a simple Black Shelf with Peg Hooks to make a cute little display & have something to hang the ladder on! You will of course need ladder to complete this look…we used a vintage one but you a use this Decorative Ladder & it will have the same effect.

Lastly you should use last seasons rain boots to add a little detail to the shelf along with a fun toy that matches the firemen theme. Your kids will adore this custom wall decor and you’ll love that you did it for less than $100! If your feeling super handy you could make the ladder or shelf & paint the saying on the wall.



Monsters Inc Wall Art

Monsters Art PrintIf you want something a bit more custom for your Monsters Inc inspired room then these artists designs are perfect for you, Personally I love art, add in my favorite characters & it’s a win!

This groovy Mike Print is perfect for just about any space and features a whimsical take on the classic character. Looks like Mike got quite a bit taller & he’s looking super happy with a light watercolor wash background & stunning design everyone will love.


Sully, Monsters Inc.This fabulous art print titled Sully, Monsters Inc is bright and cheery with the perfect color combination to add to your Monsters Inc themed room. it measures 8″ x 10″ & is ready to frame.

This Monster easily matches the theme & adds that special custom feel you’re looking for.

Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc.

Mike Wazowski is one of the coolest monsters ever created! Or at least he’s super determined and fun to hang out with (or so I’ve heard). This charming print is so cute you can’t pass it up!


Kids Picnic Tables

The weather is warm & you want to keep the kids outside & running in circles as long as possible! There are literally hundreds of kids picnic tables on the market…but you are only going to see the top 4 here. I’m all about quality!

My top pick is the KidKraft Outdoor Table & Chair Set with Navy Cushions

KidKraft Outdoor Table & Chair Set with Navy CushionsI have this one & can assure you the quality of this kids picnic table is as good as my adult set. It comes with an umbrella which is a huge deal for us & padded cushions for the seats. The seats aren’t attached to the table & it makes things easier for littles to get on the benches.

This one is ideal for kids 7-ish and under because it’s literally pint-sized. However I have sat at the table…I just feel like a giant!

It’s very sturdy & after 2 years & 5 boys worth of use it still looks brand new (some kind of miracle!). You’re looking at a 30-45 minutes assembly depending on how handy you are. The directions are great & easy to follow.



Next up is the Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with UmbrellaMy daycare has this one & it’s pretty roomy…you can fit 6 little butts on those benches! This one is a little more simple, it features an umbrella & plastic all connected together type design. Because of the material it’s super easy to clean & will work inside or out. Once assembled it measures 20 1/2″H x 43″W x 41″D.

If you do lots of outdoor crafts or your kids are into making mud pies this is the table for you. A hose & scrub brush will remove just about any filth your kids can create. The directions are easy to follow & assembly on this table is super fast.


Option 3 as voted by a friend of mine the Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table with Umbrella

Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table with UmbrellaOk, so you can’t ever go wrong with Little Tikes, their stuff always fades out & the kids are off to prom way before it breaks!

This one has some cool features. it folds flat to store…that’s right you can fold this thing up for a road trip or to hide in the closet during winter. It seats up to 6 little people at a time & of course has a swanky removable umbrella. The table top has 2 cup holders & a fabulous condiment/crayon tray. Age range on this picnic table is 2-8 years old. According to my friend the umbrella that comes with it is amazing & stand up to real storms…plus keeps the sun off her kids while they eat.

Also Little Tikes makes a smaller Jr size…that table is really small & your kid will outgrow it very fast…so skip that one & go straight to the toddler/small kid version shown.

We also have a vote in for the Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Little Tikes Fold 'n Store Picnic Table with Market UmbrellaIf your kids are social butterflies and have a gaggle of tiny friends this is the table for you! This kids picnic tables seats 6-8 littles at a time, making it perfect for large families or visiting relatives. It comes with a large umbrella & when not in use this cool picnic table just folds flay & can be hung on the wall or stuffed into a closet. It also makes a trip to the beach super easy!

Little Tikes Fold 'n Store Picnic TableIt’s made by Little Tikes so you know it will last for years of hard abuse by the kids. Once assembled you won’t need any tools to fold it flat. Directions are pretty straight forward but plan on at least an hour to assemble.


Superman Kids Lighting

When you are tricking out a kids superman themed bedroom you’ll need the latest & greatest in Superman lights! These are all perfectly coordinated to your kids tastes & look great mixed in with all their super hero friends.

Superman Statue Lamp

Superman Statue LampIf you’re looking to make a statement then this is the Superman lamp for you! It features the man of steel in full 3D action  scene on rocks with a brightly colored comic style lamp shade. This one is great for a night stand or dresser & look fantastic. The lamp stands 16″ tall. You can get your very own here.






Superman Logo Night Light

Superman Logo Night LightAll kids need a groovy night light & what better way to keep the boogie man away than with a stylish Super Hero logo? This fab night light will cast a warm glow in any room or hallway & is perfect for dodging legos in the middle of the night. It is light sensitive & automatically turns on when the lights go out. You can get your Superman Night Light here.






Superman DC Classic 20-Inch Leg Lamp

Superman DC Classic 20-Inch Leg LampIf your boys are not into the classic leg lamp from A Christmas Story maybe they will dig this on with a super hero twist! You get a 20″ lamp with the classic red & blue Superman leg & matching logo lampshade. Pretty much a lamp that no DC comic fan could possible pass up. It would look great on a desk in an office too! Get your very own Superman Leg Lamp here.





Superman Neon Light

Superman Neon LightOk, I have to admit..even I want this snazzy Superman light. It’s a small red neon light with the superman logo blazing across it. Be careful when ordering there is one that is for UK use only…the US version can be found here.

  • Neon sign features Superman’s classic S-shield symbol emblem
  • Designed for tabletop use or wall-mounting
  • Measures 9″ high and 12″ wide
  • Comes packaged in a 4-color box
  • Power adapter is for US use only



Crazy Aaron’s Putty World Creature Putty

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Creature Green PuttyIf your kids like playing with clay or slime then this is the toy for them!

