Superman Kids Lighting

When you are tricking out a kids superman themed bedroom you’ll need the latest & greatest in Superman lights! These are all perfectly coordinated to your kids tastes & look great mixed in with all their super hero friends.

Superman Statue Lamp

Superman Statue LampIf you’re looking to make a statement then this is the Superman lamp for you! It features the man of steel in full 3D action  scene on rocks with a brightly colored comic style lamp shade. This one is great for a night stand or dresser & look fantastic. The lamp stands 16″ tall. You can get your very own here.






Superman Logo Night Light

Superman Logo Night LightAll kids need a groovy night light & what better way to keep the boogie man away than with a stylish Super Hero logo? This fab night light will cast a warm glow in any room or hallway & is perfect for dodging legos in the middle of the night. It is light sensitive & automatically turns on when the lights go out. You can get your Superman Night Light here.






Superman DC Classic 20-Inch Leg Lamp

Superman DC Classic 20-Inch Leg LampIf your boys are not into the classic leg lamp from A Christmas Story maybe they will dig this on with a super hero twist! You get a 20″ lamp with the classic red & blue Superman leg & matching logo lampshade. Pretty much a lamp that no DC comic fan could possible pass up. It would look great on a desk in an office too! Get your very own Superman Leg Lamp here.





Superman Neon Light

Superman Neon LightOk, I have to admit..even I want this snazzy Superman light. It’s a small red neon light with the superman logo blazing across it. Be careful when ordering there is one that is for UK use only…the US version can be found here.

  • Neon sign features Superman’s classic S-shield symbol emblem
  • Designed for tabletop use or wall-mounting
  • Measures 9″ high and 12″ wide
  • Comes packaged in a 4-color box
  • Power adapter is for US use only



3 Sprouts Round Animal Storage Bins

3 Sprouts Storage BinLooking for a cool stylish storage bin that is just for kids? 3 Sprout make the cutest animal storage solution on the market! These fab bins by are 17″ round, Have a kid friendly coating on the inside so they wipe clean, are collapsible & feature whimsical animals on the sides. They’re great for laundry, toys or just about anything a kid needs to store!

They are the perfect height for little people to dig around in & they are easy to pull over so they can find all their loot with minimal hassle. Big toy boxes are great….except little kids can’t dig to the bottom & rarely play with things once they are buried. These smaller bins are easy for kids to move from room to room & hold a manageable amount of toys.

You have 12 fab animals to choose from so matching that color scheme or favorite critter shouldn’t be hard to do!

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton; Decoration: 100% Polyester
  • Storage bins are 17″ height and 17″ diameter
  • Bin collapses for easy storage when not in use
  • Coated on the inside so its easy to wipe clean


3 Sprouts Storage Bin Elephant3 Sprouts Storage Bin ElephantBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Bear3 Sprouts Storage Bin BearBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Elephant3 Sprouts Storage Bin ElephantBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Hippo3 Sprouts Storage Bin HippoBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Fox3 Sprouts Storage Bin FoxBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Zebra3 Sprouts Storage Bin ZebraBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Owl3 Sprouts Storage Bin OwlBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Monkey3 Sprouts Storage Bin MonkeyBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Raccoon3 Sprouts Storage Bin RaccoonBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Camel3 Sprouts Storage Bin CamelBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Dinosaur3 Sprouts Storage Bin DinosaurBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Bin Berry Squirrel3 Sprouts Storage Bin Berry SquirrelBuy It!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy Banks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Piggy BankClearly your kids need something uber safe to put their cash in…and what better than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Piggy Bank? This guy is perfect for a themed room or just because your kids think they’re awesome. You can’t go wrong with this one. It measures Approx 8″ long x 6″ wide x 6.5″ tall.

I read the reviews on amazon & people were complaining you could get it for $10 at Walmart…so I looked there…its no longer sold on their website. Not sure about in store, but I like to give all the info I can to people. So the cheapest remains Amazon for online. FYI if you do find it cheaper contact us & let us know where!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BankNow this set of 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Piggy Banks (one of each character) is all about saving money…and looking amazing on the shelf! Perfect if you have more than on kid to buy for or keep the entire shelf & use them as fab TMNT decor. You can’t go wrong with these guys!





4 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Molded Saving BanksThen there’s this set of 4 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Molded Saving Banks. They are large…7″ each which is actually a good thing. These would also look pretty great on a shelf or dresser all together or give out a few to the kids friends as gifts. Either way they are super cool & ready for big time savings!




DIY Dinosaur Bookcase

Dinosaur bookcaseSo you want a fun DIY project with a dinosaur theme? This is certainly one for you! This dinosaur bookcase is nothing short of fantastic and the kids will flip out over it!

You will need to be a bit handy to make this dinosaur bookcase, you’ll need a few tools & a decent workspace/garage to spread out & create. the plans are fairly simple…as long as you can operate a jigsaw you’ll be fine.

You can find the full directions here

If you kids are into dinosaurs this is the perfect addition to a themed bedroom. Kids always need extra storage space, why not make them something insanely cool?!


DIY Kids Race Car Lamp Makeover

On the Road AgainI just love the simplicity of this fun kids design. This race car lamp could easily be adorned with trains, boats, trucks, construction equipment or even Legos & themed Lego mini figures will work with this project.

You can find the directions Here, It’s pretty easy project all you need is some toys, lampshade, glue gun & imagination! Perfect for tricking out a themed room or just a fun way to display one of the many things your kids like…this month.

These kinds of DIY project are great for a rainy day or fun bonding project with the kids. Get them involved & let them help out!

Pixar Monsters University Room Accessories

When decorating a Monsters University room the accessories are the fun part! Mix and match these great items to make that theme jump out and scare you! From clocks to shelf decor & light switches you’ll find all those fab finishing touches here!

Monsters University Quartz Wall Clock

Monsters University Quartz Wall ClockEven little monsters need to tell time! This fab clock features Mike & Sulley with a bright blue frame & classic monster style. This one is perfect for any Monsters Inc fan! It measures 10″ in diameter & has bright green hands.







Disney Monsters Inc University 72″ Curtains

Disney Monsters Inc University CurtainsThese fab Monster themed curtains are great for adding that finishing touch to the windows. It has a primarily blue vibe with lots of character faces smiling back at you. This is a set of 2 curtains with a Pencil-pleat & measure 66″ wide x 72″ drop.







Monsters University Night Light and Switch Plate Cover Set

Monsters University Night Light and Switch Plate Cover SetThis is one of those finishing touches that everyone will notice especially the kids! This is gift set includes a fun Mike night-light & a light switch cover with Mike & Sulley in scare mode. Who wouldn’t love these charming gift set?






Pixar Monsters University Pillow

Pixar Monsters University Pillow

This delightful Mike pillow is nothing short of adorable. he features an embroidered design, classic horns and he’s even wearing his braces! This is perfect for finishing out the bed or just to be used as a floor pillow. It’s 12″ x 12″& machine washable.






Modern Littles Bold Folding Laundry Basket

91HpeDHQVpL._SL1500_Your kids will need a hamper however the real Monster Inc Hamper has pretty awful reviews…So I recommend this one, the blue matches & it will hold up for years of kid abuse. It’s roomy enough to hold a couple of loads of laundry & has some sturdy reinforced handles. Since it’s a solid color you won’t have to worry about replacing it when the kids get tired of the characters.





Pop! Minis Disney Monsters, Inc.

Pop! Minis Disney Monsters, Inc.This adorable duo is great for finishing out a bookshelf or dresser. They are made of tick vinyl & are fine to play with as well! They are made by Funko & feature caricatures of Mike & Sulley. These are also the perfect thing for the adult collectors as well…I have some in my office!


P’kolino Monster Storage Bins

P'kolino Monster Under-the-bed StorageAre you looking for some fabulously cute kids storage solutions? The P’kolino Monster Under-the-bed Storage is perfect for storing all those toys & clothes right under the bed! These fab monsters come in 3 colors Pink, Blue & Green & each one has a not so scary monster face. According to my kids these things keep the real monster away..Sweet we solved to problems!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Sized right for toddles and their favorite things like toys, shoes, books and much more!
  • Now having a Monster under your bed is a good thing!
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)

P’kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage Bins

P'kolino Mess Eaters Shelf Storage BinIf you like storing stuff in cubes then these charming little Monsters are perfect for your kids! You get to choose from three different colors Pink, Green or Blue & they make storing toys look stylish!

  • Polyester and paperboard
  • Fits most standard cube shelves.
  • Large storage for quick clean ups!
  • Easy to use square shape
  • Fuzzy Fabric with sturdy cardboard interior
  • Another Playfully Smart design by P’kolino (pee-ko-lee-no)







Funko Monsters University Wacky Wobblers

When you’re a die-hard Monsters University fan you have to love all the cool toys…Er Collectibles! These groovy bobble heads are by Funko & called Wacky Wobblers. You have three fab options here so get your favorite or collect them all.

Randall Wacky Wobbler

Randall Wacky WobblerRandall in college is much different from later in his life, he’s almost charming! This fun Bobblehead is 6.75″ tall & features Randall in the school jacket with glasses & a perky disposition.

Just think of how his life would have been different if he was more popular in college!





Mike Wazowski Wacky Wobble

Mike Wazowski Wacky WobblerWho doesn’t love Mike’s infectious attitude? He’s sporting a blue MU hat & a stack of books…he’s ready to Scare! Since he’s sort of all head he wabbles from the waist-ish area…it’s hilarious.