It comes in Green, Pink or Blue.

The putty has a unique texture that kids love and of course a pair of creature eyes! This cool putty stretches, snaps, pulls & twists to make the weirdest animals you’ve ever seen. Be sure to take a photo of you creation because unlike clay this little guy will melt in just a few minutes into a  pile of goo. Each tin in made in the USA & is packed with 1/8 pound of thinking putty. This won’t stick to clothes or leave any residue. it’s perfect for taking into those boring adult restaurants without play structures.


3 Sprouts Round Animal Storage Bins

3 Sprouts Storage BinLooking for a cool stylish storage bin that is just for kids? 3 Sprout make the cutest animal storage solution on the market! These fab bins by are 17″ round, Have a kid friendly coating on the inside so they wipe clean, are collapsible & feature whimsical animals on the sides. They’re great for laundry, toys or just about anything a kid needs to store!

They are the perfect height for little people to dig around in & they are easy to pull over so they can find all their loot with minimal hassle. Big toy boxes are great….except little kids can’t dig to the bottom & rarely play with things once they are buried. These smaller bins are easy for kids to move from room to room & hold a manageable amount of toys.

You have 12 fab animals to choose from so matching that color scheme or favorite critter shouldn’t be hard to do!

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton; Decoration: 100% Polyester
  • Storage bins are 17″ height and 17″ diameter
  • Bin collapses for easy storage when not in use
  • Coated on the inside so its easy to wipe clean


3 Sprouts Storage Bin Elephant3 Sprouts Storage Bin ElephantBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Bear3 Sprouts Storage Bin BearBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Elephant3 Sprouts Storage Bin ElephantBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Hippo3 Sprouts Storage Bin HippoBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Fox3 Sprouts Storage Bin FoxBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Zebra3 Sprouts Storage Bin ZebraBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Owl3 Sprouts Storage Bin OwlBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Monkey3 Sprouts Storage Bin MonkeyBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Raccoon3 Sprouts Storage Bin RaccoonBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Camel3 Sprouts Storage Bin CamelBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Dinosaur3 Sprouts Storage Bin DinosaurBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Berry Squirrel3 Sprouts Storage Bin Berry SquirrelBuy It!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Banks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy BankClearly your kids need something uber safe to put their cash in…and what better than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Piggy Bank? This guy is perfect for a themed room or just because your kids think they’re awesome. You can’t go wrong with this one. It measures Approx 8″ long x 6″ wide x 6.5″ tall.

I read the reviews on amazon & people were complaining you could get it for $10 at Walmart…so I looked there…its no longer sold on their website. Not sure about in store, but I like to give all the info I can to people. So the cheapest remains Amazon for online. FYI if you do find it cheaper contact us & let us know where!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BankNow this set of 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Piggy Banks (one of each character) is all about saving money…and looking amazing on the shelf! Perfect if you have more than on kid to buy for or keep the entire shelf & use them as fab TMNT decor. You can’t go wrong with these guys!





4 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Molded Saving BanksThen there’s this set of 4 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Molded Saving Banks. They are large…7″ each which is actually a good thing. These would also look pretty great on a shelf or dresser all together or give out a few to the kids friends as gifts. Either way they are super cool & ready for big time savings!




DIY Dinosaur Bookcase

Dinosaur bookcaseSo you want a fun DIY project with a dinosaur theme? This is certainly one for you! This dinosaur bookcase is nothing short of fantastic and the kids will flip out over it!

You will need to be a bit handy to make this dinosaur bookcase, you’ll need a few tools & a decent workspace/garage to spread out & create. the plans are fairly simple…as long as you can operate a jigsaw you’ll be fine.

You can find the full directions here

If you kids are into dinosaurs this is the perfect addition to a themed bedroom. Kids always need extra storage space, why not make them something insanely cool?!


DIY Kids Race Car Lamp Makeover

On the Road AgainI just love the simplicity of this fun kids design. This race car lamp could easily be adorned with trains, boats, trucks, construction equipment or even Legos & themed Lego mini figures will work with this project.

You can find the directions Here, It’s pretty easy project all you need is some toys, lampshade, glue gun & imagination! Perfect for tricking out a themed room or just a fun way to display one of the many things your kids like…this month.

These kinds of DIY project are great for a rainy day or fun bonding project with the kids. Get them involved & let them help out!

Pixar Monsters University Room Accessories

When decorating a Monsters University room the accessories are the fun part! Mix and match these great items to make that theme jump out and scare you! From clocks to shelf decor & light switches you’ll find all those fab finishing touches here!

Monsters University Quartz Wall Clock

Monsters University Quartz Wall ClockEven little monsters need to tell time! This fab clock features Mike & Sulley with a bright blue frame & classic monster style. This one is perfect for any Monsters Inc fan! It measures 10″ in diameter & has bright green hands.







Disney Monsters Inc University 72″ Curtains

Disney Monsters Inc University CurtainsThese fab Monster themed curtains are great for adding that finishing touch to the windows. It has a primarily blue vibe with lots of character faces smiling back at you. This is a set of 2 curtains with a Pencil-pleat & measure 66″ wide x 72″ drop.







Monsters University Night Light and Switch Plate Cover Set

Monsters University Night Light and Switch Plate Cover SetThis is one of those finishing touches that everyone will notice especially the kids! This is gift set includes a fun Mike night-light & a light switch cover with Mike & Sulley in scare mode. Who wouldn’t love these charming gift set?






Pixar Monsters University Pillow

Pixar Monsters University Pillow

This delightful Mike pillow is nothing short of adorable. he features an embroidered design, classic horns and he’s even wearing his braces! This is perfect for finishing out the bed or just to be used as a floor pillow. It’s 12″ x 12″& machine washable.






Modern Littles Bold Folding Laundry Basket

91HpeDHQVpL._SL1500_Your kids will need a hamper however the real Monster Inc Hamper has pretty awful reviews…So I recommend this one, the blue matches & it will hold up for years of kid abuse. It’s roomy enough to hold a couple of loads of laundry & has some sturdy reinforced handles. Since it’s a solid color you won’t have to worry about replacing it when the kids get tired of the characters.