Sulley Wacky Wobbler

Sulley Wacky WobblerSulley is ready to scare! He stands 6.8″ tall & is his adorable blue self with a green OK T-shirt & his name printed across the bottom of the base. These are perfect for kids spaces to decorate shelves or even in your office…we know you want one too!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Race Car Set


KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing SetLooking for a great play set for the kids? The KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set is full of heart pumping racing action! With a house full of kids I’m huge on play sets like this, Since they are So large you just need one of two good themed mega sets to give your kids hours of playtime. This one features a wooden design with little wooden brightly painted cars, trucks and even a gas pump. The beauty of a set like this is the size & quality. They can race cars down the ramp and it even has a “wicked jump at the end” (per my kids). Hot Wheels or matchbox cars also work with this set & apparently it’s the perfect size to play out all kinds of action hero sagas as well. I saw some ninja turtles using the ramp as a slide last week.
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set JumpIt has some cool features like a working elevator, gas station, car wash, helicopter pad & of course two separate ramps. It’s perfect for toddler 3 and up but even the tweens will race cars on this so it’s a great long lasting toy. We actually have 2 different play sets like this on the old train table with the entire train set that wraps around. They don’t seem to care what toys actually came with this set…everything is part of playtime!
You can actually race on the largest ramp with a special launch pad that kids lower to let the cars go, guaranteeing that they take off at the same time. The car wash has moving car cleaning action and the traffic lights signal the beginning of the race. All in all this is one awesome toy!

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Specs-
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set Detail

  • Includes standard traffic lights green, yellow and red  that help countdown to the beginning of race time!
  • Gliding elevator takes passengers & cars to the top of the parking garage
  • Three-level “Mega Ramp” with launch pad for racing cars against one another
  • Three-level spiral ramp
  • Helicopter and helipad
  • Dimensions: 29.53″ L x 14.96″ W x 4.92″ H

DIY Custom Baseball Letters

DIY Baseball DecorDesign your own Baseball Art!Nothing says a custom sports room quite like personalized letters. These go a step further & actually turn a bat into part of the nameplate…what kid wouldn’t love that? This is a fun project to do with the kids, you just need some basic tools.

All you need for this project is a little paint, a few letters, an old wooden bat and some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a Wooden Baseball Bat, I suggest getting a cheap one. Even used would be totally fine for this project. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS Set has everything & the colors are vibrant. You’ll notice that baseballs have sharp red stitch lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Red Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it. You’ll also need some wooden letters, These letters are pretty classy.

Once you get the letters painted you should screw the letters to the bat…I recommend pre-drilling the holes so the wood doesn’t split. Then touch up the screw heads with paint!

The end results is a cool baseball themed decor piece for your kids space.


Ball Claws Sports Ball Holders

Ball clawsDo you have kids? Then you have sports clutter! Even if your kids don’t play a serious sport I’m betting you have footballs, basketballs & soccer balls all over your house. Always in the way, falling off shelves or cluttering up your closets. These groovy Ball claws are perfect for De-cluttering And they are great for themed kids rooms!

Does your kid have a game ball from something special, how about just a cool basketball they love? Hang that sucker right on the wall it not only look awesome it’s a fun way to keep that clutter off the ground. These are great for literally any space from garages or sheds to kids rooms & everything in between. You can even mount these in a car trunk!

Ball ClawThe idea here is simple, this cool Ball Claw will hold your favorite basketball right on the wall…get a few & make a sports themed wall! Ideal for kids room or garages that need a bit of organization. Have a special signed basketball? Display it proudly in your office with a ball claw.

The Ball Claw holder is a quick and easy way to organize sport balls in any garage, basement, or child’s bedroom. Preserve the life of Basketballs, Soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs while displaying them in an organized fashion. Inside, outside, and in any kind of weather, the Ball Claw is THE way to display, organize, and preserve your sport ball collection.

Boon Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

Boon Bag Stuffed Animals StorageDo your kids have an entire plushy sub-culture living in your house? Do you lose your child in their own bed because of this cute plush invasion? Yeah, we totally feel your pain. Herds of free roaming plush toys are the agony of every parent! You have a cute little bundle of joy & before you know it their room is filled with these plush nightmares…then one day you turn around & they are everywhere in the house, your car & even in your bed! What can a parent do? You can’t throw them away or your child’s head would explode, throwing them in a pile takes up floor space & the dog just ends up buried in there sleeping….So what can a sane person do? Containment!

Boon Animal BagWe found the perfect product for you! A Boon Toy Storage Bag is designed just for all those mutant plush animals your kids adore. Once it’s full they can sit on it or lay on it & it’s great for containing Tons of those stuffies. it comes in 4 colors (orange, teal, grey & purple) so surely you can find one that matches their space. Aside from making your life better the kids will actually Love this thing. They can easily stuff it themselves & zip it closed. It measures 24″ X 22″ X 12″ when it’s fully stuffed & it has a see thru mesh on the top so they can see their friends…but it’s super thick & kid proof. Basically this thing is just awesome!