Pop! Minis Disney Monsters, Inc.

Pop! Minis Disney Monsters, Inc.This adorable duo is great for finishing out a bookshelf or dresser. They are made of tick vinyl & are fine to play with as well! They are made by Funko & feature caricatures of Mike & Sulley. These are also the perfect thing for the adult collectors as well…I have some in my office!


P’kolino Monster Storage Bins

P'kolino Monster Under-the-bed StorageAre you looking for some fabulously cute kids storage solutions? The P’kolino Monster Under-the-bed Storage is perfect for storing all those toys & clothes right under the bed! These fab monsters come in 3 colors Pink, Blue & Green & each one has a not so scary monster face. According to my kids these things keep the real monster away..Sweet we solved to problems!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Sized right for toddles and their favorite things like toys, shoes, books and much more!
  • Now having a Monster under your bed is a good thing!
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)

P’kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage Bins

P'kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage BinIf you like storing stuff in cubes then these charming little Monsters are perfect for your kids! You get to choose from three different colors Pink, Green or Blue & they make storing toys look stylish!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Fits most standard cube shelves.
  • Large storage for quick clean ups!
  • Easy to use square shape
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)







Funko Monsters University Wacky Wobblers

When you’re a die-hard Monsters University fan you have to love all the cool toys…Er Collectibles! These groovy bobble heads are by Funko & called Wacky Wobblers. You have three fab options here so get your favorite or collect them all.

Randall Wacky Wobbler

Randall Wacky WobblerRandall in college is much different from later in his life, he’s almost charming! This fun Bobblehead is 6.75″ tall & features Randall in the school jacket with glasses & a perky disposition.

Just think of how his life would have been different if he was more popular in college!





Mike Wazowski Wacky Wobble

Mike Wazowski Wacky WobblerWho doesn’t love Mike’s infectious attitude? He’s sporting a blue MU hat & a stack of books…he’s ready to Scare! Since he’s sort of all head he wabbles from the waist-ish area…it’s hilarious.






Sulley Wacky Wobbler

Sulley Wacky WobblerSulley is ready to scare! He stands 6.8″ tall & is his adorable blue self with a green OK T-shirt & his name printed across the bottom of the base. These are perfect for kids spaces to decorate shelves or even in your office…we know you want one too!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Race Car Set


KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing SetLooking for a great play set for the kids? The KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set is full of heart pumping racing action! With a house full of kids I’m huge on play sets like this, Since they are So large you just need one of two good themed mega sets to give your kids hours of playtime. This one features a wooden design with little wooden brightly painted cars, trucks and even a gas pump. The beauty of a set like this is the size & quality. They can race cars down the ramp and it even has a “wicked jump at the end” (per my kids). Hot Wheels or matchbox cars also work with this set & apparently it’s the perfect size to play out all kinds of action hero sagas as well. I saw some ninja turtles using the ramp as a slide last week.
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set JumpIt has some cool features like a working elevator, gas station, car wash, helicopter pad & of course two separate ramps. It’s perfect for toddler 3 and up but even the tweens will race cars on this so it’s a great long lasting toy. We actually have 2 different play sets like this on the old train table with the entire train set that wraps around. They don’t seem to care what toys actually came with this set…everything is part of playtime!
You can actually race on the largest ramp with a special launch pad that kids lower to let the cars go, guaranteeing that they take off at the same time. The car wash has moving car cleaning action and the traffic lights signal the beginning of the race. All in all this is one awesome toy!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Specs-
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Detail

  • Includes standard traffic lights green, yellow and red  that help countdown to the beginning of race time!
  • Gliding elevator takes passengers & cars to the top of the parking garage
  • Three-level “Mega Ramp” with launch pad for racing cars against one another
  • Three-level spiral ramp
  • Helicopter and helipad
  • Dimensions: 29.53″ L x 14.96″ W x 4.92″ H

My First Sticky Mosaics

My First Sticky MosaicsLooking for a cool craft kit that’s educational? The My First Sticky Mosaics is perfect for you!If you toddler is crafty then this groovy kit will be perfect for them it comes with 1000 foam sticker pieces (kids Love these), 5 different images come with each kit ready to fill in & create lovely artwork. The shapes are different colors and sizes that will make the project interesting. The idea is simple it’s like paint by numbers with foam pieces! If you have older kids you can scrap the pre-made designs & have them go wild with creativity! You might get some stellar artwork with this kit! Perfect for adorning the fridge or sending off to grandma’s house.

Sticky Mosaics KitThere are several different My First Sticky Mosaics kits to choose from…Pets, Ponies, Fairies, Team Rescue, Pretty Things, Vehicles or Zoo Things.


This is one of those crafty kits that teaches kids about colors, shapes, numbers and helps them with matching. They won’t even notice they are learning! Even those stubborn toddlers will like it. It’s Ideal for kids at least 3 and then all the way up to 10 seem to really dig them.



  • Bigger Sticky Mosaic foam tiles are easier for little ones to handle
  • Decorate-by-number concept helps reinforce number and color recognition skills
  • Includes over 1000 colorful sticky foam pieces, 3 shapes in 7 colors, 5 fun designs and 5 wall hangers
  • Great for play dates and birthday parties
  • The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levels

DIY Custom Baseball Letters

DIY Baseball DecorDesign your own Baseball Art!Nothing says a custom sports room quite like personalized letters. These go a step further & actually turn a bat into part of the nameplate…what kid wouldn’t love that? This is a fun project to do with the kids, you just need some basic tools.

All you need for this project is a little paint, a few letters, an old wooden bat and some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a Wooden Baseball Bat, I suggest getting a cheap one. Even used would be totally fine for this project. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS Set has everything & the colors are vibrant. You’ll notice that baseballs have sharp red stitch lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Red Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it. You’ll also need some wooden letters, These letters are pretty classy.

Once you get the letters painted you should screw the letters to the bat…I recommend pre-drilling the holes so the wood doesn’t split. Then touch up the screw heads with paint!

The end results is a cool baseball themed decor piece for your kids space.


DIY How to Make a Kids Play Tent

Kids love being creative & play tents are Awesome for pretend play! Whether you are looking for a simple no sew solution or a full on crafty project you can find some cool ideas that you & the kids can build together. We have a bunch of different options that can be indoors, outdoors or even as a permanent part of your kids room or play space. Personally I love the tipis but with a house full of boys you tend to lean with the crowd!

Get the kids off the couch & away from the TV with these creative projects the whole family can get involved with!

Are you ready to get started? Go find the kids & pick a project!


Make a Reading Teepee!

Make a Reading Teepee!I really like the idea of this for older kids. the design look pretty fantastic & it’s nice to make something for the bigger kids every now & then. You can make this of inside the house in a quiet area or even in the backyard for their own sanctuary. Kids love their own space & it will get them away from the TV!

There a fun DIY tutorial on the link below, plan on a couple of hours & make the kids help a little. it will be a blast! You can go nuts with the material so it can match any kids space or style, personality. I adore the crazy patterns like chevron or polka dots….but you pick what you like!

Get the Directions Here


Make Your Kid Their Very Own Play Teepee!

Make Your Kid Their Very Own Play Teepee!This adorable play tent will need a bit of sewing, nothing fancy just straight lines! The total cost for parts is about $20 (unless you scavenge around the house for old stuff), Making this project much cheaper than store-bought variety. Per the directions it will take about 3-4 hours to build this.

Depending on what sheets you use this can go for either gender & be pretty customized. We have one similar to this that stays up all the time downstairs so the kids always have access to it. It’s a bit big for their rooms (we have double occupancy around here) but if you only had one kiddo per room you might find it more doable for your family.

Get the directions here!

DIY Girly Play Nook

DIY Girls Play NookIt’s Fabulous!

If you have girly girls then this is one of those things they will flat-out adore! It is a no sew project & the hardest part is installing the bar on the ceiling. This will be a permanent install so you will need to find a groovy corner in the kids room or play room before getting started.

This one requires lots of imagination & can really be decked out to match your kids personal style & taste. Go with solid colors, a fun theme or an eclectic mess! You’ll want the kids in on this project because they get to pick out the parts. I also recommend some white twinkle lights or theme light strands to help create this relaxation nook.

Get the Directions Here!

Two Little Hooligans Play Tent

Two Little Hooligans Play TentThis is a fun canopy tent that can be easily move around so on nice days to can take it outside for the kids. You could also mount this permanently in your kids space. If you live in an area with nicer weather you could leave this out in a special spot in the yard all summer. It doesn’t take up much room & looks adorable.

You will need to do some sewing for this design. The design is flexible since you are using sheets so make a boy theme is as simple as buying different sheets. I’m sure most of us have all these parts lying around the house being unused…so go dig up some stuff before heading to the store. DYI projects are always better when they are almost free!

Get the Directions Here!

No Sew Kids Play Tent!

No Sew Kids Play Tent!This one is not only simple it’s flipping adorable!

Much of this project is going to be spent decorating your kids new tent. Plan on the kids getting really involved with this, use lots of bright colors & if you can have someone handy with a camera because this is going to be messy & fun! Defiantly a project for the old scrapbook. You’ll need acrylic paint, felt or fabric markers to trick out the tent.

Get the directions here!


DIY Fort Kit Gift!

DIY Fort Kit Gift!Make one for their friends too!

This isn’t really much of a thing for you to build, this is a thing to give as a gift! It’s full directions on how to make a kits DIY fort kit for about $13. It’s perfect for any kid & of course you can be creative & go with either gender on this project. Action heroes or My little pony…just find the right sheets to match the theme you want!

Basically the kit comes with everything a kid will need to make their own fort & use lots of imagination. This is definitely on my must do list for the next kids party I go to!

Get the Directions Here!

Create a Custom Bed Tent!

canopy-bed-tentOk, this one is so easy it would be a shame not to try it! All you basically need is a couple of window panels & an embroidery hoop (there are a few more little parts too)! This could easily go around the bed or even make a reading nook with a chair inside it. No kid will be able to resist the cuteness of this fun craft project!

No sewing needed on this one & the skill level is super easy. The kids will have fun helping on this project. you should be able to do the entire thing in an hour.

Get the directions here!




Kids Reading or Play Tent

Kids Reading or Play TentThis fun project takes about an hour & can be made for less than $20. I assure you the kids will get plenty of happiness out of this project. The site features a full PDF of the instructions so you will be able to get going pretty quickly.

This will be something you keep up all the time in the kids room, it’s really a cute idea! However if you just want to break it out for special days them it can fold up easily & be stored under a bed. Either way it’s adorable.

Get the directions here!



DIY Clothesline Play Tent

DIY Clothesline Play TentThis is the ideal solution for those parents like me that simple gets tired of the house looking like a war zone. This super witty mom installed a retractable clothes line in her kids play room & when they need a fort fix she can just toss in some sheets!

She went thru lots of trial & error so be sure to check out her directions before heading to the store.

Get Directions Here

Girl’s Dreamy Teepee

Girl's Dreamy TeepeeThis could be the most adorable frilly girls tent I have ever seen…infinity. First the possibilities on the colors are endless & second OMG it’s so fluffy! You will definitely want to keep this inside most of the time & frankly I don’t see how you could not leave it out in the room all the time. It’s just so fabulous.

As you can imagine this is a sewing project & it’s going to take some time. This is totally worth every second of effort & beyond cute!

Get the Directions Right Here!

Simple Play Tents

DIY Simple Play TentsKids aren’t that picky…at least not when it comes to tents! This swanky little tent is great as it is or can have a sheet tossed over it. Just find some fabulous material & your well on your way to parent of the year! (yeah, play tents are really that cool.)