These cool Boon storage bags come in Orange, Grey, Purple & a fab Teal Blue.

Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Wall Decals

Minions stacking Wall decalsLooking for some Snazzy Minion Wall Decals? Minions are possibly my favorite characters in any movie I’ve ever seen…which says a lot since I’m a total movie buff. I’m not sure if it’s because my dad called me an evil minion all the time or that I’ve just been hypnotized by their chubby yellow bodies & blue overalls…The welding glasses are a nice touch too! Either way I simply cannot get enough of the minions…cakes, toys, board games…it all makes me laugh.

This groovy wall decal set is by RoomMates & features 3 minions …they can be stacked as shown or not as they come on a sheet separately. They also have a few spiffy accessories…a traffic cone, fart gun (of course), Bello quote blurb, caution sign, apple, banana, & two cupcakes. Perfect for tricking out your office, kids room or even adding a little class to that painfully boring laundry room. if you stack your minions you get a decal that is 48″ tall & somewhere around 18″ wide.

Minions Stacking Wall DecalThese decals are super easy to apply just peel & stick to any flat surface like walls, doors, mirrors or even furniture. They are made to be removed & repositioned so they won’t hurt your walls or leave an weird sticky crud behind…which also makes them great for apartments or rental spaces.

If you are as obsessed about these as I am then you’ll be delighted to find out they make a growth chart & set that includes more of the cast, they also match perfectly with this one. Ideal for a full room makeover!

Girl’s Playhouse Pink Princess Castle Play Tent

Pink Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentTired of the kids being attached to electronics? Get them a Pink Princess Castle Play Tent that will let their imagination run wild! It’s a known fact that all kids love play tents & forts so why not get them the coolest pink princess castle in all the land!? It’s great for rainy days inside or just leave it up all the time as part of your princesses decor.

This durable tent is made just for kids so it’s nice & sturdy for years of hard kid play. It’s geared for kids age 3 & up but I don’t see any small parts so with younger kids playing in it make sure they are supervised…I would think climbing would be the only issue.

It features a two tone pink design that girls will adore, with small hearts & stars covering the bottom half of the tent. it comes with a floor so it’s Ok to take outside on nice days (I wouldn’t leave it outside permanently), it sets up in about 2 minutes & easily pops apart to store…it even comes with a carrying case to store it in. It has a front door/flap that can be closed with Velcro and two back “windows” to look out of.

Princess Castle Fairy House Kids Play TentThese are great to have around the house for grand kids, or other family with little takes up very little storage space when not in use & small kids LOVE to camp in this thing. We have the circus tent version & the kids like to set it up for movie night & watch from inside the tent like they are at the drive in…it’s hilarious.


Tropical Hawaiian Kids Bedding 3pc

Tropical Hawaiian Kids Bedding 3pcThis 3pc Pink and Orange Surf full/queen bedding collection by JoJo Designs will transform your kids room into a tropical Hawaiian paradise. The totally awesome girls bedding set features detailed beach and surf themed appliques and embroidery works including surfboards, hibiscus flowers, and palm trees. This set uses a bright color palette of pink, orange, yellow, and ivory. It uses all 100% cotton exclusive JoJo fabrics including a gorgeous pink/ivory Hawaiian leaf print, tone on tone pink hibiscus print, and a yellow/orange plaid print. It also boasts beautiful bright pink and orange solid cottons to bring out this sunny beach theme for your child’s bedroom.

This set also has add on pieces like a fun Hamper, Valance, & Fab Surfer Girl wall art.

Surf Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Roger Groth

Surf Wall ArtLooking for some stylish Surf decor? How about a groovy wall canvas with a mellow vibe & classic surfer pose? It’s perfect! This bold piece of art is 26″ x 26″ square and would make a great focal piece in your little surfers room.

These fab surf kid’s stretched canvas wall art reproductions are created by Oopsy daisy in their San Diego studios where they rock these vivid designs out. After printing, the canvas is stretched by hand over a wood frame.,,making it ready to hang. The sides of the canvas include a decorative edge, so no framing is required.  Each piece ships with artist biography information on the back.
You can get your very own Surf Print Here!

DIY Create a Custom Surfer Sign

DIY Surfboards SignYou can get a little crafty & make a groovy surfboard sign for the kids room. The easy to follow directions are Listed right here. It’s pretty easy to make this one. All you need is a board, some paint & a printer.The directions are super easy to follow & will a bit of time you will have a sign just like this!

You can make these custom signs for about any theme & even with the kids names. Stick with the classic beach colors like sea foam green, aqua, blue or even stripes.