This is a sewing project so you should plan on a bit of effort…but it’s a pretty quick project.

Get Directions Here!

DIY Classic A Frame Play Tent

DIY A Frame TentThis cute little play tent is perfect for smaller kids, you can make an entire little set up in there!

The design is pretty simple & it’s fairly easy to make. You just need some fabric & wood for this project. This one can go for either boys or girls, if you have both then go neutral on the color scheme.

Get Directions Here


PVC Mega Fort

PVC Mega FortThis is one of those projects that you can either do simple or go all out & sew up the “tent” to make it look super finished.

The basic materials cost about $25. This tent will be great for active kids that are often running around. You could also leave the PVC base outside & just take the tent skins out on nice days. Skys the limit on this fun design.

FYI if you are going to be sewing this then buy some mesh & sew in some windows, kids gotta have windows!

Get Directions Here

No Sew Kids Teepee

No Sew Kids TeepeeNeed a super simple kid play tent? Want something fabulous on a tight budget? This is the perfect DIY project for you & the kids, it’s simple, cheap & looks amazing!

You can make this spiffy little nook for under $30 & it’s no sew! This is the perfect solution to wanting great design & being on a budget. The end result is simply adorable. Swap the colors out to make a boys version!

Get Directions Here!




DIY Drop Cloth Play Tent

DIY Drop Cloth Play TentEven Lowe’s is getting in on this tent building craze! You can not only find these free directions handy but they also have a complete part list with all the proper part names…always good when going to the store!

This is a fairly simple design that will fold totally flat when the kids aren’t playing with it. But be a little creative & get some paint on that drop cloth!

Get the directions Here


Kids Bedding Sets in Popular TV & Movie Characters - oBedding.com

Ball Claws Sports Ball Holders

Ball clawsDo you have kids? Then you have sports clutter! Even if your kids don’t play a serious sport I’m betting you have footballs, basketballs & soccer balls all over your house. Always in the way, falling off shelves or cluttering up your closets. These groovy Ball claws are perfect for De-cluttering And they are great for themed kids rooms!

Does your kid have a game ball from something special, how about just a cool basketball they love? Hang that sucker right on the wall it not only look awesome it’s a fun way to keep that clutter off the ground. These are great for literally any space from garages or sheds to kids rooms & everything in between. You can even mount these in a car trunk!

Ball ClawThe idea here is simple, this cool Ball Claw will hold your favorite basketball right on the wall…get a few & make a sports themed wall! Ideal for kids room or garages that need a bit of organization. Have a special signed basketball? Display it proudly in your office with a ball claw.

The Ball Claw holder is a quick and easy way to organize sport balls in any garage, basement, or child’s bedroom. Preserve the life of Basketballs, Soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs while displaying them in an organized fashion. Inside, outside, and in any kind of weather, the Ball Claw is THE way to display, organize, and preserve your sport ball collection.

Boon Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

Boon Bag Stuffed Animals StorageDo your kids have an entire plushy sub-culture living in your house? Do you lose your child in their own bed because of this cute plush invasion? Yeah, we totally feel your pain. Herds of free roaming plush toys are the agony of every parent! You have a cute little bundle of joy & before you know it their room is filled with these plush nightmares…then one day you turn around & they are everywhere in the house, your car & even in your bed! What can a parent do? You can’t throw them away or your child’s head would explode, throwing them in a pile takes up floor space & the dog just ends up buried in there sleeping….So what can a sane person do? Containment!

Boon Animal BagWe found the perfect product for you! A Boon Toy Storage Bag is designed just for all those mutant plush animals your kids adore. Once it’s full they can sit on it or lay on it & it’s great for containing Tons of those stuffies. it comes in 4 colors (orange, teal, grey & purple) so surely you can find one that matches their space. Aside from making your life better the kids will actually Love this thing. They can easily stuff it themselves & zip it closed. It measures 24″ X 22″ X 12″ when it’s fully stuffed & it has a see thru mesh on the top so they can see their friends…but it’s super thick & kid proof. Basically this thing is just awesome!

These cool Boon storage bags come in Orange, Grey, Purple & a fab Teal Blue.

Parking Pal Car Magnets For Kids

Parking Pal Car Magnets For KidsLet’s see those hands!

Looking for a fabulously cool way to keep your kids safe & keep them happy? These Parking Pals are perfect for anyone with kids, grandkids or even daycare’s! The idea is simple, just slap this one of these magnets of the car & direct the kids to keep their hand on that spot. It’s easy, fun & will make it safe to load kids, stuff or them into the car.
Are you little monsters causing all kinds of trouble in parking lots? Then a spiffy Monster, or butterfly magnet will help rein in those pesky kids. Add this spot to the side of your car & you’ll know where everyone is.

These come in several styles choose from a Monster, Butterflies, Letters, Numbers, Flowers, Fish, or Dinosaurs.

Parking PalsThese awesome magnets help kids understand the dangers of parking lots & keeps them safe at the same time. The perfect gift for Anyone with kids, it’s not super pricey & could save a life!

  • Protects children from moving traffic
  • Visually directs children to stand near parked vehicle
  • Teaches children responsibility
  • Gives parents time to load or unload vehicle
  • Size: 5.75″ diameter


Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball

Rookie Puzzle BallLooking for a fun toy that doesn’t need cables or plugs? Something that will engage the kids And adults? This groovy Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball will do the trick! This particular one is the rookie or starter ball…which is ideal for younger kids or someone new to this toy. They also have an Original, Twist & Epic. Perplexus is a house favorite around here…We have them all except the new Twist which is on this years holiday list. They are proudly displayed in my living room.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle Ball TubeI have 3 teens & they get bored of puzzles in record time…2 of them can rip thru a Rubik cube in minutes. So clearly I needed to step up the game last year…I got this ball the Epic & the original for the kids. They were totally annoyed, frustrated & yet they couldn’t set it down. They spent hours trying to beat this ridiculous puzzle….then they called friends over & tortured them with it. I’m not sure I’ve seen them play with anything that long that wasn’t attached to the Xbox!

So the basic idea of this Rookie puzzle is you have to twist & turn the ball to get the loose marble to run thru the maze. It sounds easy…I assure you it’s a challenge!Kids ages 4 & up have played this at my house with zero problems. It has no loose parts so it’s good for the car or as a thing to take to dinner to keep the kids busy.Because of how this works it helps with hand eye coordination, motor skills & honestly it’s nice to see a toy that challenges their brain.

Perplexus Rookie Puzzle BallsIt’s also not just for kids, every single person that has seen the ball picks it up & plays with it. Making this one of those fun everybody gifts!

Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15443-lWhat could be more iconic than a Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Set? Most of my childhood memories revolve around watching endless hours of the Three Stooges…and then making the stupid noises, obnoxious sayings & of course trying to beat the snot out of each other just like the Stooges did in the show. Ahhh, memories…good thing we didn’t have access to pies or giant wooden mallets! Somehow my cousins & I all managed to not be sociopaths or serial killers…which is always good thing. I have always fondly remembered the Stooges The role they played in my life at 10pm every Saturday.

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15444-lSo you can imagine my delight in finding they the made Stooges into these hilarious potato heads! Even better they used curly & not Shemp…that would have been a disaster. Each Stooge stands 6″tall & comes with the classic accoutrements including a mallet, wrench & the beloved pie. Moe is of course in the eye poke stance & curly is ready for the block. They are designed for anyone age 2 & up plus all the parts can be mix up to make one crazy Stooge!

Mr-Potato-Head-The-Three-Stooges_15445-lThese are great for younger kids that love the show or die hard collectors that want to display their collection on a shelf or in their office. The set of 3 comes in a snazzy display box but I recommend taking them out so you can play with them. Life is too short to keep awesome toys trapped in boxes, plus how could you enjoy them? So break out your wallets & get yourself or someone you love the gift of Stooge!

ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit

ALEX Toys My Crafty KitLooking for the best kids craft box on the market? Tired of those wimpy little craft sets? If you have little kids then the ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit is going to be perfect for you! It comes loaded with all kinds of fabulous crafty pieces & the price is great for such a variety. The best part is it’s totally packed in a very spiffy carrying case…which you will never use because there is so much stuff loaded in this kit that it won’t fit back in (really, that’s a good thing). So save your sanity & buy a a little storage box & let the kids use the travel case for some other toys..trust me they love little boxes.

ALEX Toys My Crafty Kit 2So Ideally this is great for any kid three & up…sky’s the limit on who can create after that. It comes with tissue paper, crayons, glue, safety scissors (perfect for little hands), pipes cleaners, popsicle sticks, goggle eyes, stickers, pom poms & lots of little collage pieces & random crafty goodness. It also comes with instructions, not that your kids will need much help designing their fabulous art creations. The carrying case is 8″ x 11.75″ x 3.5″ & is super colorful & bright.

My Big Crafty KitBasically this is the perfect kit to drag out on rainy days or just when you are tired of the kids being attached to the TV. It has so much stuff you can use it many times over & just add to the craft pile when things get low. If you are having a kids party or sleepover this kit is ideal for hours of silly entertainment! Not to mention the awesome artwork that you will have for your fridge.

See that picture of how full the box is? That is just how stuffed the kit will be so plan on having a spare box or tote for all the crap that won’t fit back in the box! That’s right the only complain is there is too much stuff….hardly a problem for crafty kids!

Minions Fart Blaster Toy Gun

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster A Despicable Minion GadgetOk, I admit it, I love the minions & all the obnoxiousness that comes with them…weird language, obsessions with food & of course their favorite weapon, a fart gun. I pretty much loved both movies but the kids in the theater gagging with laughter over the fart gun scenes were hilarious.

Now mind you I am a grown adult, well beyond the fart joke years…until I saw this gem at the store. I was minding my business checking out the new minion toys (because I am really obsessed with them) & then my eyes locked on a strange but silly looking weapon. I stopped, daintily picked it up, read the box, flipped it back over & pulled the trigger…then I laughed like an idiot…then laughed some more , & obsessively pulled the trigger while trying to come up with some conceivable logic for purchasing this gun. After all it’s not a cheap toy…but after a full ten minutes of playing with this fart gun it occurred to me that it’s just to good to pass up, I work hard & dang it I deserve nice things, even if that means a weird fart gun. I mean how much stupid junk have I bought the kids over the years? Surely it’s my turn!?

Fart Blaster DeluxeSo yes I am a 36 year old woman with a fart gun in my office, it lights up & makes me happy, so there. I’m not sure if there is an evil minion support group but I would definitely bring the gun with me if there was. No when dealing with the fart gun market you should know you have options. The standard Minion Fart Blaster or the Deluxe Despicable Me 2 Banana Scented Fart Gun, This one is bigger and makes a fabulous farting minion banana aroma. Which kinda makes it more funny.


Oh FYI kids seem to really love this toy as well!

Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Wall Decals

Minions stacking Wall decalsLooking for some Snazzy Minion Wall Decals? Minions are possibly my favorite characters in any movie I’ve ever seen…which says a lot since I’m a total movie buff. I’m not sure if it’s because my dad called me an evil minion all the time or that I’ve just been hypnotized by their chubby yellow bodies & blue overalls…The welding glasses are a nice touch too! Either way I simply cannot get enough of the minions…cakes, toys, board games…it all makes me laugh.

This groovy wall decal set is by RoomMates & features 3 minions …they can be stacked as shown or not as they come on a sheet separately. They also have a few spiffy accessories…a traffic cone, fart gun (of course), Bello quote blurb, caution sign, apple, banana, & two cupcakes. Perfect for tricking out your office, kids room or even adding a little class to that painfully boring laundry room. if you stack your minions you get a decal that is 48″ tall & somewhere around 18″ wide.

Minions Stacking Wall DecalThese decals are super easy to apply just peel & stick to any flat surface like walls, doors, mirrors or even furniture. They are made to be removed & repositioned so they won’t hurt your walls or leave an weird sticky crud behind…which also makes them great for apartments or rental spaces.