Vintage Wooden Surfboard Growth Chart

Vintage Surfboard Wooden Growth ChartLooking for some groovy surfer decor? Nothing says beach quite like a Surfboard Growth Chart! It has a vintage blue & orange look that is timeless & will look great in the kids space for years. This growth chart is hand crafted in the USA. & features birch plywood design with eco-friendly inks & a water based coating. The surface can be written on with just about any kind of marker….Good to know. The lines on the surfboard are not marked with numbers so you can start it of on the wall wherever you like…this is also Ideal for older kids!

Unlike those cheap themed growth charts this one will be a family keepsake. Honestly I doubt most people will notice it’s a growth chart, It’s just a cool piece of wall art!




LEGO Kids’ Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' Super Heroes Batman Alarm ClockDo your kids love Legos? Are they also Super Hero junkies? Yep, mine too. This groovy Batman Alarm Clock features the best of both worlds. It’s the all black version of Batman complete with dapper cape with a digital display on his chest that even little action hero fans can read. He has full Lego action so you can make him sit, stand or even hold things (Awesome).

The Batman Alarm Clock has an easy to see lighted display and alarm clock. The snooze and back light functions are activated by pushing down on the Batman mini-figure’s head. With that spiky head I doubt they will be slamming down on that snooze button!

LEGO Kids' Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock BoxThis is one of those perfect accent pieces for a Batman themed room. It’s classic, stylish & it’s actually useful!

This bad boy runs on 2 AAA batteries which are included (Yay!) and screwed into place with a ridiculously small Phillips screw…making it mostly kid proof. Since it has no cord the kids will want to get this guy into the action. We play a fun game of where did you put the alarm clock before bed every night with our kids. It’s totally worth it.


Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor

Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf DecorNothing says classic quite like an Atari reference! This groovy accent piece is the perfect replica of a pixellated space invader from the 80’s. He’s pretty thick so he stands on his own and as an added bonus he glows in the dark…how cool is that!?

These are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your office or kids space…they won’t get it but not everything can be about them! All those hours of playing Space invaders will come flooding back when you look at it.

The set includes three of these guys in different sizes. You can get your very own Space Invaders Glow In The Dark Shelf Decor set here.

Pink Poodle Shelf Decor

Pink Poodle Shelf DecorSometimes we get so caught up in themed room decor for kids we forget to go a little crazy & add in that conversation piece that will make them smile. This snazzy poodle is a lovely shade of pink & will look outstanding in a bookshelf, on a desk or dresser. She stands 14.75″ tall & serves no purpose other than looking fabulous! This fun poodle will work for any age & right up to adulthood…I should know, I have one on my shelf! You can get one right here!

DIY Fireman’s Coat Rack

DIY Firemen's Coat RackWhat kid wouldn’t want a Fireman’s Coat Rack? Using some pipes & knobs you can make a one of a kind coat rack in your kids room. There are no rules here, so do what you like, be sure to include the kids in the project. Plan on heading to the hardware store with this photo in hand. You will be laying these all out on the floor to make the right configuration for your kids space.

The black pipe shown is spray painted copper pipe, the rest is all stock parts from Home Depot (Lowe’s or Menard’s would have this too). If you don’t have a pipe cutter (about $7) they will cut it for you at the store. You will need to plan this out before getting there so you have measurements if they are doing the cutting.

Build a Firefighter Loft Bed!

Build the Kid a Loft bed!Want something special in your kids room? Building them their very own Firefighter Loft Bed is certainly custom, plus it’s a great project for the kids to “help” with.This design features rails at the top to keep the kids from rolling out & a playhouse like area below that would easily house a desk or some bean bag chairs for lounging. The directions are very straight forward. This design can easily be modified to be a regular loft bed, just change the color scheme & lose the triangle house steeple above the entry. This also make it easy to repaint & change the theme when the kids get tired of fire trucks.

DIY Firefighter Loft Bed Instructions

Firefighter Loft Bed Shopping List-

  • 14 – 1×3 Boards @ 8 feet long
  • 3 – 1×8 @ 8 feet long
  • 10 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
  • 2 – 1×6 @ 8 feet long
  • 1 – 1×4 @ 10 feet long
  • 1 – sheet 3/4″ plywood, 8’x4
  • slats not accounted for in cut list
  • 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ screws (about 50) for assembly
  • 2 inch screws
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails
  • 2 inch finish nails
  • 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • wood glue
  • wood filler


Daisy Flower Kids Bedroom Doorbell

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellAhhh that moment in time when your little princess grows up & wants privacy! From personal experience this kids doorbell works great for a family with multiple kids…since we all know kids love to push buttons but not knock. We also used it to wake up kids….just push the button as you stroll down the hall in the morning. It’s loud enough to wake the kids but you really can’t hear it in other rooms so no one else is bothered by it. It also works for bathroom doors…if you have a small herd of non-knocking kids it really does cut down on unwanted barge ins.