If you are as obsessed about these as I am then you’ll be delighted to find out they make a growth chart & set that includes more of the cast, they also match perfectly with this one. Ideal for a full room makeover!

Girl’s Playhouse Pink Princess Castle Play Tent

Pink Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentTired of the kids being attached to electronics? Get them a Pink Princess Castle Play Tent that will let their imagination run wild! It’s a known fact that all kids love play tents & forts so why not get them the coolest pink princess castle in all the land!? It’s great for rainy days inside or just leave it up all the time as part of your princesses decor.

This durable tent is made just for kids so it’s nice & sturdy for years of hard kid play. It’s geared for kids age 3 & up but I don’t see any small parts so with younger kids playing in it make sure they are supervised…I would think climbing would be the only issue.

It features a two tone pink design that girls will adore, with small hearts & stars covering the bottom half of the tent. it comes with a floor so it’s Ok to take outside on nice days (I wouldn’t leave it outside permanently), it sets up in about 2 minutes & easily pops apart to store…it even comes with a carrying case to store it in. It has a front door/flap that can be closed with Velcro and two back “windows” to look out of.

Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentThese are great to have around the house for grand kids, or other family with little people.it takes up very little storage space when not in use & small kids LOVE to camp in this thing. We have the circus tent version & the kids like to set it up for movie night & watch from inside the tent like they are at the drive in…it’s hilarious.


ALEX Toys My Giant Busy Box Little Hands

My Giant Busy BoxMy Giant Busy Box by ALEX toys is perfect for toddlers & little people!

If you’re like me then you have a gaggle of kids in your house & that means that out of nowhere…with what seems like an entire toy store worth of crap in your home you hear that epic whine…””I’m Booooored”. Now sometimes that means you give them something to clean like the gutters or maybe you have those little tykes mow the lawn…but some days you just have to give in and get them started on a fabulous project that is fun & maybe a little messy but definitely, Not boring. This crafty activity box is Perfect for those days!

Early Learning My Giant Busy BoxIn this craft kit you get 16 different projects, lots of parts, brightly colored dough, stickers, crayons & instructions…because those are Always nice to have. There are super crafty moms (the ones that post epic projects on Pinterest all day) that won’t be impressed by this kit…they shouldn’t buy it. This kit is for people with real lives that want simple projects with their kids & to have all the parts right there with little planning….I am one of these moms. This kit is geared towards kids ages 3 to 5. The older kids will have no trouble doing most of this themselves but I’m not brave enough to leave a 3 year old alone with glue or clay, it’s just no in me. Honestly kids as old as 10 have used this in my house & still had fun so I wouldn’t worry about that age label on this creative kit.

My Giant Busy Box2This is great for dragging out every couple weeks when the kids boredom sets in & these are fun projects to do with your kids. Anything that gets them off the electronics & doing something creative is a good thing.

Now the biggest issue with this kit is in fact it’s size, once you open the box you better just forget about jamming it all back in there. That alone makes it impressive, I hate buying kits & opening them to find a whole bunch of air & no crafts! Alex is on your side with this issue.

MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery Toys

MarbleWorks Starter Set by Discovery ToysLooking for a fun interactive building set for your kids…and you? Marble runs are a fun way to unplug & actually play with a toy. This particular one is the toughest on the market (as tested by my pack of boys), We’ve had a few fatalities with other brands. It’s built for kids so it’s very sturdy…which is a super important feature…and easy for kids to build on their own. Even with lots of use ours has lasted for at least 3 years without a single piece broken…lost marbles seems to be the only for us & user error can hardly count against this toy!

MarbleWorks Starter Sets by Discovery ToysThis Marbleworks Starter Set is perfect for a anyone that wants to play with marbles & comes with lots of pieces (46 to be exact). The age bracket on this kit is ages five & up but younger kids like 3-4 love it… although you will have to put it together for them & make sure they don’t try to eat it. The starter set features bright purple, blue & yellow colors & can be mix with any other MarbleWorks sets.

The basic idea is to connect tubes, bases & chutes together in different ways to race your marbles down. Kids can learn the laws of gravity & critical thinking to get that marble where they want it to go. It’s great for a family toy & I highly recommend getting more than one kit, the Marbleworks Deluxe is a good choice or simply get 2 starter sets…they are kinda like Legos, more pieces are just better no matter what the pieces really are.. Or if your kids already like this get some of the extras like the Wild Ride or the Crank it Up! There are tons of options & millions of possibilities with a set like this. The kid will have a blast and you will have a great unplugged toy for rainy days.

Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry Bag

Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry BagDo you have kids? Are their toys…well, disgusting? Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry Bag is perfect for you then! it makes cleaning toys fun (seriously) & helps de-funk your house a bit.

This adorable product teaches kids (and adults) that their favorite plush toys need a bath too. It’s great for new parents, grandparents or Any parent. You can get a Teddy Gets a Bath Book (seen below) that has a fun story about keeping teddy clean & gets them excited about washing & even drying their buddies. You can also get the larger version of this bag for bunches of plushies or just one large one…and finally they offer a Cotton Candy Dryer Sheet…Why is that not offered in the dryer sheet isle!? That sounds amazing! Each item is sold separately but well worth the cost (plus each item is pretty cheap).

Teddy Needs a Bath Laundry BagsDirty toys are just gross, they are covered in germs & dust mites & who knows what other fun things they got dragged thru by those little darlings. This product is endorsed by The National Allergy Association as they recommend washing plush toys every two weeks. It’s also great for pet toys, baby shoes or any of those hard to wash kid/pet products around the house.

Teddy Needs A Bath!It’s a simple product that every parent should have, it’s also a fun project to do with small kids. the plush hunt is great for teaching kids to clean up & keep their stuff clean. That makes this the perfect gift for any parent or care giver to those pint sized germ farms. This item was also featured on Shark Tank, clearly it was a great idea!

Go check…are your kids toys clean? I didn’t think So!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Carrier

Melissa & Doug Car CarrierLooking for the best Wooden Car Carrier on the market? Need something kid tough & cool looking? The Wooden Car Carrier by Melissa & Doug makes parents happy & the kids adore it. If your kids are obsessed with cars & trucks then this is the perfect toy for them! We have a few different Melissa and Doug car toys, but the kids seem to really like this one. From an adult standpoint it’s nice to see the kids playing wooden toys over that plastic junk they usually want. The design is simple which makes play time even more creative if you ask me. It’s held up for more than a year in my house…which is saying a lot! We have yet to have one Melissa and Doug toy break on us…that is itself is super impressive to us. Too bad all toys aren’t made this nice!

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier DownYou get the big sturdy car hauler truck (green) & 4 brightly colored wooden cars, the details are painted on so you don’t have to worry about tiny parts breaking off. The ramp flips down so the cars can be driven on & off the car hauler with ease. It’s great for little hands learning how to make things move & pretty simple even from for a 2-year-old to play with unassisted. All in all this is a great low tech toys for kids to spend hours playing with, I’d even get a different truck or two if you have more than one kiddo, it’s a pretty popular toy around here.

Excavator with TruckYou may want other cars to work with this toy…Hot wheels are a bit too small but Thomas the Train toys fit great. They also make loose cars to add to the set.

If the Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Carrier Isn’t quite what you were looking for then check out the Trailer & Excavator or the Magnetic Car Loader.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure 2Is Dave your favorite minion? Can you even tell the difference?

Dave is one of those classic movie characters that steals the movie…I think Gru & the girls were in this one…but I only saw minions! Clearly one of my favorite movies of all time, I can’t wait for the full length minion movie to come out next fall…it’s going to be epic! This “toy” is ideal for any kid that liked the movie…plus it farts so basically any kid anywhere will like this thing. He also look pretty fab “doing things” around the house. Some of the pics online are hilarious!

despicable me 2 minionsThis “toy” is for kids age 4 & up, but I see no reason to limit this to kids. Dave talks of course & says fifty five different sayings in hilarious minion speak & movie voice. He changes facial expressions while talking, so that makes him even more fun. His eyes close & move side to side as you move his head…which is a soft rubbery material. You can pretend to feed Dave when he’s in banana mode…this makes him fart…Super banana mode (press his tongue twice) makes the farts even bigger! He also farts if you move his head…keep feeding him Classy!

Now if you are a Die hard Dave fan you can find him here, They also make Tim (the tall skinny one) or Stewart (with one eye). They do different stuff…Tim Sings & Stewart laughs. Basically you can’t go wrong with any of these guys…the fans love them all. Not to mention it makes people smile to hear a minion fart, laugh or sing.

Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game

Nightmare Before Christmas OperationAre you a Huge Nightmare before Christmas fan? Are your kids? Get the a family friendly game with a ghoulish twist…The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game!

Ahh that famous Tim Burton movie that changed Halloween & Christmas forever! The Nightmare before Christmas is definitely a house favorite around here, So why not get a fun game to go with the creepy movie? It’s perfect for either holiday & everything in between….Ok, maybe not Thanksgiving…but all the other days in between.

Nightmare Before Christmas Operation OpenThis Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game features the Oogie Boogie Man as the “guy” you operate on, You also get Lock Shock & Barrel to help. The game is basically the same as the old version except instead of an annoying buzz…Oogie Talks. Then instead of funny bone your yanking “crawling flesh”, “spider veins”, “snake eyes” & other creepy goodies (twelve in all) out of him! It’s recommend for kids age 6 and up…mainly because you need steady hands to pull out the parts. It of course comes with the tweezers, card deck & fake money.

Not buying this for the kiddos? Don’t worry I understand die-hard fans want all the cool toys too. For the older folks this makes a great drinking game, take a shot for every “buzz”. Your friends will all be sloshed & singing the Oogie Boogie song in no time. Or leave it sealed & save it as a fabulous collectible (No, really you have to open this toy & play with it). So go get yours today & start making those great family game night memories!

Not feeling the Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game? They also have Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, & Yahtzee.

Tropical Hawaiian Kids Bedding 3pc

Tropical Hawaiian Kids Bedding 3pcThis 3pc Pink and Orange Surf full/queen bedding collection by JoJo Designs will transform your kids room into a tropical Hawaiian paradise. The totally awesome girls bedding set features detailed beach and surf themed appliques and embroidery works including surfboards, hibiscus flowers, and palm trees. This set uses a bright color palette of pink, orange, yellow, and ivory. It uses all 100% cotton exclusive JoJo fabrics including a gorgeous pink/ivory Hawaiian leaf print, tone on tone pink hibiscus print, and a yellow/orange plaid print. It also boasts beautiful bright pink and orange solid cottons to bring out this sunny beach theme for your child’s bedroom.

This set also has add on pieces like a fun Hamper, Valance, & Fab Surfer Girl wall art.

Surf Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Roger Groth

Surf Wall ArtLooking for some stylish Surf decor? How about a groovy wall canvas with a mellow vibe & classic surfer pose? It’s perfect! This bold piece of art is 26″ x 26″ square and would make a great focal piece in your little surfers room.

These fab surf kid’s stretched canvas wall art reproductions are created by Oopsy daisy in their San Diego studios where they rock these vivid designs out. After printing, the canvas is stretched by hand over a wood frame.,,making it ready to hang. The sides of the canvas include a decorative edge, so no framing is required.  Each piece ships with artist biography information on the back.
You can get your very own Surf Print Here!

DIY Create a Custom Surfer Sign

DIY Surfboards SignYou can get a little crafty & make a groovy surfboard sign for the kids room. The easy to follow directions are Listed right here. It’s pretty easy to make this one. All you need is a board, some paint & a printer.The directions are super easy to follow & will a bit of time you will have a sign just like this!

You can make these custom signs for about any theme & even with the kids names. Stick with the classic beach colors like sea foam green, aqua, blue or even stripes.