This groovy kids doorbell is perfect for little people aged 4 & up looking for a little space of their own. It has a 6.5′ thin cord that can be hidden up the molding of just about any door. it works just like any doorbell, it has a button that sets off a loud chime & lights up. It features a Daisy Flower Design with pink & purple accents…however it also comes in Butterflies, Princess Crowns or even boys themes (they love them too).

Butterfly Bedroom DoorbellThey are a great gift for any kid with a door…literally every kid I have ever had over wanted one for their rooms. It’s super easy to install since it comes with double sided sticky tape on both the chime & button. It’s pretty tough we had one up for about 4 years with no problem. It didn’t damage the wall or wood door jam when we removed it either. It needs 2 batteries but they seem to last about 2 years so not a big hassle.

Daisy Flower girls Bedroom kids indoor DoorbellThese aren’t super pricey so expect what you pay for… according to the reviews some people have gotten defective doorbells. Frankly we have purchased 8 for our kids, & friends kids none have ever been an issue & none were defective.

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoops

Boon Pod Bath Toy ScoopsOverrun with bath toys? This frog toy scoop pops off the wall & lets you scoop up all those toys at once, then you can rinse them & stick it right back on the wall. These cute critter scoops let you collect all those pesky toys in seconds. There’s a built in shelf behind the Boon Frog Scoop to store bottles on. You can even hang a luffa off his toes! Did I mention these are Adorable?

If you have more of a girly vibe in your house they also make a really cut Ladybug Bath Scoop with the same features.

Boon Pod Ladybug Bath Toy Scoop

  • Makes bath time clean up fun and easy
  • Stores and organizes bath accessories
  • Reduces mold and mildew
  • BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free
  • Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware


Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoops WhaleAnd if you want something a little different they have a really groovy Blue Whale Bath Scoop! I found an almost perfect match for a Whale Spout Cover as well! This one is good for any kid and have a fun design that is tolerable by adults….Come on, you know you hate all that junk in the bathroom!

Stand up for yourself & take back that bathroom from the tiny toy terrorists!

Skip Hop Zoo Animal Storage Bins

Skip Hop Zoo Storage BinsStorage Cubes are the ideal storage solution for kids on the go, sort, organizer & easy move these cubes around for kids to use their favorite things. Add in a few cute animals & they will go nuts! These fit all the standard cube shelving units so you can pick up on locally or find the perfect one online. Ikea has several great options.

You can choose from a pink/red ladybug, blue/green dog, Brown monkey, yellow bumble bee, and red/blue owl.


Animal Storage Caddy by 3 Sprout

Animal Storage Caddy by 3 SproutWhether you are storing baby gear atop a changing table or making a fun Lego Caddy for the kids these sturdy storage caddies are awesome! They feature fun animal designs on a 15″ wide by 8.5″ tall caddy & have an interior coating so they can be wiped clean.

You can choose from a bumbling bee with blue wings, a funky orange beaver with buck teeth, a quirky purple owl, shy little grey mouse, chubby pink pig or even a goofy blue walrus. No matter which critter you pick these will make that baby & kid clutter a little more bearable. Not to mention these look fabulous! I mean who wouldn’t want a walrus caddy?  No person I want to hang out with, I tell you that.

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton; Decoration: 100% Polyester
  • Caddy is 15″ wide and 8.5″ tall (not including the handle)
  • Coated on the inside so its easy to wipe clean (Yay!)
  • Perfect gift for new baby or baby groovy kids



3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Beaver3 Sprouts Storage Caddy BeaverBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Bee3 Sprouts Storage Caddy BeeBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Owl3 Sprouts Storage Caddy OwlBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Mouse3 Sprouts Storage Caddy MouseBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Pig3 Sprouts Storage Caddy PigBuy It!

3 Sprouts Storage Caddy Walrus3 Sprouts Storage Caddy WalrusBuy It!

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage MatIf you have kids then you know the pain of tiny little parts & pieces all over your house….I mean the Actual pain of stepping on a Lego at 4am. Like most parents I love Legos, K’NEX & Erector sets because they are creative, engaging & they are a hands on type toy. The downside of these fabulous toys are all the tiny little sharp-as-all-heck pieces that get scattered all over the place. I’m all for working out but bending over to pick up the 4 billionth Lego I stepped on today is not what I was thinking.

So clearly you are a parent, grandparent or someone who has great sympathy for one, here’s why this thing is a game changer.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 2This activity mat has many features that someone with kids is really going to appreciate.

  • It’s super easy to use, which means it will actually get used.
  • It contains the toys to a play area and stores them when done.
  • It’s super portable
  • I can walk without fear of lego land mines.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 1


Toy storage is tricky, typically things like toys boxes & drawers become a wasteland of junk because it’s just to hard to keep things sorted out & kids are not big on adding steps to the clean up process. The Lay-n-Go mat changes everything because it’s super simple & easy to use. Plus the kids can actually play on the mat so they can spread out their toys & still keep them easily contained. I have no problem with my kid dragging his K’NEX or Legos in the living room now because I know it’s going to be a 1 minute cleanup & parts won’t be everywhere.

The large comes in Blue. If you looking for the mini’s the come in Blue, Green, Pink, or Orange.

Lay-n-Go Original Kids Activity & Storage Mat 4We have about a dozen of these in the house…3 large & the rest the lite versions. They are absolutely ideal for any toy with tons of pieces including building blocks, action figures collections, Barbies plus accessories, Legos, K’NEX, Erector sets, littlest pet shop…basically anything you kids have a ton of. It makes play time easier & clean up an absolute breeze. They can also move the toys easily room to room or take them with us on trips or play dates with minimal effort.

The Lite version is great for the car or even to friends houses. It’s also good for storing smaller collections of certain toys. Because apparently Batman cannot be with GI Joe…they need separate bags. I’ve stopped questioning these things, I just buy more bags.

The details…

  • It’s made of a Poly Denier…kind of a ripstop parachute material.
  • You can wash this right in your washing machine.
  • It has 4 pockets on the play side of the mat for special pieces.
  • Comfy shoulder strap & Velcro exterior pocket to store the drawstring.

Monsters Matching Accessories!

Kids TableOnce you decide to go monster you are pretty limited to the furniture that Pixar has release…or are you? Turns out you can get really creative with stuff already on the market that matches the color scheme & whimsical style perfectly for a Monster room!

The trick to themed rooms is making the the furniture rather neutral & interchangeable. Then when the kids get tired of the theme you don’t have to repurchase everything they own. On quick glance these stools, chairs and tables are not really themed…until you put them in the middle of a Monsters Inc themed bedroom!


Mammut Childrens Green StoolMammut Childrens Green StoolBuy It!

Blue Mammut Kids Children's ChairBlue Mammut Kids Children’s ChairBuy It!

Mammut Blue Kid's Children's TableMammut Blue Kid’s Children’s TableBuy It!

Mammut Children's 3 PcsMammut Children’s 3 PcsBuy It!

Make Your Very Own Monster Dresser!

Monster DresserThis project is fun, you just need some paint & an old dresser! You’ll want to paint the base in a bright sully blue. Simply take anything with the character on it to the paint store & they can match the color. Then you can either use a circle stencil to paint the dots or use some circle wall decals. The drawer pulls simply get painted to match the purple.

You don’t have to stop at the dresser. You can also make green mike a headboard with a big eye or matching night stand. The round stencils are all you will need to make a custom Mike Wazowski piece of inc

Since you have the paint & stencils out I would also make a lampshade. Be sure to send us pictures and we will feature your makeover!


Groovy Monster Inc Bedding

When you decorate a kids room in a new theme the first place to start is the bedding…a new bedding set changes the entire feel of the bedroom. It is the focal point after all! So find the perfect set for your little monster & then go find some crazy cute accessories to match.

Monsters University 4-Piece Reversible Twin Bedding SetMonsters University 4-Piece Reversible Twin Bedding SetBuy It!

Disney 4 Piece Toddler Set, Monsters UniversityDisney 4 Piece Toddler Set, Monsters UniversityBuy It!

Disney Monsters Inc Twin Bed Comforter Scare UniversityDisney Monsters Inc Twin Bed Comforter Scare UniversityBuy It!

Monsters Inc Bedding CollectionMonsters Inc Bedding CollectionBuy It!

Fab Monsters Inc Wall Decals

Add some bling to your kids wall with these giant wall decals…they are fun, easy to apply & remove without messing up your walls. Perfect for kids rooms! The large decals are great for creating a custom accent wall & the little sets are good for making scenes on the wall or even adding a little accent to mirrors, the headboard, dresser or even a trash can. They will adhere to anything smooth & flat so get creative.

Monsters Inc Giant Sully & Boo Wall DecalsMonsters Inc Giant Sully & Boo Wall DecalsBuy It!

Monsters Giant Mike Wall DecalsMonsters Giant Mike Wall DecalsBuy It!

Monsters Inc. Fathead Wall DecalMonsters Inc. Fathead Wall DecalBuy It!

Monsters Inc. Peel And Stick Wall DecalsMonsters Inc. Peel And Stick Wall DecalsBuy It!

Time to Fix Up the Camo Themed Windows!

JoJo Designs Window ValanceBuy It Here!
Once you have the bedding down you might want to spruce up those boring windows a bit, full on curtains are a little girly but this window valance will fit in a manly kids room.

These window dressings from JoJo Designs goes perfect with many of the other kids room decor in this collection. Will fit most standard windows and are a great finishing touch to the camo themed kid’s room.

Check out the local Army surplus store first!

army lampWhile it’s easy to just buy all that new decor from someplace like Amazon you should check out the used gear at an Army surplus store first.

  • A used helmet will look wicked on a shelf.
  • Fill some army boots with concrete & make some killer bookends!
  • Vintage Ammo Boxes are great for creative storage
  • Even a Beat Up Old Footlocker for a toy box would be cool.
  • A worn flag gets a new life on your kids wall…or get some new ones, they are dirt cheap! Army or US Flag.
  • The Camo Netting looks amazing on the walls & over the tops of windows
  • And lets face it what kid wouldn’t want a decommissioned bomb on their wall?
  • Or get creative & make an army helmet & ammo box lamp…you know you want one!

Basically go buy some old beat up Army junk & give it a new life. The kids will have a blast making their own room accessories.

Trick out a Lamp Shade!

Trick out a Lamp Shade!A new drum lamp shade & a sharpie can really go far in this type of design! Add in some buildings, maybe a logo if your artsy…it doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t try to make the lines straight.

Tip – If you print out a logo you can simply tape it to the inside of the shade…once the light is one you can trace it quite easily. Be sure to remove the paper when your done.

Stuck with a baby blue lamp from the nursery days? If the lamp base doesn’t match then grab a can of spray paint…$4 will make it have an entirely different feel.

Wicked Super Hero Bedding!

If you’re going to go super hero you better have some awesome bedding! The bed is the focal point of the room & it sets the tone of the theme. Choose a group shot or an individual character, there’s no wrong answer with super heroes…well if you’re a purist you may want to keep DC comics & Marvel comics on opposite sides of the room.


Marvel Avengers Assemble 4pc Twin Bedding Comforter & Sheet SetMarvel Avengers Assemble 4pc Twin Bedding Comforter & Sheet SetGet It!

Marvel Super Hero Squad Toddler Bedding SetMarvel Super Hero Squad Toddler Bedding SetGet It!

Justice League Comforter and Sheet Bedding Set Justice League Comforter and Sheet Bedding Set Get It!

Marvel Comic Heroes Single Bed Duvet Cover SetMarvel Comic Heroes Single Bed Duvet Cover SetGet It!

Bath Toy Storage Bags by 3 Sprouts

Bath Toy Storage Bags by 3 Sprouts

Yes even the bathroom is overrun with kid crap…but it’s Ok! 3 sprouts has come up with these adorable bath toy storage bins that even have a mesh bottom to toys can dry out! Choose from a sly fox, puffy walrus or hooty owl. These are so stylish you’ll forget you even have kids! Well almost…I mean…I’m sure they will be sticking their hands under the door the entire time you are in the shower, and if they aren’t you will be convinced they are revving up a flame thrower in the living room. But, At least the toys will be picked up!


3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage Walrus3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage WalrusBuy It!

3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage Fox3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage FoxBuy It!

3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage Owl3 Sprouts Bath Toy Storage OwlBuy It!


Custom Ninja Turtle Art Rocks!

Ninja Turtle ArtDesign your own Ninja Turtle Art! All you need for this project is a little paint, 4 canvases & some creativity! It’s a pretty simple project that even the kids can get involved with.

You’re going to want a 6″ x 12″ canvas for this project. Four of these will be under $25 so it’s not a huge investment in cash. Any acrylic paint will do the job so don’t break the bank on that either. This Liquitex BASICS set has everything & the colors are vibrant…however you will need to mix the colors to get orange and purple (super easy). You’ll notice that cartoons have sharp black lines that define the art. I’m going to assume you are not an artist & recommend a Black Paint Pen which is essentially a marker filled with paint. It’s very easy to use & good for any crafty project so be sure to keep it.

I suggest getting a coloring book with some fab faces or find some images online & simply blow up & print the images. Them use tracing paper to transfer the image to the canvas.

Get Started with the Walls!

Get Started with the Walls!First you will need to strip down the room & assess the drywall situation… you’ll need to fix up any holes before you paint (you have boys you know there will be holes!) this will give you a quick DYI fix. Once this is done it’s time to move onto the painting.

Here’s a guide to picking the right kind of paint. as for color well I would go with green of some sort just to be a purist. However I have seen some amazing Brick Wall Decals so you might want to make an accent wall with brick & add a few ninja turtles right on top of that. The look will be insanely cool. I’d do this on the wall with the bed.

DIY Super Hero Loft Bed

It’s possible that this is the coolest bed for boys…EVER! First it’s a loft bed with a hidden roon underneath it…awesome. Second it has a slide, that’s right a slide! Third it’s totally tricked out in a batman theme. Classy.

Once you add the skyline scene you could really make this into any character theme…or even add several. Most wall decals would stick fine to the side of this as long as the surface is smooth.

Get the Directions Here